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Go To Syria


This pertains to the article of same title published here on 30 May 2011. It was submitted by Forum member neitzschebabie, who found it on the same date reporting of Yossi Gurvitz. He described himself there as an Israeli writer who was but no longer is an Orthodox Jew and member of Israel's military.

Mr. Gurvitz tells how Isreali leftists are often asked by right wingers why they do not move to Syria. He offers a short article that contradicts the rightist position. We posted the text of his article with some modification appropriate to our Forum.

We received an email from Gurvits the next day stating:

"My name is Yossi Gurvitz. One of your members has taken a post of mine, changed it, and posted it on your forum in a way which is way beyond what is considered to be fair use, Furthermore, he did not link to the original post. Kindly limit the post to 30 words, with a link, or remove it."

The text copied from Yossi Gurvitz' post has been removed as requested. The YouTube video showing Israeli police beating peace demonstrators remains. It was publically posted to YouTube and embeded from its saving in the furtherleft YouTube channel. Gurvits' original article is at http://972mag.com/author/yossig/.

We leave Mr. Gurvitz, if he should check back, a statement regarding our view of information ownership. It is quoted here from the front page of our Further Left Library, to whit: "Library, Forum, and Chat system is independent of other media. Content is copylefted to use as you choose."

That rests on operating belief that creation belongs to the world for benefit of all rather than owned to somehow enhance creator or 'owner' status among others. It illustrates favoring we over me as the essential defining concept of "left".

The following video subtitle is verbatim from Gurvitz' work. Note it contains just 13 stolen words.

A message to those there wishing the leftist Israelis would move to Syria

Lies Of Libya

UK sends Apache attack choppers with bunker-busters to Libya

Britain is stepping up pressure on Colonel Gaddafi by deploying Apache attack helicopters in Libya armed with bunker busting bombs. It comes as NATO's chief says the Libyan leader's 'reign of terror' is nearing an end. But as RT's Laura Emmett reports, the UK's decision seems to be moving far beyond mere humanitarian objectives.

A comment to the video states "Isreal is spending billions or dollars, pounds and euros to kill one man! Why don't they just offer the Colonel eight billion Euros to leave, it would be cheaper? Oh wait, it isn't really their money and they probably own shares in the munitions and helicopter companies. Besides, only muslims and goyim will die."

Invasion Is Invasion No Matter How Disguised And Pretended Otherwise

Armed westerners have been filmed on the front line with rebels near Misrata in the first apparent confirmation that foreign special forces are playing an active role in the Libyan conflict.

A group of six westerners are clearly visible in a report by al-Jazeera from Dafniya, described as the westernmost point of the rebel lines west of the town of Misrata. Five of them were armed and wearing sand-coloured clothes, peaked caps, and cotton Arab scarves.

The sixth, apparently the most senior of the group, was carrying no visible weapon and wore a pink, short-sleeve shirt. He may be an intelligence officer. The group is seen talking to rebels and then quickly leaving on being spotted by the television crew.

The footage emerged as South Africa's president, Jacob Zuma, arrived in Tripoli in an attempt to broker a ceasefire. He described reports that he would ask Muammar Gaddafi to step down as "misleading", and said he would instead focus on humanitarian measures and ways to implement a plan concocted by the African Union for Libya make a transition to democratic rule but not seek Gaddafi's exile.

The westerners were seen by al-Jazeera on rebel lines late last week, days before British and French attack helicopters are due to join the Nato campaign. They are likely to be deployed on the outskirts of Misrata, from where pro-Gaddafi forces continue to shell rebel positions to the east.

There have been numerous reports in the British press that SAS soldiers are acting as spotters in Libya to help Nato warplanes target pro-Gaddafi forces. In March, six special forces soldiers and two MI6 officers were detained by rebel fighters when they landed on an abortive mission to meet rebel leaders in Benghazi, in an embarrassing episode for the SAS.

The group was withdrawn soon afterwards and a new "liaison team" sent in its place. Asked for comment on Monday, a Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said: "We don't have any forces out there."

