Friday, October 28, 2005

Worrying Times

(Posted by Mega Alexandros - Friday October 28 @ 3:37 UTC)

Rather worrying times, iraq's a right mess currently, a criminal mess and whilst the resistance are winning the battles the "intelligenica" at No 10 Downing Street and in the White House are busy plotting up shemes to attack Iran and Syria it seems.

Earlier Mr Blair issued an implicit threat of military action against Iran, the last time he spoke this way was on Iraq, in the build up to war. Here is the transcript:

"their attitude towards Israel, their attitude towards terrorism, their attitude on the nuclear weapons issue, it isn't acceptable. Now if they continue down this path then people are going to believe that they are a real threat to our world security and stability. And as I say, they may believe that with everything else, the eyes of the world will be elsewhere, but I felt a real sense of revulsion at those remarks, and to anybody in Europe, knowing our history, when we hear statements like that made about Israel, it makes us feel very angry. It is just completely wrong, this, and it indicates and underlines I am afraid how much some of those places need reform themselves.........And you know there has been a long time in which I have been answering questions on Iran, with everyone saying to me: "Tell us you are not going to do anything about Iran." If they carry on like this, the question people are going to be asking us is: When are you going to do something about this?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Los Derechos Reservados Son Nada

I can't imagine why anyone would want anything I produce, but if so, they are welcome to do with it as they wish. That is small gift compared to the greater privilege of enjoying productions of others via the internet.

In Mexico we have an officially acknowleged capitalist economy, as do most nations. However, we also hold a different view of copyright and patent protections than those seemingly so important to distant neighbors residing just across the northern border. That is one probably retained here from still celebrated indigenous cultures, something the US can never hope to realize, having murdered most of those who could teach it.

The concept does not exist in law but in the hearts of the people, who tend to pay little attention to law anyhow. Their traditional view is that productions, especially artistic ones, belong to the world rather than the creator. Intrinsic value is counted in what is given to others instead of monetary profit reaped by those who would deem themselves owners.

Evidence is seen in the celebrated national practice of painting murals on the sides of buildings rather than canvas hung to be sold in galleries. Anyone may make use of unfenced land until someone bearing barbed wire and a title comes along. Village homes are often wall to wall because empty space between two would soon have a roof shielding others. Livestock roam unfenced land including city streets.

There is a national reserve In the state of Jalisco which contains a wild growth of perennial corn which needs no planting as it just keeps growing. There was public controversy when US seed companies wanted to grab it. They were refused, and that presented a philosophical quandary. On the one hand, denying acquisition contradicted cultural beliefs. On the other, it was understood what they'd do with it, patent it and sell it back.

A sticky point of the so called free trade accords was that Mexico would honor the US copyright/patent concept. The then Mexican president was a Harvard business school graduate, and his government made a few shows of raiding street markets for pirated music. The peoples' hearts however pumped native rather than Harvard blood, and their beliefs carry greater weight here than government agreements. The practice continues.

One of the most important words in the language is "fayuca". It refers to money and goods traded in the underground economy. Inclusion of creations in fayuca is not really theft to someone who believes the producer never really owned it.

In any society, titles, patents, and copyrights are negative concepts. They do not really grant privileges. What they do is guarantee potential utilization of government prisons and guns to prevent use by others. If that were not so, how could one tell the difference between the rich and the poor? That question is more important to some than others.

This article is is copylefted.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Democracy - Will of the people?

Or, is it something that flows from the barrel of a gun?

The US and UK say 10 or more years of military occupation may be required to bring to Iraq what they claim is democracy.

An aspect of democracy they seem not to understand, that of listening and acting on beliefs and desires of the people seems not to have registered with the invaders.

Forty-five percent of Iraqis believe attacks on U.S. and British troops are justified, according to a secret poll said to have been commissioned by British defense leaders. Less than 1 percent of those polled believed that the forces were responsible for any improvement in security, according to poll figures. Eighty-two percent of those polled said they were "strongly opposed" to the presence of the troops.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

U.S. National Debt Clock The estimated population of the United States is 297,503,588, so each citizen's share of this debt is $26,908.27. The National Debt has continued to increase an average of$1.62 billion per day since September 30, 2004. So says this site on the internet. A debt like that should weigh heavy under any circumstances but when considered what it is for, death and destruction of others countries, and funding the plot of the Bush junta, it becomes crimminal.

