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More Rejections

Mexico Rejects US Drugs Warning

Felipe Calderon says cross-border operations with the US are working
Mexican President Felipe Calderon has rejected US concern that his
country could become a failed state because of a growing wave of drug

Mr Calderon, in an interview with the Associated Press, said the
cartels did not control any part of his country.

He said that he intended to withdraw the army from the fight before
he leaves office in 2012.

Last month, the US military singled out Mexico and Pakistan as two
countries most at risk of sudden collapse.

More than 1,000 people are reported to have been killed in Mexico so
far this year as gangs battle over lucrative drug routes into the US.

But President Calderon said that Mexico's territorial integrity,
unlike Colombia's, was still intact.

"To say that Mexico is a failed state is absolutely false. I have not
lost any part, any single point, of the Mexican territory," he said.

"Colombia lost [territory] during several decades… and even today
huge parts of its territory [are] in the hands of the criminals, or
the guerrillas, or some combination of drug traffickers and

"But in Mexico, all the territory is in the hands of the Mexican
authorities. "

US demand

Mr Calderon said that smuggling could not be totally eradicated as
long as Americans continued to use drugs.

But he said he hoped that by 2012 the cartels would be worn down to a
point where the army and federal police could withdraw and leave the
problem in the hands of local police.

A report published in January by the United States Joint Forces
Command called Mexico and Pakistan "two large and important states
[which] bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse".

Mr Calderon sent troops and federal police into drug strongholds on
his first day in office in December 2006.

But violence has increased, with more than 5,000 people killed in
drug-related incidents in 2008.

US police have closed many smuggling routes, but others appear

Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora, in a separate interview with
AP, said that 90% of those killed were involved in the drugs trade,
while only 4% were innocent bystanders. The rest, he said, were
police officers and soldiers.

Mr Calderon called on Washington to do more, by stopping the flow of
drugs cash and powerful US assault weapons into Mexico.

He applauded cross-border operations that US officials said
culminated this week with the arrests of 755 Sinaloa cartel members
and the seizure of $59m (£41m) in the US.

But he acknowledged that Mexico could not be President Barack Obama's
top priority, saying the US would help Mexico most by fixing its own
economic crisis.

He said Latin American leaders had high hopes for President Obama's
first trip to the region at the Summit of the Americas in April.

"President Barack Obama has a tremendous opportunity to recover the
leadership of the United States," he said.

CIA Drugs

CIA’s Secrete Operations Worldwide

and Drug Money

Farzana Shah
Feb 25, 2009

In Afghanistan US/NATO put blame on Taliban for the poppy cultivation in Afghanistan for financing their resistance to allied forces. Ironically, it was only in Taliban era when the world had seen a sharp decline in opium crop in Afghanistan. Taliban banned opium cultivation nationwide. A more important question is how and when this business of drug production and trafficking started in region? CIA has been using drug money since long to generate money to support its operations all over the world. It did not start in Afghanistan it was brought here after experimenting somewhere else.

This is something which is not a lead story in international media for obvious reasons despite the fact it is harming millions of lives around the globe.

1. CIA’s secret Operations

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on of the most active and dynamic intelligence setups in the world needs massive amount of money to carry on its clandestine operations all over the world. It has happened when CIA used local sources to conduct a coups, assassinations, regime change, etc. As US has a long history to support democracy by hook and crook measures, until and unless a dictator is ready to serve US interests to prolong its rule.

Operations like the one completed in Iran in 1953 to remove Prime Minister Mussadaq and backing Shah’s regime by using assets in civil society, or in Iraq in 1975 to arm Iraqi Kurds to destabilize Pre-Saddam in Iraq or more recently using its assets in Pakistan to pave the way of direct US intervention in Pakistan under pretext of hunting Al-Qaeda.

These kinds of operations need a lot of financial input. Usually CIA arranges revenue from its own means for this kind of operations where expenses can’t be predicted by any measure. Funds from Whitehouse always need a complete audit and detailed reports about usage of these funds. There are numerous occasions when CIA never shared details of operations with its own analytical wing nor with any other public office in Washington. Most of the time it is drug money that compensates these expenses.

CIA operations are not only single expenditure fulfilled by drugs there are also other deficiencies which are compensated with this money like financial institutes and banks in current financial crisis. UNODC Executive Director Antonio Maria Costa based in Vienna revealed that drug money often became the only available capital when the crisis spiraled out of control last year.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime had found evidence that "inter bank loans were funded by money that originated from drug trade and other illegal activities," Costa was quoted as saying. There were "signs that some banks were rescued in that way."

It is not only CIA anymore in trade for using it as gold mine to finance its illegal operations all over the world but US economy also need some liquidity in its banks, it doesn’t matter if it is coming by drug trade.

2. Drug Production & Consumption

Afghanistan is the largest producer of heroin’s main ingredient; opium and opium is nothing new in this part of the world. In Afghanistan and FATA, Pakistan it is being produced since centuries; used as remedy for various diseases. Commercial production of opium began just during the Russian invasion in Afghanistan where it is estimated to produce some 8250 metric tons (Source:, November 24, 2008) of opium per year which makes 85% to 90% of the world's supply of opium. This also contributes towards Afghan warlords’ wealth directly. This is what CIA brought to the region: Opium production without a brand name obviously.

Demand and trafficking of drugs globally. US is one of very high concentration drug trafficking territory thanks to Regan’s National Security Council who turned a blind eye towards South American cocaine socking into US in 1980 when CIA was backing all the drug traffickers of Contra movements in Nicaragua.

Markets for these drugs stretched world over from Western Europe to Far East, From Canada to Latin America and From China to Morocco, Africa. Profits related to this business also vary along with market’s location.

This business enriches not only the United States-friendly Afghan warlords but also elements of the Northern Alliance, the US key ally in the country. More disturbing is fact that this money also contributes in CIA’s operations against Pakistan as well.

3. Contra Movements (1980)

In Asia demand for heroin is more than any other drug but it is not the case world over. Cocaine is favorite drug which is consumed the most. Cocaine was nothing new in South American countries but it was only during Nicaraguan contra movements against the then dictator it got shoot up. It was again CIA’s regime change operation to bring "democracy" in Nicaragua. It was during this period when the whole region saw an unprecedented surge in cocaine trafficking in 1980. This has been investigated none other than but by CIA’s inspector general in later years.

Was CIA a part of this?

Answer is not only CIA was aiding these cocaine traffickers and money-launderers but Ronald Reagon’s National Security Council also turned a blind eye towards these drug trades despite the fact that later these very drug traffickers brought cocaine to mainland US. According to CIA’s inspector general report, published in online magazine The Consortium magazine, Oct. 15, 1998, it was Reagan’s National Security Council which cleared proven drug traffickers and CIA inspector general Frederick Hitz confirmed long standing.

Allegations of cocaine traffickers.

The NSC’s covert airline was the main transportation mean to do this trade in safest possible way.

Most stunning part of all this contra movements and CIA involvement is methods these movements used to dismantle the then Nicaraguan government including bombing and killing of civilians and CIA withheld all evidence of contra crimes from Justice Department, the Congress and even its own analytical division just to conceal its connection with drug traffickers.


As it is mentioned earlier that Afghanistan was not a hub of drug supply to world before Russian invasion in 1979. It was CIA once again to implement what it successfully implemented in Nicaragua in 1980. Now, Afghanistan is biggest contributor in drug production with its massive opium production.

Russian Afghan War (1979-1989)

CIA was not fully done with contra movements when Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979 threatening the region with her expansionist design to gain control over Afghanistan and Baluchistan province of Pakistan to reach Arabian Sea. Pakistan decided to confront Russia inside Afghanistan to thwart communist designs. CIA found an opportunity in Afghanistan to settle its long standing duel with Russian for global dominion, after initial successes by Afghan fighters. CIA once again brought tested formula of drug to finance this war which it used in South America with only difference in prescription where cocaine was replaced with heroin. Poppy cultivation was nothing new to Afghan but it was level of production and demand created by international traffickers in the world which shocked many in vicinity of these poppy fields.

Profit gained by these drugs was main driving force behind all this trade and with heroin it was much more than what it was with cocaine. Ironically US and Europe became biggest markets of heroin prepared produced in Afghanistan.

Regan’s administration is also a common factor in both Afghan heroin trade and contra cocaine traffickers. Role of CIA in first Afghan war was not overt as it could provoke Russians in more direct retaliation albeit Cuban missile crisis of 1960s. To avoid that kind of hostility it was more suitable for CIA to have silent links with Afghan warlords and providing sources to grow poppy. "By the end of Russian invasion in 1989 Afghanistan was second largest opium production spot with 1350 Metric ton after notorious Golden Triangle including countries like Laos, Thailand, Burma and Vietnam which was producing 2645 Metric ton at that time leaving Latin America way behind with just 112 Metric ton", as per US Drug Enforcement Administration.

Pre and Post Taliban Era (1994-2001)

In 1994 unrest and lawlessness in Afghanistan gave rise to Taliban. Motivated with their strict religious background and education they put ban on all kinds of drugs in territory under their control but this was not the cure for chronically infected Afghan economy and society. Non availability of any job market and strong hold of Northern Alliance of Northern part of country remained biggest challenge to these efforts to cut down poppy cultivation in Afghanistan. But despite all the challenges Talibans were able to put a serious cut on opium.