The subject is sensitive as the UN security council resolution in March authorising the use of force in Libya specifically excludes "a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory".

Despite more than two months of bombing by Nato, rebels have remained unable to advance west of Misrata, or west of Brega, 300 miles to the east. The capital, Tripoli, also remains in the grip of Gaddafi, who has defied all attempts to force him to leave.

However, a fresh blow to his position came yesterday as eight Libyan army officers appeared in Rome, saying they were part of a group of as many as 120 military officials and soldiers who had defected from Gaddafi's side in recent days.

The eight officers – five generals, two colonels and a major – spoke at a news conference organised by the Italian government. The officers said they had defected in protest at Gaddafi's actions against his own people, citing killings of civilians and violence against women. They claimed that Gaddafi's campaign against the rebels was rapidly weakening.

Air force pilots landed in Italy and defected earlier in the rebellion. Under-trained and under-manned rebel forces have been encouraging defections as a way to whittle away support for Gaddafi in the absence of a ground army sent to assist them.

The latest group are reported to have been spurred largely by tensions arising from the appointment newcomers to senior positions in the security services.

The behaviour of these men, many of them relatively youthful Gaddafi loyalists in their mid-30s, are throught to have stirred anger and dismay among the army's officer ranks.

In April, William Hague announced that an expanded military liaison team would be dispatched to work with the Benghazi-based Transitional National Council, which is positioning itself as a democratic alternative to Gaddafi's rule.

The foreign secretary said the team would help the rebels improve "organisational structures, communications and logistics" but stressed: "Our officers will not be involved in training or arming the opposition's fighting forces, nor will they be involved in the planning or execution of the [transitional council's] military operations or in the provision of any other form of operational military advice."

There were unconfirmed reports at the time that Britain was planning to send former SAS members and other experienced soldiers to Libya under the cover of private security companies, paid for by Arab states, to train the anti-government forces.

Los Invencibles

De La Plaza Cataluña

These protesters are the adult youth of Barcelona, Spain that are fed up with 42% unemployment of 18-25 year olds. The people in this video are in Plaza Cataluña on 27 May 2011. The police came in and tried to clear them out, but the people stood their ground via sitting down and not moving. Even with the police hitting them, they held strong.

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Suffering is Nothing

A Metropolitan Police inquiry has found that. "Officers were justified by pulling a student fees protester Jody McIntyre, from his wheelchair and inadvertently hitting him with a baton."

The incident occurred during the large scale demonstrations against the Governments Policy in December 2010. The police action had claimed that the "action had been lawful." Jody McIntrye was interrogated quite roughly by the BBC newsreader (some found). But he had the advantage of being on live TV, to make some very rational and valid points.

When he was asked what was his reaction to the judgement? He calmly stated "I think that my suffering at the hands of the police IS NOTHING compared to the suffering of the Palestinian people at the hands of the "Apartheid State of Israel. It is NOTHING compared to the suffering of Sean Rigg who died in Brixton police station.."

Jody McIntyre suffers with cerebral palsy. The right wing press have a disdain for him as he is an activist, but they "hit hard" when they said he uses his illness as a cover, "because he climbed 9 stories of a building." (What they don't mention is that he was aided).

The fact is that he is admired as a great speaker and has a presence of mind to quell the most indecent questions put before him. He is part of an an group of young eloquent speakers and rappers, that have a big fan following in the UK and wider. That may be the very reason why he was targeted by the police as a "risk"

Is it an irony that the police said that they pulled him out of his own wheelchair, as they "assessed" that he may be at a danger from OTHER activists? His own brother is shown very clearly pushing him, and unable to to rally to his defence as he was pulled from his wheelchair by four policemen and dragged across a deserted main road.

This video is very blurry, and is just to remind us of the horror of what the police are capable of. There are other video's that you can clearly see Jody's brother in distress as his disabled brother is hit and beaten for the second .. Yes, the second time that day!