The American citizens everyday acceptance of this fact rots their minds as well as their finances. As is well evidenced from observing their behavior.

Spread of Mad Bush Disease

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

By Your Dots They Shall Know You

A research team led by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) recently broke the code behind tiny date, time, and serial number identifying dots printers and copiers secretly hide in documents. The U.S. Secret Service admitted that the tracking information is part of a deal struck with manufacturers. The EFF story is at this link. They list results for tested printers and copiers here and seek samples from others for further investigation. The patterns are visible under blue laser light using a microscope. EFF tells here how to spot the pattern and understand the coding as well as offering a program which can be either downloaded or used online to reveal the encoded information.

Leftist opens hotline to help fund campaign

Monday, October 17, 2005

Who Was That Masked Man?

I met a old woman on the street who was very friendly and seemingly honest. We were enjoying a nice conversation as we openly traded personal information. Then, we were approached by a masked man. We ran as fast as we could. There was something in us that didn't trust presence of a person who didn't want to be recognized for what he was.

Almost every web page visited acquires information that many internet users seem to believe or wish was private and protected. Some services tell you about what they do and some don't. Consider the Yahoo privacy statement at as just one example.

Yahoo requires registration with considerable verifiable personal information. It states how it uses, shares, and sells that along with extensive other information gained in recording all activity of a computer connected to Yahoo. This is summed with their statement "Once you register with Yahoo! and sign in to our services, you are not anonymous to us." It is a wonder anyone concerned with security of their privacy would even use Yahoo or any other similar service. Do you have any idea what Google is doing right now as you play in their backyard?

And yet, we hear of those who fear our Chat Room, its Library, and this Forum's very limited noting of isp's, ip numbers, simple user registration, temporary transcripts of room posting, and ban ability. If such raises concern, the practices of Yahoo similar services ought scare the hell out of them.

Knowing a persons ip number really doesn't tell much about them but the location of their isp service, often a main office location. Dial up ip numbers change on each call. Cable and DSL numbers are usually fixed but change from time to time. With a networked service, the ip number is not to an individual's computer but to a section of that service and the internal individual address is masked. Because of that, large isp's such as AOL don't present much at all about individuals. Isp's trade, buy, and sell blocks of ip numbers among them. The dated information is not always accurate.

Our Chat Room on the EWC system displays for moderators a partial ip address as participants enter. That can usually be filled out with more precise information of varying accuracy for users who visit the Library and Forum. This is done through an external counter service. Information gained may include a isp host name and user ip number, Country, Region, City, and internet service provider, operating system, monitor resolution, the address from which they linked to us, and which of our pages were visited and when.

That one's incorrectly presumed mask of anonymity is transparent ought not be of major concern. Why a service peers through it and what is done with the view acquired should be. We have two uses for the information. One is use of statistical summaries over time to aid configuring the library and forum. Knowing in aggregate who our users are and what they do is helpful to better fit the sites both to our purpose and their interests.

You can take a look at examples of the sort of information we gather by connecting to the counter and analysis system we use at On that page, click "Live Demo". Then try all the options between the words "Statistics" and "Recommended", and you will see what we get.

Our other use is to aid chat room moderating. An example of that would be ensuring chat room participants are who they say they are rather than engaged in surreptitious impersonation. That has happened seldom, but when it did, those attempting it were quickly removed.

The chat room also records everything publicly posted (not private messaging). The record is available only to moderators who are in the room. It is maintained for periods varying from a few days to perhaps a month. That duration depends on the larger chat system maintenance and is out of our control. It allows moderators who are in the room know what occurred while absent.

Do we do anything else with the information besides that mentioned here? No! Now, that assumes our moderators are trustworthy. it might help to take a look at our Chat Room moderator solicitation which lists criteria for becoming one. In particular, note the one stating "Possess an ethical sense which dictates respecting privacy of personal information". Sure, some people wear masks. Others are more honorable. Those are the ones we try to be and deal with.