A price comparison between Cocaine and Heroin. Despite low price of Afghan opium street price in end market in US is many times more than cocaine’s price in same market.

Production in Afghanistan by start of 2001 when they were about to capture Northern Alliance’s strong hold Mazar-e-Sharif but post 9/11 scenario not only changed the geopolitical dynamics of the whole world but also destroyed the efforts of Taliban to control opium production.

In year 2001, just before US/NATO invasion into Afghanistan, Taliban were able to cut down opium production by a decisive margin. This was also one of core reasons against Taliban along with other excuses. After year 2002, when Taliban were removed from power there is a historical increase in opium production in Afghanistan, money is going to pentagon to carry on Afghan and Iraq war despite a historical recession in US.

Recent Afghan Conflict (2002 – To date)

Afghanistan is leading opium production in world today but after the invasion of US in 2002 Afghanistan is also attributed to have largest heroin production in the world as well.

Without active support of Pentagon and CIA it is not possible to export drug prepared with more than 8000 metric tons of opium. US relations with Northern Alliance in Afghanistan after Taliban have given a free license to drug producers, traffickers. CIA and Pentagon both have their links to all these criminals in order to get supplies of the drugs and export it in US Army planes. It has been reported that CIA used US Army planes leaving Afghanistan carrying coffins which were filled with drugs instead of bodies.

To make sure undisturbed trade US appointed all Northern Alliance drug lords at key posts in Afghanistan and most prominent appointment was none other than President Hamid Karzai. Karzai’s brother, head of Kandahar's provincial council is proven drug trafficker facilitating the transportation of heroin from Kandahar eastward through Helmand and out across the Iranian border.
There is no reason to believe that CIA is not aware of this but as it is all one big enterprise where Karzai is also a partner so no danger to his brother.

Bush administration pushed the level of poppy cultivation to next level in Afghanistan just to keep Wall Streets alive in crisis. Many top Bush administration’s officials were worried about growing influence of countries in Golden Triangle (Loas, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma) in Russian and Chinese drug markets. Like Oil in Iraq this was just another opportunity for the Bush administration to have some quick bucks.

Blames for using drugs to fight with NATO and US forces is always put on Taliban. But looking at areas of Taliban’s active zones one can easily understand where all this poppy cultivation is taking place. Taliban put ban on poppy when they were incharge of majority of Afghan territories and Kabul, the capital. Afghanistan was suffering worst economic crisis at that time but Taliban never went to build their economy with heroin trade. Now it is just ridiculous to blame Taliban to have vast fields of poppy and having enough peace and time to grow and process it into heroin and then trade it in Pakistan and Iran to dens it to destinations in Eastern Europe. Below is map of Afghanistan indicating high poppy cultivation provinces and it is quite evident that Taliban dominant.

According to media reports he is main player in exporting heroin and opium to European countries through Turkmenistan.

Provinces like Kunar, Pektika,Paktya has low poppy cultivation and other provinces where all US/CIA supported warlords are holding key positions are growing most of opium crop. It was only after US invasion there was a 4400% increase in opium production.

US role in Afghan social debacle will go in history as described The Huffington Post on October 15, 2008 "When the history of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan is written, Washington's sordid involvement in the heroin trade and its alliance with drug lords and war criminals of the Afghan Communist Party will be one of the most shameful chapters."

5. Pakistan: Indirect Victim of the CIA’s Drug business

Almost the whole world is affected by this drug trade but countries which lie in routes of drug traffickers are worst effected after the original drug markets. Countries like Pakistan are paying a very high price for US/CIA drug trade as there is a constant increase in drug addiction in Pakistan. Iran is another country which happens to be in route of international drug traffickers so it is also facing problem of smuggling of heroin and morphine from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Turkey and Europe. After US invasion of Afghanistan this route has become active manifold then it was previously.

Effects of this trade are not limited to drug usage only but it destroys the social fabric in a society and gives rise to street crimes in order to get some cash to buy drugs from street market. A more horrible outcome is spread of HIV virus among addicted persons when they share the injection syringes. This threat is increasing with each passing day as number of HIV positive is increasing.

Another disastrous effect it brought to Pakistan and Afghanistan other neighbours is serious law and order situation in bordering area of each country with Afghanistan. Combating this evil trade is not possible until a holistic effort is made by international community in this regards but its chances are bleak as this trade is needed by global imperialism (Israel, US, UK) more than ever before to give some support to their dying economies.

Pakistan has become main artery in heroin trafficking route and it has a lot of implication on Pakistani security. Level of drug addicted also increased over the year due to high availability of drugs in street market. Afghanistan is main producer but Pakistan us where most of drugs are seized.

6. Conclusion

Under current situation it is very important for countries like Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Russia to think about how to put jinni of drug back to the bottle before international drug mafia takes over these countries by destroying their social norms and values.

CIA not only has a long history of having links with traffickers but also encouraging the drug trade to get its own interests served. CIA always encourages this trade even if it affected its own citizens like in Contra movements of 1980.

Afghanistan became leader in opium production and main hub for providing heroin and its main ingredient to whole world. All this happened under the control of champion of human rights US and its intelligence setup mainly CIA.

Situation is becoming more and bleaker unless Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran and Afghanistan governments start thinking about this trade and its far reaching affects on US economy and CIA’s funding. It is time when the whole region should become equivocal against this trade and ask US to leave the region for greater good of the billions of people in region.

- Asian Tribune -

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Home Sweet Home

Trash Out
Click for Video

This video is about a process called Trash Out, a service that empties confiscated American homes. It seems everything America does is wasteful, from beginning to end. I found this very American video to be rather shocking in its violence and disrespect and sheer reality of what the Americans greed has lead them to.

Reject Them!

Venezuelan Government Rejects Accusations Made by the U.S. Department of State

Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias, English Version

Caracas, Feb 26. ABN.- Due to the report emitted on Wednesday by the United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, denouncing alleged corruption cases, pester the freedom of the press and human rights violations in Venezuela, without presenting a single proof, the Ministry of People's power for Foreign Affairs made public a statement rejecting and condemning United States meddling in Venezuela.

Following the full statement:

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in defense of Venezuelan people's sovereignty, categorically and firmly rejects the report issued by the U.S. Department of State, which pretends to evaluate the general situation of human rights in many countries of the world, including Venezuela.

Venezuelan Government considers inadmissible the recurrent actions of the United States bureaucracy; according to which some officials, at the service of the State and with the darkest record of violations and outrage to human dignity in the contemporaneous history, pretend to become into judges of other states without any mandate or legitimacy.

The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela rejects the false, spiteful and meddling content of the aforementioned report whose allegations lack of foundation and represent the expression of anti-Venezuelan opinions widespread by some sectors that, inside and outside our country, refuse to accept that Venezuelan people are the owners of their own destiny.

The Government of President Hugo Chávez urges the US authorities to put an end to these actions that continue harming the relations between our countries. These relations must be based on respect, equality and not meddling in internal affairs; these are fundamental principles that the sovereign Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will always defend on behalf of our people.

Caracas, February 26, 2009.

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Racist America

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not Authorized !

Layla Anwar, Uncensored Arabwomanblues

Feb 24, 2009

If there is one thing that makes me really sick, disgusted, about to vomit is this bullshit thing called "politically correct" - and when pushed to the extreme, it becomes so fucking irrational, unreal, deeply hypocritical and borders on tyranny, nay -- becomes tyranny itself...

I must admit, the "left" whatever this word means is more guilty of it than the "right", that is why I find leftists and liberals in general too be way more hypocritical and fake to the bone, than their "rightist" counterparts...

There is also the gender politically correct and the racial politically correct and the religiously politically correct and next you will be asked to fart in a politically correct way too -- fucking unreal !

Let me give you a few examples...

Take for instance the Jewish state of Israel...God forbid that you criticize the Jews for anything, they are the chosen people of God. God forbid that you say the Jewish State of Israel which is comprised of Jews -- has behaved as the most murderous, racist, brutal, psychopath in modern history...No you have to be really careful and say it is not the Jews of the Jewish State of Israel, it is the Zionists of the Jewish State of Israel -- otherwise they will point the finger at you and call you "revisionist", "anti-Semite" and all the rest of the bullshit we have heard for decades....A Jew can only be a victim never a perpetrator.

The thousands of Palestinians slaughtered in Gaza in the space of 20 days is a myth, an optical illusion, it never happened. Their children were not murdered in cold blood. There was no white phosphorus used and homes and buildings were not bombed...the only bad guy is the Arab and preferably a Muslim Arab.

Mind you the Christian Arabs are not faring all that well in Israel either. They keep getting spat on, and the Prophet Jesus and the blessed Mary are ridiculed, slandered and insulted...but that is okay long as a Jew does it.

But the other way is anti-Semitic... and delegations will be sent to the Vatican...and demonstrations will take place in every single capital in the West, and the media will cover it 24/7 ...

