Thursday, April 05, 2007

Something Shared

I got this in a email from who don't mater but the fear in it does. Now i know to the world right now we don't look to good i read. But at one time France gave us this country a statue of Lady freedom. This country was for the poor the tried of religious prosecution to be able to be free with no kings to order mass killing or purging of a way.

Im american im not afro american i not native american im not english american im just a plain ol poor working class american who's so close to going to live in our mental hospitals one day if not a death camp way we are going.

I love what my country stood for i love the help that is set up to help people in times of need what i don't understand tho is why on God green earth slowly going brown

that humans have let us loose so many freedoms all our ancestors from world over and here fought for died for in the land of magic and make believe only the strong survived to make it here and with all the broken treaty's to my cousins.

they say freedom is but another word for nothing else to loose. when we have voluntary given so many freedoms away and the laws have changed so much and each state has different laws in one country im confused someone please tell me where the land of i wana be free is what state in the united states honors the original United States Constitution

shoot im 43 soon and i did not learn all this you see im one the lost kids not of my moms making or my dads but who knows only thing i have to loose is my life and my babes = my pets seams i all ready have lost the freedoms promised in the United States Constitution. to bad the liberty bell broke i guess it was a sign we did not head.

be safe walk in peace allways. this is what was shared below

"Soon, in the US, the danger of speaking ones mind will be done with, because many wont be able(like now) and nobody(the world) will NOT listen when they hear the cry...just what we have been given...

its important to think in terms of laws...but even that will do very little, and it will get here as soon as National Security becomes Law of the Land...this is, explanations and rhetorics if any will be kept to a minimum...

if we thought, someone, was listening to us when we went to the streets to protest, wait till you see that leaving your house could be a greater mistake...

if you are NOT afraid for your life(like the rest) it probley means you are not afraid that your thoughts will be repressed and you'll also join the new and improved way of that case, consider this as a note to your children's...

and finally, sadly, unless you know some good lawyers, that might reduce 90 years sentences, i would be very hesitant to speak my mind...all in all, its time to be careful with our words...if you thought you were careful before, you are not listening...

a heads up...

Bless them for sharing with me there fears i still have some faith left or right .

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