Does anyone else collect information through contacts with our system, or any other internet use for that matter? You bet they do, or are at least able to if they choose! Almost all web sites collect the same information we do. Your internet service provider and any of a few or maybe even 50 or so domain name servers your transmissions traverse can record any of the data passing through them if they are of a mind. They usually are, but not because they care about you. They often maintain caches of frequently accessed information to ease load on their system. Are they bound by privacy protecting ethical considerations? Well yes, according to international treaties. But consider this...

The internet operates under standards approved by W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium. That is an arm of the International Telecommunications Union, itself a function of the United Nations. All members of the UN are signatories to the ITU treaties. Its standards are thus base law to which all national laws must correspond. The original acceptable use standards for the internet are still in place. They specify it exists to provide unrestricted worldwide communication. They further state that use for profit is specifically prohibited. In sum, the internet exists by law for open sharing of information and its use for monetary gain is illegal. Have you noticed any commercial use of the internet? You have huh? So much for ethical and legal considerations.

It might be enlightening to do some internet research on "Echelon", an intelligence gathering service operating under joint auspices of the US, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is claimed all electronic communication of any sort; radio, internet traffic, email, telephone calls, voice or text, local or international, passes through their super computers, is scanned for key words, and then possibly held for further analysis.

How about snooping which is not publicly acknowledged or known? The free Google Earth can focus on my home and delineate latitude and longitude variance down to an area of six centimeters squared. (That is about two and a half inches for gringos). Earth allows looking at the output of live web cams placed at strategic spots in large cities. That is what I can see with my free version. Any guesses on what others with more money, interest, and clout might view on similar software and systems of which you and I are unaware? Can you say "government"?

My personal experience with what some called paranoia has been that it usually turned out to be the truth others preferred not to recognize. Back to that encounter with a masked man. You can figuratively emulate him if you want and don't mind people running away from you.

There are many services available which will mask your ip information. One of them is Anonymouse. It allows web surfing, emailing, and group posting without revealing ip information. It is fast, easy, free, requires no registration, and is at Testing here has shown it works.

Another post on this forum is titled "Dissident Blogger Handbook". The latter chapters of that go into great detail on how to work toward maintaining internet anonymity. It is well worth reading if that interests you.

Nothing is sure. Instead of running, we could have beat the hell out of that masked man and yanked off his identity obscuring cover. I wonder, however, if that nice old woman I was talking with might have been his partner.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Not What Some Would Have One Believe

Wonder why that is. Can you say "Racism"?

Friday, October 14, 2005

Our Team

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dissident Blogger


Reporters Without Borders offers for free download an excellent Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-dissidents. Its chapter titles are: 1) Bloggers, the new heralds of free expression. 2) What’s a blog? 3) The language of blogging. 4) Choosing the best tool. 5) How to set up and run a blog. 6) What ethics should bloggers have? 7) Getting your blog picked up by search-engines. 8) What really makes a blog shine? 9) Personal accounts from: 9a) Germany, 9b) Bahrain, 9c) USA , 9d) Hong Kong, 9e) Iran, 9f) Nepal. 10) How to blog anonymously. 11) Technical ways to get around censorship. 12) Ensuring your e-mail is truly private. 13) Internet-censor world championship. It is offered in two pdf format versions. One is full color and the other is a black and white printer friendly version. The latter is much easier to read on screen. They may be obtained by clicking this link:


Thank You

- by littlebitofsonshine

Thank you for starting this for use who want to help share info and open peoples eyes me persionly .my eyes where opening and forced to see befor i meet you that blessed day.I injoyed most the rooms chat and helpful people in learning by so many so called trolls .That it does not mater what you realy call yourself rep or dem thay have all been brainwashed into thinking thay are 2 partys when it is all right never a left turn so it leaves a lot people out who think thay had a voice.

Wed Oct 12, 01:38:29 AM UTC

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bled Blight and Blues

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