But notice if Muslims walk in a demonstration against the Danish cartoons which slandered the prophet Mohamed, that is considered very "backward"....Arab and Muslims should be above such "petty issues", so do the Christians really. Why should they get offended at having their faiths slandered and their prophets insulted.

Take another example -- America. If anyone criticizes America and the Americans, they are hate-filled terrorists. But America's track record in contemporary history is one of the worst known to mankind...but that is okay, because America like Israel is above the law.

Never mind that America has obliterated a whole nation -Iraq and killed one million of its people in 5 years. Never mind that it stole, plundered, pillaged its resources. Never mind that it erased its history. Never mind that it raped and tortured its men and women. Never mind that it imposed sanctions that starved its population to death. Never mind that it generously used DU, Napalm and God knows what other lethal toxic shit. Never mind that it destroyed its infrastructure. Never mind that it installed a sectarian theocracy, never mind that it exiled 5 million outside their country...never mind any of that, but one should not criticize neither America nor the American people. That would be hate-filled....But all the murder, mayhem, destruction and shit that America has done is not hate-filled and not terrorist...

Now let's get to race. One should never talk about Black Americans, Native Americans, Chicanos and Asians...Never mind that they were part of the American army and did the killing but because they are colored, any criticisms of them is considered racist. Their killing is not racist but your daring speaking out against them is racist...their insults and slurs against the local population is not racist but your mentioning it and hitting back is racist...

Now lets look at gender...Criticizing American women or Western women is sexist, but Western women who don't give a fuck about what their governments do to women from other parts of the "lesser" globe and who vote for them is not sexist at all....Western women who land in the Arab world with their patronizing, paternalistic, racist, stereotypical images ingrained in their genes, is not sexist, but you are if you speak out against it...

And of course if you dare say anything about the West in general, then you are definitely a terrorist...because you envy and hate their freedoms deep down. You may end up in some obscure shadow prison because you looked and spoke suspiciously of Western values...

But it does not stop there...

Talking about Arab governments and leaders is also not authorized, that would be politically incorrect too. How dare you criticize this or that leader, ruler or regime. They too are above the law. Their rule is for ever and ever, like in some bad, never ending horror tale and anyone who even speaks or thinks along the lines that maybe after all there is something quite wrong there, that one is suffocating, that this political paranoia of the Arab ruler can no longer be tolerated, you are immediately branded as a "threat to national security"....

Same goes for sects. Take for example Shiite political ideology and how it has been put into practice in Iraq, if you speak out against it and call a spade a spade, and say that Iran has been funding the most murderous barbaric militias in Iraq, you are nothing but a sectarian, Arab chauvinist...same goes for the Kurds. How dare you criticize the Kurds, they are the new Jews of Iraq. They have been so "badly treated, so oppressed"... and if you say -- hey this is a lie and they are the ones detaining, torturing and oppressing are called another revisionist of the Kurdish holocaust...

The same political correctness applies to Arab men. If you say Arab men suffer from chronic double standards, a deep backwardness when it comes to women, a fake shallow ego and are really oppressive towards women, then you are called all kinds of names. How can you speak out against your own country men when there are more "important" issues taking place. Where is your solidarity, your understanding, it is never the right must be either a Zionist, or some Orientalist or a deep self- hating racist or some envious lesbian bitch, or some penis envy driven woman and the rest...

And if you dare mention Muslims and how the Muslim discourse is used to justify and rationalize away the blatant repression and oppression of women, and the most ludicrous, ridiculous, laughable fatwas then you are called an Islamophobe, because the Muslim discourse cannot be criticized at all. The Muslim theologians and mullahs are direct representatives of God on earth, they too are above reproach.

By the same token if you dare criticize the Christians in the Arab world, then you are said to be a persecutor of minorities...and definitely a Muslim fundamentalist.

But it does not stop there...

If you say that the domestic help you have, who happens to be Sri Lankan or Filipino or God knows what, is a liar, a thief and has abused you time and time again, then you are not only racist, but also an oppressor of the proletariat, and a violator of human rights in general....You definitely need to be incarcerated then.

And where does it stop -- this politically correct bullshit ?

It does not stop....So you pick your words ever so carefully, you twist and turn them around, you hint, allude, insinuate and the rest...Otherwise you may always end up with some asshole who takes offense at your potential political incorrectness and you may end up in big trouble from all sides....

You will have either the Mossad, the CIA, some Western Feminist group, some Anti-Racist league, some governmental Arab Security Police, some, deranged macho Arab men, some Muslim fundamentalists, some fanatical Christians or some NGO defending domestic workers -- on your back...

End result -- You stop speaking/writing and you become another politically correct tyrannical hypocrite. As simple as that.

Alternatively, you start writing boring blogs about how much you need to lose weight, but mind you that may also be taken as offensive to "weight challenged persons", or why your boyfriend /girlfriend did not call you but then you may come across as desperate and not very cool. Or you can always write about what to get your grandmother on her birthday -- I suppose that is safe enough. Or you can also write about knitting and gardening...but then no one would read you.

Oh well, I suppose the pen is mightier than the sword, and mightier than the B.52's and the DU bombs and the white phosphorus and the torture of Abu Ghraib and Gitmo and the slaughter of Gaza...and, and, and...

But hey, you do not need to mention any of that. And if you do, you are not really authorized, except in the given framework in which you can express yourself...their politically correct way.

A word can be sooooo offensive but lost, broken, destroyed lives are not !!!

Yes indeed, the Tyranny of the politically correct is the worst form of Dictatorship.

Painting : Iraqi female artist Diaa Abood.

Putin Speaks Out

Russia's Post U.S. New World Order Blueprint

PROLOGUE & AFTERMATH - The World Economic Forum took place in Davos Switzerland last week. The global picture enabled a nice snapshot of sentiment, fault for the crisis, blame doled out, the vacuum of leadership, the perks for blunderers in a country club setting (instead of prison), and warnings on a potential situation that could spiral out of control. Amidst all the finger pointing, surprisingly little blame was given to themselves, the corporate chieftains in attendance. Let's be clear! The Davos Forum was a funeral wake, and Putin rode in on a white horse to announce there is a new sheriff in town!!

Davos afforded a unique opportunity for Russian self-styled leader Vladimir Putin to storm the forum stage and to steal the show. Putin presented a basic Blueprint for what should be called ‘The Post-US World' as the United States and United Kingdom have lost the mantle of leadership and control. They lost it from failed economic policy, wrecked banking systems, fraud-ridden bond markets, corrupted debt ratings agencies, abuse of IMF & World Bank, and the severe backfire of economies that depended upon housing bubbles. Inflation turned on its haughty financial engineers! Nations with insolvent banks, insolvent households, corporations in liquidation, economies in near collapse, they tend not to be good owners and custodians of the global reserve currency!!!

Davos provided a flashpoint for a profound change in global leadership. The whimpering US-UK-EU bankers have been shamed. Then after the finger pointing, insults, hand wringing, and gut wrenching, Putin rode in on a white horse carrying a banner. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao provided the confirmation to what Putin laid out, like a second of a formal motion. Wen Jiabao proceeded from the Davos stage to four European capitals to seal the new path and its legitimacy. The barter system has been launched in quiet, while the Western press continues not to comprehend a ruptured status quo limping along. It cannot; it will not; the transition is on.

Not only will the USDollar not provide the global highway for all to travel, but new barter systems will be dominant soon in working around the commodity price systems dominated by the US-UK corrupt price discovery systems. The other painful consequence to the new system soon taking root is that the global commodity supply routes will bypass the US destinations, enough to create mammoth shortages. Such is the fate of a nation thrust to the Third World. Its people and its leaders still do not realize it, as denial is ensconced in hope. The US credit supply has already been severed and cut almost completely off. Reliance upon the printing press to finance its own debts is a primary trait of a Third World nation, a shocking fact soon to be recognized.

The February Hat Trick Letter Crisis Update covers in detail the Putin plan and the Davos Meeting. Since the autumn, the regular macro-economic reports and gold & currency reports have been accompanied by frequent reports on the crisis for unique coverage. The Crisis Update this month also covers Obama's Opening Opus, not at all a promising start. He has surrounded himself with yet more Elite insiders who are in part responsible for the current failure and who are likely to continue the welfare raids for the Elite. The Crisis Update also covers many aspects of the Martial Law Threat. Those who think ‘Never in America' need to catch up with what is happening, preparations being made, anecdotes from the field, hints of revolt from the states, and the dire straights that states find themselves, like in California. The martial law threat comes from economic disintegration more than anything else.

The USDollar is essentially dead, the Davos Forum its funeral wake. It is enjoying a physical erection in the medical morgue, a rise in a death dance ceremony. US leaders refuse to accept the reality. They desperately need its continuation for assistance in funding the USGovt monstrous deficits. Western leaders struggle to admit the reality. Russian leaders, Chinese leaders, and Arab leaders (more quietly) openly admit the reality. Read the billboards, as the Davos Forum offered an entire row of them to observe. THE BEST STRESS METER IS NOW GOLD. Notice how gold rose all through the Davos Forum gathering. Nothing was solved. The Putin Blueprint for the ‘Post-US World' shook up the currency markets, as gold reacted. The gold price is breaking out in all major currencies, except in USDollar terms. It just hit a new euro high.