But as Jody McIntyre so eloquently says "It is NOTHING compared to the suffering of the Palestinian people!"

The General's Son

Miko Peled is a peace activist who dares to say in public what others still choose to deny.

Born in Jerusalem in 1961 into a well known Zionist family, his grandfather, Dr. Avraham Katsnelson was a Zionist leader and signer of the Israeli Declaration of Independence. His Father, Matti Peled, was a young officer in the war of 1948 and a general in the war of 1967 when Israel conquered the West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights and Sinai.

Miko's unlikely opinions reflect his father's legacy. General Peled was a war hero turned peacemaker. Miko grew up in Jerusalem, a multi-ethnic city, but had to leave Israel before he made his first Palestinian friend, the result of his participation in a dialogue group in California. He was 39.

On September 4, 1997 the beloved Smadar, 13, the daughter of Miko's sister Nurit and her husband Rami Elhanan was killed in a suicide attack.

Peled insists that Israel/Palestine is one state—the separation wall notwithstanding, massive investment in infrastructure, towns and highways that bisect and connect settlements on the West Bank, have destroyed the possibility for a viable Palestinian state. The result, Peled says is that Israelis and Palestinians are governed by the same government but live under different sets of laws.

At the heart of Peled's conclusion lies the realization that Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace as equals in their shared homeland.

Come Dance With Me

Several people have been forcibly arrested in Washington for dancing at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Among those held were RT America presenter Adam Kokesh, who talked to us live from Washington.

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Counter Revolution

Has Its Own Club

By Pepe Escobar

To follow Pepe's articles on the Great Arab Revolt, please click here.

They are a shish kebab of hereditary monarchies, emirates and outright theocracies. Most sit on oceans of oil (45% of the world's reserves). They are addicted to the West's glitter and glamour - from London to Monte Carlo, from the delicacies of Paris to the weaponized delicacies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO. They abhor democracy like they abhor poverty. Some would be glad to topple their own people - as indeed they do. And they view Shi'ite Iran as worse than the anti-Christ.

Welcome to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), formed in 1981 by top dog Saudi Arabia plus the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman. A more appropriate

denomination would be Gulf Counter-Revolutionary Council - or club; a Gulf club to end all golf clubs. As far as the GCC is concerned, the great 2011 Arab revolt will triumph over their (wealthy) dead bodies.

How can they be so sure? Republican dynasties as in Tunisia or Egypt may be toppled; Libya may be bombed to the Stone Age; Syria may be threatened. But nothing will happen to the GCC because the enlightened West - not Allah - is their supreme guardian.

New members welcome

It's instructive to note that those 3,000-plus bombing raids on Libya since NATO took over the war on March 31 were conducted mostly by monarchies (Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Qatar and the UAE), apart from republican France, and before that, via Africom, the United States.

Only a few hours before United States President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron were enjoying a special relationship barbecue this week, NATO was turning 19 Libyan civilians into, well, barbecue, and slightly roasting at least 130 others. The GCC merrily applauded.

The European Union (EU) and the GCC have issued a joint declaration forcing Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to go, not before handing over power to the Libyan Transitional National Council - which happens to be financed and armed exactly by NATO and the GCC.

Now the GCC has declared it would love the idea of Jordan joining the club - and the same applies to Morocco. As for Yemen - which has yearned to be a member since 1999 - forget it; it's not a monarchy, and "unstable" to boot, with al those unruly people protesting. The best the GCC can do is to allegedly "mediate" into what is in effect regime change - fully supported by the US and the EU.

Apart from tiny Oman, whose Sultan Qabus follows the Ibadi school, all GCC members are hardcore Sunnis. There are plenty of Jordanian "advisers" among the Bahraini/Saudi repression machine.

Jordan and Morocco may get to become GCC members not only because they're monarchies - but most of all because they hate Iran like the plague (even though they are not exactly located in the Persian Gulf.)