A cherished contact with deep global experience had some very strong words about Davos and the Putin Blueprint. He made additional comments about the Wen trip across major European capitals. In an important message, he said, “Read in between the lines of Putin's speech and you find all the hints you want. The Chinese and Russians are burying the US alive. The Japanese, Germans, and Gulf States keep a very low profile for the moment. The decisions have been made: wait for 2010 . They will use the unfolding chaos to introduce the new currency basket and trade rules…

There is a brand new system being designed that will borrow from the past and apply 21st century tools for barter / counter trade / excess capacity etc. An Exchange Platform will cut out the banks altogether … [Chinese Premier] Wen delivered his speech in Davos and went straight to Berlin where they put the final touch on the new world currency basket , sponsored by Berlin-Moscow-Beijing-Tokyo-Riyadh. Moscow and Berlin already have a massive counter trade / barter trade agreement in place, and Beijing was eager to joint that platform as well.” The new global currencies are planned for launch in January 2010. They will be launched amidst growing chaos. Events up to that time will be tumultuous.

The gold price has completed an important U-shaped reversal. Its low of 710 and top at 980 indicate a target of 1250 next. Notice the crossovers of the crucial moving average series. Both the 50-day MA and 100-day MA have run above the 200-day MA, very bullish. Technical chart traders use them to direct traffic flow. The cyclicals are aligned with strength. The fundamentals could not be better for gold than at any time in a few decades. All major governments are ruining their currencies in a desperate attempt to avoid economic collapse after bank system insolvency has rendered their nations hostage to dangerous accommodative monetary policies. All major currencies are now at risk simultaneously. The gold price breakout over 1000 again could come when the Dow Jones Industrial Index and the S&P500 index each breach critical support. They have been dancing at that support for days. The USEconomic field has become a swamp, and it is sinking. It should sink the US stock market.

The USDollar should not be the true focus of attention. Paradoxically, as it dies a horrible death, its reserve currency status ensures it might be last to crumble. All other currencies are at risk, except perhaps the Japanese yen. The focus of attention should be directed to gold & silver. The pundits, anchors, and supposed experts believe that the rise in the gold price means that price inflation is an imminent but hidden threat. THEY ARE SO WRONG. The threat is of a collapsed global financial foundation, complete with rising chaos from no current viable alternative, as the Untied States finds itself tossed into a dungeon. The process is slow, but the pace is accelerating. The signpost in the dungeon is marked ‘Third World' with full shame. The charges will go without trial, as the marketplace is brutal. But bank ruin, institutional corruption, exported bond fraud, permission of counterfeit rings, protection of crime syndicates, and abused global reserve currency custodial responsibility lie at the core. Most scrutiny of charges will be conducted much later, when too late, in an examination of the wreckage.

My analysis has been very consistent in its message. The broken bank system, crippled households, endless housing decline, corporations in retreat, and federal debt that cannot be financed by foreign creditors, these work together to guarantee that the Untied States does not just enter the Third World, but that the US will be thrust quickly into the Third World . Imagine a criminal in old colonial times being thrown down a staircase into a dirty dank dungeon, landing with many bruises, a bloody mouth, and perhaps a broken arm. The new US leadership is already making huge errors. Their lack of integrity is for now a well-kept secret, since the camp they emerged from is foul. Third World nations are not known for integrity or sound judgment. At a time when the US, UK, and European banks face dire need for bailouts and rescues, one might consider the specter of entire nations requiring bailouts, not just their banks. Iceland gave notice. Watch in horror as the risk rises for failures of states.

As a reminder, the USGovt federal budget deficit this year should hit 15% of the national GDP size, more than double anything ever witnessed, and more than double what usually causes a 25% to 30% currency correction. This time will be no different. The gold price has responded. Given the turmoil in foreign lands, with their own attendant currency threats, the USDollar is the not concurrent indicator of gold anymore, a topic addressed two weeks ago. GOLD IS RESPONDING, ALONG WITH SILVER. Even the knucklehead financial media and lamebrain financial sector managers have noticed.

A senior adviser to Dmitry Medvedev criticized the magnitude of the new USGovt economic rescue package and projected budget deficit, claiming it would draw heavily from other global markets. Igor Yurgens heads a think tank to advise Medvedev. He said, “What is discouraging is Obama's statement that [the USGovt] is going to run a $1 trillion deficit for years to come. For us, that means that all the free liquidity in the world will run into American Treasury Bills. Of course, [Obama] expects the Chinese or Russians to buy USTreasury bills. That is pretty selfish and philosophically, it is protectionism.” The reality is that foreign creditors have already announced to key USCongressional members that they will not be purchasing any USTreasury Bonds for several months. Whether active boycott or inability from lack of trade surplus, it does not matter. Dire straits come to the US shores very soon.

If the retarded Stimulus Bill is Obama's first blunder of domestic policy, then refusal to attend the Davos Forum himself was his first foreign policy blunder. Newly inaugurated Barack Obama could have traveled to Switzerland and met numerous finance ministers, bank leaders, and iconic individuals, even Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, and Wen Jiabao. Instead, he sent greenhorn Timmy Geithner, the Treasury Secretary. Timmy shot his mouth off right away and lost global respect instantly. He repeated the oft-used and extremely old tired saw that China was manipulating its yuan currency. This angered the Chinese again, at a time when the US leaders need their creditors in full gear. Recall that Geithner's stupid comment came only a couple weeks after an even more stupid comment was made by outgoing Treasury Secy Henry Paulson. Hanky told the Chinese that they are mostly to blame for the global banking meltdown because their trade surpluses had grown too big, and they invested too much in USTreasury Bonds and USAgency Mortgage bonds. The Chinese shot back in anger and defiance to call that ‘Gangster Logic' rightly. The integrity of US leaders is declining as fast as their judgment exercised. Already, the Chinese have no respect for the new US Financial Dream Team.

The message behind the actions was extremely loud. Chancellor of Exchequer Alistair Darling and Foreign Minister David Millibrand decided to cancel their trip to Davos. They stated publicly that certain people they wished to meet at Davos had canceled their trip and would not attend. They stated publicly about how affairs in the United Kingdom were pressing, the emergency too important to leave home. What a crock! The only guests who canceled their trips were the British. Perhaps the UK delegation planned to attend Davos and only meet among themselves. The nixed meetings planned with attendees might have been dominated by angry European Union finance ministers. Europeans are launching Currency War salvos at the British. Maybe the British did not want to be the subject of broad European criticism. The other important consequence of the British canceled plans was that the members of the Untied States contingency were left all alone, exposed to take the heat of criticism. The US & UK were united when they ruled the roost from corrupt platforms. They are divided as they fall.

The Russians realized the vacuum of banking and political leadership. Vladimir Putin took the high road actually. His criticism of the US failure and corruption was implied. He let the decimation of Wall Street firms, their colossal losses, and their calamitous fall from grace speak for themselves. He would not permit anyone in attendance to yack about how Putin droned on and on about US failure. Failure is painfully obvious for almost all to see. He skipped over much direct criticism to offer solutions, a sign of leadership. No, Putin was the only bright spot in Davos. Putin offered a Blueprint for the next decade, for the ‘Post-US World' where the US-UK corrupt tag team does not control the helm or sit at the catbird seat. Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev served as dominant figures over a gloomy forum. A Putin spokesman actually told reporters “This is Davos under the Russian flag.” More accurately, the Davos Forum gave Russia, and to some extent China, a chance to exert leadership.

The overriding theme of the Putin plan is a new multi-polar world, where power is shared and no longer concentrated in a dangerous fashion. Putin was as specific as required for a blueprint, which typically does not need to go into great detail. It requires a new structure. When an entire system is shattered, one needs a foundation with large structural descriptions as planks. Putin gave it. He is not a hero, but rather a man who realizes the disorder in progress and the dire need for new direction. The USDollar-based system is dead. Within the vacuum, the global financial and economic system is slowly collapsing. Actually, my view is that the USEconomy is accelerating in its breakdown, unlikely to last through the summer without some very clear evidence of failure. The untold story is that the global system failure has pitted two groups of powerful billionaires against each other. Putin represents a force that pursues greater equitability in commerce, trade, and banking with multi-polar power centers. His opposite force pursues greater concentrated power, more fascist towers, and a beneficial reduction in world population. This thorny topic is given occasional coverage in the Hat Trick Letter, yet is highly controversial and risky to discuss. Broad strokes rather than detail are my choice.

Putin openly questioned the reliability of the USDollar as a global reserve currency. He all but said it is dead in the water for that role. He called the one reserve currency a danger to the world economy, in fact! He acknowledged that globalization has multiplied the destructive force, so that the US-UK crises have touched all nations and everyone. To be sure, other nations are epicenters for crisis like Spain. Several nations are feeling the impact of the shocks from the crisis epicenters, like Germany, Russia, and China. Some specific criticism was given. Putin talked about the disproportion between the scale of financial operations and fundamental value of assets. That means huge US-UK financial flows in trading centers against a backdrop of miniscule current valuation of the bank centers.

The US & UK bank sectors are insolvent. Putin talked about the differences between the increased burden of international loans and source collateral. That means the Western nations, led by the US & UK, but also Southern Europe, have outsized debt burdens against a backdrop of near nil collateral, a stark trait of insolvency, if not bankruptcy. Putin attacked indirectly the Untied States for printing money with abandon, consuming what Asian factories produce, while Asians respond by saving money in the form of government debt securities. Putin warned the global leaders not merely to treat the symptoms, which is precisely what they are doing, but to work toward serious reform.

Putin warned of blind faith in the omnipotent power of states, and the distorted concentration of assets in the hands of the states. That might be a slap at the central bankers, who are serving as quasi-bank systems unto themselves in a desperate action. Their biggest new ledger item is Dollar Currency Swap. Putin warned that unbridled growth of budget deficits and public debts is destructive. In essence, Putin urged a return to free enterprise principles. The Western leaders are moving toward socialism and fascism. What irony that former KGB leader from the Soviet Union was lecturing the West on the benefits of embrace for capitalism and free enterprise!!!

Putin was specific in key areas. He did not lay out many details to flesh out his planks. He kept some close to his vest. The barter accords are a work in progress, actually a revolutionary shift. He was not going to offer up details of his ‘End Run' plans. But he offered four main recommendations that make a great deal of sense, a starting point:

• Get real and declare hopeless debt securities as bad assets, and write them off. The current crisis will only be prolonged unless the balance sheets are cleaned up. A liquidation process is essential. (The refusal for banks to come clean has resulted in extreme constipation for the credit system, while the patient slowly falls into mud.)

• Get rid of virtual money, exaggerated reports, and dubious credit ratings on financial securities. He wishes for fundamental asset values to be determined by the ability to generate added value, apart from subjective models. (He refers indirectly to credit derivatives and futures contracts, the artificial mechanisms to control price structures, those onerous devices that act as pseudo-money.)

• Get away from the single reserve currency system, which he regards as dangerous. Instead, install several strong reserve currencies in a smooth and irreversible switch. (This is the unofficial death knell of the USDollar itself, for alternatives in usage.)

• Get currency reliability for foreign reserves management, which can be used by other states. This can be achieved by enabling more open monetary policies, and enforcing economic and financial discipline. (This will enable regional stability and cooperation.)

Putin openly called the current unipolar world obsolete, referring indirectly to the US-UK dominance. This is as close as one could come to hearing that the current system is one step from the scrap heap. Unfortunately, chaos reigns as leadership is absent, insolvency rains down as economic troubles all over, and no leaders seem capable of pulling back the reins. Putin urged a new system of global regulators, an obvious slap at the unspeakably corrupt Securities & Exchange Commission (for stocks) and the unspeakably corrupt Commodity Futures Trading Commission (for commodities). Each is a lapdog steeped in conflict of interest, paid to look the other way to criminal activity, with no urge to prosecute their friends. The SEC and CFTC have been team players for the four major US-based crime syndicates in order for them to conduct their business. They are parasites to the system, while the syndicates spread cancers. Putin all but said to eliminate the Intl Monetary Fund and World Bank. Putin wants to see shared technology across borders. This is a slap against the US, which refuses to export advanced computer technology and telecommunications technology.

Putin made a comment about possible energy shortages and obstructed growth prospects, but urged constructive inter-dependence. This could be regarded as a threat, and should be taken as a claim for leadership. Putin reminded the group of his recommendation in 2006 for cooperation among energy suppliers, consumers, and transit countries. These suggestions fell on deaf ears over two years ago, but now after the Ukraine incidents, their time has clearly come. Putin wants a new international legal framework for energy security, with clear-cut legal statutes. Some of what Putin mentions comes as a reaction to US financial sources that are exerting extreme force on energy prices with political motive. Putin openly called for a balanced price determination system free from the vagaries of financial derivative instruments.

One might detect a theme in much of what Putin urges for new systems. Putin pursues a new energy framework to possibly serve as the foundation for a new financial structural foundation. This is a natural progression, based upon a solvent foundation, that would play into Russian strength. See the February reports for details. However, hard assets and natural resources must supplant the corrupt networks that control price systems in the current broken apparatuses. Putin is attempting to fill a dangerous vacuum. The Western leaders are caught in a vise, caught in a policy pattern toward more of the same ineffective elixirs. Putin also delivered stern warnings about NATO, whose broken treaties cause great stress. The nettlesome trend toward NATO inclusion for former Soviet Republics has also caused great stress. Expect extremely loud backfires on this front, as Ukraine will probably be used as a display case for Russian power. They will destroy the Ukrainian political structure, punish them for permitting themselves to be used as US puppets, and probably carve the nation into territories. Other Eastern European nations had better take notice.

New important barter systems are soon to spring up. Just this week, China entering the on-ramp to the barter system highway by lending Russia $25 billion in return for a guaranteed 20 years of energy supply. It is not so much a loan, as an initial stake in a new trade system. My sources indicate that two bilateral barter accords are in progress, soon to be made public. The Russians have another bilateral barter plan with Germany, soon to be hatched. These plans will catch the Untied States off guard, and isolate the US. The pricing for commodity resources will circumvent the US-UK corrupted systems. In the process, the US will find itself outside looking in. Commodity supply routes will be redirected from Russia to China, from Canada to China, from Australia to China, and from Venezuela (as well as the Andes region) to China.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was more clever in his acute criticism of the United States. He made scathing comments at Davos about the ‘inappropriate macroeconomic policies' and the ‘unsustainable model of development characterized by prolonged low savings and high consumption' of some unnamed countries. Wen attacked ‘blind pursuit of profit' by financial institutions and their ‘lack of self-discipline' by them. After speaking at the World Economic Forum, where he echoed the criticism laid out by Putin, he went on an important trip across Europe.

Wen traveled to four major European capitals, whose significance is enormous. He met with Swiss leaders in Bern, with German leaders in Berlin, with Spanish leaders in Madrid, and with European Union leaders in Belgium. One should interpret this not as an endorsement of the status quo, as reported by the US press media, but rather as an announcement of the new structure to conform to the Putin Blueprint for a Post-US World. The entrenched and defensive US-based and UK-based press media have no interest in mentioning a new framework. Loss of the current framework represents an invitation to the Third World. China has no interest in furthering the status quo. Wen served notice to European leaders.

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Poisonous Monsanto

Five More Farmers Commit Suicides

in Vidarbha by Drinking Monsanto Pesticide

You Tube Video

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Madoff Israel Pyramid

Is Madoff the Tip of a Money

Laundering Pyramid in Israel?

Global Research, February 20, 2009
Wayne Madsen Report and Online Journal - 2009-01-14

The U.S. District court for the Southern District of New York seems intent on keeping ex-NASDAQ chairman and $50 billion Ponzi scheme swindler Bernard Madoff confined to his Upper East Side Manhattan luxury home and not in a federal lock-up.

Two judges in the New York federal circuit, Theodore Katz and Ronald Ellis, have ruled that Madoff should stay in his town house and out of prison.

Attorney General Michael Mukasey, whose son Marc Mukasey of the law firm Bracewell & Giuliani represents Frank DiPascali, one of the Madoff cronies, once served on the federal bench with Katz and Ellis in New York. Katz was appointed by George H. W. Bush while Ellis, an African American, was appointed by Clinton.

WMR previously reported that Madoff is suspected of transferring much of his ill-gotten gain to Israeli banks, including one, Bank Leumi, that Madoff associate J. Ezra Merkin bought from the Israeli government when Ariel Sharon was prime minister and current Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was finance minister.

Almost forgotten in the Madoff scandal is another scandal in which Morris “Moshe” Talansky, a New York businessman, admitted that he gave Olmert $150,000 in cash contained in envelopes. The scandal forced Olmert to announce that he was stepping down as prime minister but not before he launched a genocidal attack on Gaza.

Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who is a major donor to the Republican Party, has also given generously to Likud chief and prime minister-hopeful Binyamin Netanyahu, who hopes to succeed Olmert as prime minister.

Madoff, Talansky, Merkin, Olmert, Netanyahu, Adelson, one-time top GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his associate Adam Kidan, Rahm Emanuel, and all their comrades in Washington, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, London, Ottawa, and Paris brings to mind the Hebrew saying “ba’al ha’mea ba’al ha’dea” or “the one with the money calls the shots” or even more telling, “he who has the gold makes the rules.”

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Video for Americans

We Can't Make It Here Anymore

You Tube Video

1920 Wall Street

Blood on the Street

Published: February 19, 2009

At the stroke of noon on Sept. 16, 1920, a bomb exploded along Wall
Street, killing 38 people and maiming hundreds more. It was the worst
terrorist bombing in the United States until the Oklahoma City attack
in 1995, the worst in New York until the 9/11 attack on the World
Trade Center.

The bomb was an immeasurably cruel device, most likely dynamite tied
to iron sash weights that acted as shrapnel. It blew people apart
where they walked out on a cool, late-summer day, tore arms and legs,
hands and feet and scalps off living human beings. Others were
beheaded or eviscerated, or found themselves suddenly engulfed in
flames. Still more injuries were caused by a cascade of broken glass
and the terrified stampede that followed.

The bomb's target was presumed to be the House of Morgan, which sat
like a blockhouse just across the street from where the explosive had
been left in a horse-drawn wagon. The Morgan bank had emerged from
World War I as the single most powerful financial institution in the
world, and both the firm and its principals had been under increasing
attack, rhetorical and otherwise, ever since it had arranged a huge
loan a few years before to help the Allies and keep the Great War
going. But the only fatality inside the firm was a 24-year-old clerk.
Nearly all the bank's employees were back at their desks the next
morning, some of them still bandaged and bruised. The explosion merely
pocked the firm's impenetrable, marble walls, the marks defiantly left
where they can be seen to this day: "the stigmata of capitalism."

As with all terrorist attacks, most of the victims were innocent
bystanders, "messengers, stenographers, clerks, salesmen, drivers,"
men and women for whom "Wall Street was not a grand symbol of American
capitalism" but "a place to make a modest living by selling milk,
driving a car, typing reports, recording sales." Only seven of the
dead were over the age of 40. Five of them were women, four of them

Who would do such a thing? A bevy of the nation's most prominent
lawmen and private detectives immediately descended on Wall Street,
blaming first anarchists, then paid agents from Lenin's new government
in Moscow. But years of investigation yielded nothing — no
indictments, no trials, no culprits. No one ever came forward to take
responsibility for the crime, or to state what it was supposed to
accomplish, and before long it had dropped from public view, lost
among the sensations of the racing, giddy '20s.

Beverly Gage, a writer and history teacher at Yale, has brought the
bombing to life again in her outstanding first book. "The Day Wall
Street Exploded" describes in detail both the bombing itself and the
hunt for the perpetrators, but Gage also does us the great good
service of placing it in the wider history of industrial warfare that
once proliferated in America. Like much of American history, these
battles have dropped out of mind because no one wanted to look at them
too closely. As Gage points out, the right was loath to discuss the
decades of brutal labor and political repression that preceded the
Wall Street bombing; the left, to admit that extremists really were
willing to resort to violence to overthrow the capitalist order.

Between 1881 and 1905 alone, there were more than 37,000 labor strikes
in the United States, many of them bloody, bitter struggles. Efforts
to unionize were routinely met with clubbings, shootings, jailings,
blacklistings and executions, perpetrated not only by well-armed
legions of company goons, but also by police officers, deputies,
National Guardsmen and even regular soldiers. Dozens of workers were
killed in these conflicts — at Ludlow in 1914, in the Homestead and
Pullman strikes of the 1890s, at Telluride and Cripple Creek and
Colorado Springs.

Some unionists, seeing the state aligned with the employers, struck
back with dynamite, invented in 1866 and readily available at American
construction sites. In Idaho in 1905, a bomb ripped the legs off Gov.
Frank Steunenberg in his own front yard, after he stuck a thousand
miners from the Coeur d'Alene strike in makeshift jails for months
without trial. Twenty-one men died when labor radicals blew up the
rabidly anti-union Los Angeles Times building in 1910. Relatively few
workers were involved in such outrages, but millions did turn to the
Socialist Party and the far-left Industrial Workers of the World (the
Wobblies), organizations that promised to sweep away the entire
capitalist system. "Far from being an era of placid reform," Gage
writes, "the turn of the century was a moment in which the entire
structure of American institutions — from the government to the
economy — seemed to be up for grabs, poised to be reshaped by new
movements and ideas."

A murky underworld developed, one in which some radicals —
particularly the small but implacable cells of anarchists — really did
plot assassinations and bombings, while companies tried to frame
strikers and their leaders with phony bomb plots and other

Things came to a head when America entered World War I and the
ostensibly progressive Wilson administration put aside the
Constitution, jailing thousands of dissidents and suppressing the
antiwar Socialists and Wobblies. On June 2, 1919, a new wave of bombs
hit in apparent retaliation, including one that wrecked the home of
Woodrow Wilson's attorney general, A. Mitchell Palmer, who
opportunistically used the incident to start the nation's first "Red
scare." It became one of the most shameful campaigns in the country's
history, with hundreds deported merely on suspicion of having radical
proclivities. In perhaps the worst episode, an anarchist named Andrea
Salsedo was found dead in his underwear on the sidewalk of Park Row in
New York, below a room where the Bureau of Investigation — predecessor
to the F.B.I. — had secretly held him for weeks.

The feds claimed suicide; Salsedo's family and friends saw murder.
Four months later came the Wall Street bomb. What few clues there were
pointed to Salsedo's comrades, members of a particularly ruthless
anarchist group called the Galleanisti, named after their founder,
Luigi Galleani. But the Red hunters had done their work too well,
having already deported Galleani and many other potential witnesses.

Even though the crime was never solved, it had other repercussions.
The bungled investigation and its wholesale violation of people's
civil liberties, as Gage shows, led to a major housecleaning at the
Bureau — which, paradoxically, enabled the rise of the biggest civil
liberties violator in American history, J. Edgar Hoover. And the
bombing contributed to an atmos­phere in which two other anarchists,
Sacco and Vanzetti, were convicted of murder in a case that would
become the great leftist cause of the decade.

Over time, the bombings petered out, though organized violence in
labor and other disputes continued. Even now, as Gage writes, "there
remains a tendency to think of violence as an anomaly, something
outside the American experience, rather than as one of the many ways
that Americans have long carried out their political disputes."

Kevin Baker is the author, most recently, of the novel "Strivers Row."

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Israel's White House

The Israeli Who
Runs the Obama White House
Written by Christopher Bollyn
Thursday, 06 November 2008

So, who is Peter Orszag?

The CV of Obama's Budget Director:

- Advisor, Russian Finance Ministry During the Reign of the Jewish Oligarchs
- Advisor, Central Bank of Iceland -- Before the Crash of 2008
- Advisor, Rahm Emanuel and Bill Clinton on the disastrous NAFTA bill that devastated U.S. manufacturing

One of the key players in the Obama administration’s $900 billion economic stimulus package is Obama’s new budget director Peter R. Orszag. Orszag, 40, is the director of the Office of Management and Budget, the arm of the White House responsible for crafting the federal budget and overseeing the effectiveness of federal programs. He worked closely with Rahm Emanuel in the Clinton administration - when the disastrous NAFTA was passed - and was one of the first Obama appointees to be approved.

”In the coming years, no bureaucrat will be as decisive as Peter Orszag,” Ezra Klein wrote recently in The American Prospect. So, who is Peter Richard Orszag and what kind of decisions will he make with the budget he controls? (Based on his background one would be well advised to prepare for a financial trainwreck.)

Oddly, Orszag’s background has received virtually no attention in the media. At this critical moment, however, it would be foolish to ignore the troubling background of Obama’s budget director, which deserves to be looked at very carefully. Orszag, for example, could start by explaining exactly what happened to the Icelandic economy. Orszag was, after all, the founder and president of the economic consultancy firm which advised the Central Bank of Iceland - before it went bankrupt. How did Icelandic banks become so indebted? Ask Peter Orszag.

Orszag is an economist who served six years in the Clinton administration (1993-8) under Robert E. Rubin, the former treasury secretary who recently resigned from his senior position at the woefully mismanaged and nearly bankrupt Citigroup. The fact that Orszag was a protege of the now disgraced Rubin certainly does not bode well for the Obama administration.

Rubin strongly opposed the regulation of derivatives when such regulation was proposed in 1997. Credit derivatives of mortgage-backed securities were the key reason for the recent failure of a number of large financial institutions, including AIG and Citigroup.

In 1999, Rubin joined Citigroup as a board member and a participant "in strategic managerial and operational matters of the Company.” The Wall Street Journal noted that Citigroup shareholders suffered losses of more than 70 percent since Rubin joined the firm and that he encouraged changes that led the firm to the brink of collapse. In December 2008, investors filed a lawsuit contending that Citigroup executives, including Rubin, sold shares at inflated prices while concealing the firm’s risks.

Orszag, a Jew, served on the president’s Council of Economic Advisers in 1993, under Rubin, when the Israeli Rahm Emanuel, Clinton’s senior adviser, was pushing the disastrous NAFTA legislation through Congress. Prior to joining the Clinton team Orszag was an economic adviser for the Russian Ministry of Finance in Moscow from 1992-93. This was a period of rampant financial criminality during which many Russian mineral assets came under the control of the so-called Jewish oligarchs who became instant billionaires. Most of these oligarchs fled Russia when their crimes were exposed and now live in Britain or Israel, where they obtained citizenship.

Born in Boston on December 16, 1968, Orszag graduated from Princeton University in 1991. He then attended the London School of Economics, where he earned a degree in 1992 and where he obtained his PhD in 1997. The London School of Economics was established by members of the Fabian Society, who believed in advancing socialism through gradual reforms.

The Fabian Society is a British socialist movement, whose purpose is to advance the principles of Social democracy via gradualist and reformist, rather than revolutionary means. The ideology of the Fabians is said to be described in the quote, "Fabianism feeds on Capitalism, but excretes Communism."

In 1998, after serving in the Clinton administration, Orszag co-founded an economic consulting group company with his brother and Joseph Stiglitz called Sebago Associates, where he served as president through 2007. The firm's clients have included the World Bank, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and most notably, the Central Bank of Iceland. The once prosperous economy of Iceland has been devastated by the current economic crisis, which its citizens say was carried out by a gang of financial criminals who followed disastrous policies and advice - provided by Peter Orszag and Company.

Americans need to be vigilant with dangerous "Young Turks" like Peter Orszag and Rahm Emanuel running the Obama White House and the U.S. budget.

It should come as no surprise that the New York Times article by Mark Leibovich fails to mention Emanuel's Israeli roots -- or the fact that his father was a member of the most murderous Zionist terrorist group in Palestine in the 1930s and 40s -- the Irgun. The New York Times is the leading Zionist-controlled newspaper in the United States by virtue of the fact that it has been controlled by the Sulzberger family, founding members of B'nai B'rith (Jewish Freemasons) Lodge No. 1, for more than one hundred years.

Rahm Emanuel is actually named after two Irgun (or LEHI) terrorists: one named Rahamim (Rahm), and the other named Emanuel. The Times clearly considers this information that it would prefer the reader not know. This is a perfect example how the Zionist-controlled media controls public opinion by omitting important information. The same controlled media also fails to investigate the evidence of Emanual's involvement with the impeached Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich, in the activity that lead to Blagojevich being removed from office. Blagojevich specifically told Larry King that he wants the tapes of his conversations with Rahm Emanuel released. Why aren't they?

The only possible bump on the charm-paved Rahm Road is the ongoing investigation and prosecution of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich for putting Obama’s vacant Senate seat up for the highest bidder. Emanuel has acknowledged conversations with Blagojevich, but the media seems remarkably uninterested in the contents of those wiretapped discussions, willing, it seems, to take the Obama White House’s assurances that all is well. Bush should have been so lucky.

Rahm Emanuel, the Israeli Chief of Staff of the Obama administration, showing his class at the inauguration.
Emanuel, the son of a member of the Zionist terrorist group, Irgun or LEHI, reveals the attitude of Israelis to international law. Rahm Emanuel carries the names of two terrorists: Rahm is named after an LEHI terrorist who was killed in an operation and his family name came from an uncle who died in another terror operation in the 1930s. Is this the real face of the Obama administration? Will this person, who runs the Obama White House, demand that Israel be held accountable for the war crimes committed in Gaza?

Barack Obama visits the Israeli settlement of Sderot.

People who wonder why the Zionist-puppet Obama had not condemned the Zionist criminal aggression of Gaza should look at the following photos from July 2008 of candidate Obama with Ehud Barak (left), the Israeli defense minister running the criminal assault on the defenseless population of Gaza.

Note: Sderot, an Israeli settlement with a population of some 12,000 immigrants, lies one kilometer from the Gaza Strip. Sderot was created from the former Gevim-Dorot transit camp. Most of original residents were Kurdish and Persian Jewish immigrants who lived in tents and shacks. In 1954, Israel began building permanent structures. Moroccan immigrants comprised 87 percent of Sderot's population in 1961 with 11 percent immigrants from Kurdistan. In the 1990, Sderot absorbed a large number of immigrants the Soviet Union in the 1990s.

As Barack Obama supported Israel's perverse right of "self defense" in 2008 against the legitimate resistance of the native Palestinian population forced into exile in Gaza by the Zionist ethnic cleansing of 1948 and subjected to constant Israeli aggression and blockades, the Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak could clearly be seen laughing in the background.

See CNN footage to see Barak laughing.

Why is this man laughing? Rahm Emanuel, Obama's political handler and new chief of staff, is an Israeli whose father is a member of the most notorious terrorist group in Israeli history. How long will the controlled media ignore Emanuel's family ties to Zionist terrorism? Do Americans, the people forced to fight and fund the fraudulent, violent, and costly "War on Terror" even care?

Joseph Adam Ereli (right) is an Israeli and the son of a Hagana terrorist.
Ereli oversees U.S. policy in Iraq and the Persian Gulf. Why do Americans allow Israelis to hijack U.S. foreign policy? Why is Ereli's Israeli nationality not considered a threat to national security? Why does the controlled media ignore the many Israeli dual-nationals in positions of power in the U.S. government?

Ereli's father, Eliezer Kaplan (changed to Ereli) fought with the Zionist terrorist organization, the Hagana. This son of an Zionist terrorist has been controlling U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East for two decades. Like the other Israelis I have exposed: Rahm Emanuel, Michael Chertoff, and Daniel Samuel Senor, this U.S. official is an agent produced by the Israeli military intelligence network that was sent to the United States in the 1950s. These people are Zionist agents who were raised to control the U.S. government. This is very serious infiltration that cannot be ignored by real Americans. We can't allow foreign agents in high places to destroy our country.

I compare the current condition of the U.S. ship of state with the huge oil tanker Sirius Star, which has been taken over by Somali pirates and is being held for ransom in Somalia.

The Sirius Star, with $100 million of Saudi crude,
was hijacked by a small band of Somali pirates.

The United States government is like the Sirius Star -- except our ship of state has been taken over by a gang of organized Zionist and Israeli pirates. The difference is that our American ship of state has been taken over by an organization (like Quantum in the latest Bond film) that most people don't even know exists. This organization was created by members of the pre-Israel Zionist terror groups, the Hagana, Irgun, Lehi, and their Mossad network. Members of these groups were sent to the United States in the 1950s to raise dedicated Zionist agents that would look and sound like Americans but think like Israelis. In this way Zionists have taken over the government and media of the U.S.S. America without the passengers or the crew even noticing. The only thing that most Americans notice is that the voyage is not as smooth as they had expected and the ship is sinking. The Zionist-controlled media assures us, however, that all is well and the ship is on its correct course. Dream on.

Americans and others need to realize that Israeli intelligence is like the criminal organization in the latest James Bond film: They are everywhere, supporting politicians on both sides of the aisle, creating and running governments from the left and the right (including your own), yet you don't even know they exist! Over the past 6 decades, Israeli agents have infiltrated every agency of the U.S. government and have access to all of the critical computer networks. My next article is in the same vein as my revelations about the senior Israeli agents Michael Chertoff, Rahm Emanuel, and Dan Senor.

When one considers that Obama has been financed and supported by the biggest Zionists in America since 1992 it becomes clear that John McCain was merely playing the role of a presidential candidate, i.e. he was a fake candidate whose real purpose was to allow his opponent to win. This can only be understood when one realizes that both political parties in the United States are completely controlled by Zionist money.

John McCain, who would have been the oldest president ever, was not meant to win. His only purpose was to make the rigged presidential race look like a real political contest, which is one of the fundamental deceptions of U.S. politics. The other is that our votes are actually counted.

Hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars from the $2 Trillion bail-out have gone to criminal organizations run by these two Elders of Zion: Sanford Weill, head of Citigroup, and Maurice Greenberg, head of A.I.G. Both are sons of Jewish immigrants from Russia/Poland and certainly high-level Freemasons in the B'nai B'rith, the real-life Elders of Zion. Why are their dodgy and criminal enterprises bailed out with hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars while Amtrak, the woefully inadequate American passenger railroad system, is not given a penny to build new infrastructure, rolling stock, or stations to serve the American people? These fraudsters should be in prison -- not bailed out at taxpayer expense!

Rahm Emanuel is a political gangster named after a Zionist fighter who belonged to the Stern Gang, which was a terrorist organization linked with the Nazis. Before moving to Chicago, his father was an active member of this terrorist group of assassins and bombers, which was also known as LEHI. Don't expect to hear this information on CNN. The controlled media censors these disturbing, but important facts.

"Obama's first pick: Israeli Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff" is the headline of a November 6 article in Ha'aretz, the Israeli newspaper. The Israeli editors at Ha'aretz proudly proclaim that Obama's first pick was "Israeli Rahm Emanuel" to run the next administration. Americans should be aware that Obama's chief of staff will be an Israeli, with terrorist roots and a clear loyalty to the state of Israel.

Emanuel's father, Benjamin, told Ma'ariv, a Hebrew language Israeli paper that his son's appointment would be good for Israel. "Obviously he will influence the president to be pro-Israel," the Jerusalem Postreported. "Why wouldn't he be? What is he, an Arab? He's not going to clean the floors of the White House." Rahm speaks Hebrew and spends most summers in Tel Aviv his Israeli father proudly told Ma'ariv.

Although the Israeli Emanuel has been named as Obama's chief of staff, none of the Zionist-controlled media outlets in the United States seem as open as the Israeli press to discuss Emanuel's family roots with the Nazi-linked Zionist terror gangs in Palestine in the 1930s and 40s. Naftali Bendavid of the Zionist-owned Chicago Tribune, for example, has written a book about Emanuel and spent a great deal of time with him but completely avoids his Israeli roots in the Tribune article he wrote on November 6.

Bendavid wrote that Emanuel "is best known as something of a Democratic political assassin" who "might not appear to be the obvious choice for White House chief of staff for a president-elect who speaks eloquently of setting aside partisan differences and bringing the country together."

Emanuel uses Mafia tactics to threaten people. He once mailed a rotting dead fish to a campaign pollster who had not produced results to Emanuel's liking. Sending a dead fish to a person is a well-known Mafia message meaning the recipient will "sleep with the fishes" unless he or she heeds the warning.
Don't expect the controlled media to tell you the whole truth about Emanuel's family ties to real assassins.

Emanuel even left the United States to serve in the Israeli army in 1991. A person from any other nation would automatically lose his U.S. citizenship for serving in a foreign military. Why do we let Israelis run our government?
What will it take to remove people like Emanuel and Michael Chertoff from their positions of power to prevent them from damaging our American republic more than they already have? The Zionist agents in our government are in the process of accumulating power and not afraid of showing it or using it. This is a very dangerous development. Americans should be aware that Emanuel behaves more like a gangster than a political adviser.

"The night after Clinton was elected, Emanuel was so angry at the president's enemies that he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign, grabbed a steak knife and began rattling off a list of betrayers, shouting "Dead! . . . Dead! . . . Dead!" and plunging the knife into the table after every name. "When he was done, the table looked like a lunar landscape," one campaign veteran recalls. "It was like something out of The Godfather. But that's Rahm for you." -

Americans should be aware that this violent and uncouth Israeli will be running the White House under Barack Obama. The chief of staff effectively controls the people around the president -- he decides who sees him, what he hears, and what he knows. The people surrounding the president report to the chief of staff. Emanuel will be the intellectual handler of President Obama (a continuation of the role he has played for years) and the controller of the White House. How do you think having an Israeli gangster with terrorist roots running the White House will affect U.S. relations with Iran, Russia, the Palestinians -- and the rest of the world? And Emanuel is just the tip of the iceberg.

Emanuel's father said Rahm is "the namesake of Rahamim, a Lehi combatant." LEHI, a.k.a. the Stern Gang, was the most radical Zionist terrorist group in the 1940s. The Stern Gang killed scores of British soldiers and assassinated Lord Moyne and Count Folke Bernadotte, the United Nations envoy from Sweden, as well as hundreds of innocent Palestinians such as the civilian population of Deir Yassin. This Zionist terror group was allied with the Nazis in their war against the British. Both of Emanuel's parents, Benjamin Emanuel (formerly Auerbach) and Marsha Smulevitz, lived in Israel and both are related to Lehi fighters. This is to say that Emanuel's father, a Jew, fought with the Nazis. While this may be difficult for people who have a distorted Hollywood-view of Zionist history to understand, it is a fact.

The Brothers Emanuel: Ezekiel, Rahm or Rahamim, and Ariel with their father Benjamin Auerbach (changed to Emanuel in memory of his brother who was allegedly killed in an Irgun "reprisal" operation in 1933). Ben was an active member of the Stern Gang, a Zionist terror group allied with the Nazis which is known for a series of political assassinations, massacres, and bombings. Why would a dedicated Zionist, who was born in Jerusalem and who fought in a terrorist organization to create the Jewish state, move to Chicago after the creation of the state of Israel? After the failed "Lavon Affair," a series of false-flag terror attacks in Egypt, Israeli intelligence chief Yossi Harel sent scores of high-level agents to the United States, often with an American spouse. The Emanuel family is one of them; the Chertoff family is another. There are many more.

Rahm Emanuel is the same Israeli who ran the White House under Bill Clinton, although he did not have the chief of staff position. He is the person who pushed through the disastrous NAFTA legislation. It should be remembered that it was during the Clinton administration, while the president dallied with his chunky Jewish girlfriend, that the foundation of the Zionist terror network that pulled off 9-11 was laid. Now, Emanuel, the son of a terrorist and assassin, will be back in the Oval Office.

Emanuel has controlled Obama for years. Emanuel's brother Ariel is Michael Moore's agent. The day after the election, Moore joked about Emanuel's appointment on the Larry King Show. Moore, a Zionist shill, made a film about 9-11, produced by the Weinstein brothers, that completely avoided mentioning the many Israeli connections to the terror attacks. This is an excellent example of how the "alternative" media is just as controlled by Zionist Jews as the so-called "mainstream" media.

Emanuel, the son of an Israeli terrorist (Irgun and Lehi) is part of the Chicago-based Zionist political team with David Axelrod, Obama's chief campaign strategist. Obama thanked David Axelrod by name during his victory speech in Chicago's Grant Park. The very next day, Obama named Axelrod "senior White House adviser," the Oval Office position Emanuel occupied under Clinton. Axelrod's father, Joseph, a Jewish immigrant from someplace near the Black Sea, hanged himself in 1974 when David was a 19-year-old student at the University of Chicago. His mother was a communist journalist in New York in the 1940s who later became a vice president of Young & Rubicam, the advertising company.

David Axelrod ran the Obama campaign.

Rahm Emanuel, who is named after a Lehi (Stern Gang) terrorist named Rahamim Cohen, and David Axelrod have been working together since 1984 when they teamed up to help Paul Simon (Mr. Bowtie) defeat Sen. Charles Percy

These two hard-core Zionists were not working for reform in Illinois; their only agenda was to defeat the incumbent Sen. Percy because he was the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and was pushing for a settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. These Zionist gangsters went on to support the Chicago mayoral campaign of Richard M. Daley, the son of Richard J. Daley. These two Zionists spearheaded the campaign to put Barack Obama into the White House. Axelrod and Emanuel, however, were being supported by a much higher Zionist -- Bettylu Saltzman, the daughter of Chicago's super-Zionist Philip Klutznick.

Axelrod has been creating and shaping Candidate Obama for more than 16 years. "Axelrod met Obama when the senator was 30 years old and coordinating a voter-registration drive in Chicago and Betty Lou Saltzman, a doyenne of progressive politics in Chicago, suggested that the two get to know each other," the New York Times reported in early 2007. "In the 15 years since, Axelrod has worked through Obama's life story again and again, scouring it for usable political material.

Bettylu Saltzman has been supporting and financing Obama's political career since 1992, long before he ran for any office. Saltzman is the only daughter of the super-Zionist Philip Klutznick. In 1992, when Obama was 30 years old, Saltzman told Axelrod and others, "He will be our first black president.'' Saltzman then commissioned Axelrod to create Obama, the presidential candidate.

Saltzman's father, Philip M. Klutznick, was Israel's biggest supporter in Chicago. Klutznick, who passed away in August 1999, was the former president of B'nai B'rith International (1953-59), president of the World Jewish Congress, general chairman of the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), president of the American Friends of the Hebrew University, vice-president of the Jewish Welfare Board, a founder of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, president of the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, and vice president of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, among other things. Philip Morris Klutznick, ca. 1944"The friend of 6 U.S. Presidents," Klutznick fostered the Obama campaign through his daughter Bettylu from 1992 until his death in 1999. Klutznick was one of the developers of Israel's port of Ashdod. As a developer in Chicago, Klutznick created the suburb of Park Forest, developed three Chicago-area shopping malls, and built Water Tower Place on Michigan Ave., in downtown Chicago.

Candidate Obama with his long-term handler David Axelrod, who writes his speeches and instructs him on how to act. Obama has been created and controlled to such a degree by Jews that some writers have described him as the "Goy Golem," a slave created by his Jewish masters to destroy their enemies. According to the Jewish Kabbalah, a Golem is a man-like monster created from mud and conjured up by a rabbi to destroy any and all enemies of the Jews..
Axelrod and Emanuel have been creating the Obama image since 2003. "For four years Axelrod has had camera crews tracking virtually everything Obama has done in public -- chatting up World War II vets in southern Illinois, visiting his father’s ancestral village in western Kenya -- and there were days when the camera crews have outnumbered the civilians,"

In October I warned readers that the Obama ticket was really a hard-core Israeli ticket in disguise. In my article "Colin Powell: Liar & War Criminal Endorses Obama" I advised my readers of the Israeli gangsters behind Obama:
Powell's endorsement of Obama, a puppet of the Israeli Rahm Emanuel, has less to do with Obama's African roots than it does with getting Emanuel and his Zionist gangsters back into control of the Oval Office. Emanuel, the real boss of the Democratic party is the son of a real Israeli terrorist (Irgun and Lehi) and thug-in-chief of the party. AN ISRAELI CHIEF OF STAFF?What can we expect from the Obama presidency? Elected on a platform of "Change" after 8 years of an unpopular and dictatorial regime, we would expect to see changes of the disastrous policies of the Bush administration.

What changes will we see? Will we see an end to the costly and illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ? Will the senior officials of the Bush administration who willfully lied to start these wars of aggression be held accountable for their war crimes? Will we finally have a proper and independent investigation of 9-11? Will the ghoulish Israeli Michael Chertoff be fired and his oppressive Department of Homeland Security dismantled?

If the war criminals are not held accountable and the most egregious criminal policies of the Bush administration are not changed and reversed – what exactly does the Obama "Change" slogan mean? Changing the curtains? Changing the Israelis in the White House?

The appointment of Rahm Emanuel, Clinton 's senior advisor, to run the Obama White House does not look like a positive change. I was hoping for someone like Michael Jordan to be the next secretary of state. Rather than Israelis like Emanuel, we need people like Jordan in power to turn our national game around.

...just like George W. Bush.

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