Jordan's King Playstation, sorry, Abdullah II, invented the murky concept of the "Shi'ite crescent" way back in 2004, a conspiracy according to which Shi'ites from Iran and Iraq to Lebanon and Syria would violently take over the Middle East. Morocco's King Muhammad VI for his part cut off diplomatic relations with Tehran in 2009.

The GCC's top moment of counter-revolutionary glory, so far, happened less than two days after US Defense Secretary Robert Gates left Bahrain - when Saudi Arabia, with a minor contribution from the UAE, invaded Bahrain in support of their cousins, the Sunni al-Khalifa dynasty, and against the overwhelming majority of the peaceful, protesting Bahraini population. The GCC's secretary general, Abdullatif al-Zayani, happens to be an al-Khalifa-aligned Bahraini.

There were no US, United Nations or EU sanctions, much less a NATO bombing spree to "celebrate" this invasion. Instead, earlier this week, EU foreign ministers slapped even more sanctions against Belarus, Iran, Libya and Syria. Not by accident all of them have been Washington targets for regime change, since the time of the neo-conservatives.

Let us play in your courtyard

Neo-colonial NATO and monarchic/theocratic GCC is a match made in weapons contractor heaven. The GCC will be incorporated into the global US missile shield system. Soon, there'll be that juicy $60 billion weapons deal with Saudi Arabia - the largest in American history.

Western idolatry practitioners that they are, GCC members also wanna have fun and be part of the real post-modern action - neo-colonial war. After all, NATO itself can be interpreted as a professional mercenary neo-colonial army, ready to intervene anywhere from Central Asia to Northern Africa.

Take Qatar. Qatar was the first country to recognize that dodgy bunch, the Libyan "rebels"; the first GCC member to supply NATO with French Mirage fighter jets and American C-17 Globemasters; it set up satellite Ahrar TV for the Transitional Council; showered them with MILAN missile launchers; and most of all immediately started to "supervise" oil exports from Cyrenaica.

The reward was inevitable; on April 14, Obama hosted the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, at the White House, and lavishly praised him for his "leadership" in promoting "democracy in the Middle East" - a reference to Qatar's role in Libya.

As for Salman al-Khalifa, the Crown Prince of Bahrain, on May 19 he glowingly posed for a photo-op on the steps of 10 Downing Street in London with Prime Minister Cameron, proving that slaughtering civilian, unarmed protesters and giving a green light for the House of Saud to invade his country was definitely good for business.

But no one beats the UAE in the deadly toy realm. President Nicolas Sarkozy opened France's first military base in the Middle East in Abu Dhabi. The UAE has sent fighter jets to NATO in Libya. They are a "troop-contributing nation" for NATO in Afghanistan. And they will be the first GCC and Arab nation to send an ambassador to NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Along with Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, the UAE is a member of one of NATO's myriad "partnerships" - the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative military partnership. Translation: NATO encroaching on the Persian Gulf, positioning itself to raise any amount of hell against Iran.

And then there's Zayed Military City; a secluded training camp in the desert for a secret army of mercenaries, to be deployed not only in the UAE but throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Off with their heads!

Milking the GCC's burning desire to outsource mercenaries; that's the latest high-value-added scam of former Navy SEALS and former Blackwater supremo Erik Prince (in 2009 Blackwater was rebranded Xe Services.)

It was in Abu Dhabi that Prince - through a joint venture called Reflex Responses - signed a first contract of $529 million on July 13, 2010, to deliver his services to "progressive" Sheik Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan. The idea was Zayed's.

The New York Times may have had its kicks depicting, in a May 14 story, Colombians entering the UAE posing as construction workers, with special visas stamped by the UAE's military intelligence branch, so they could clear customs and immigration with no questions asked; yes, Prince wants battalions of Colombian and Central American mercenaries; he won't recruit Muslims to kill their own cousins and be faced with malfunctioning units.

At least the paper pointed that Prince "is hoping to build an empire in the desert, far from the trial lawyers, congressional investigators and Justice Department officials" - without asking any hard questions about it.

The mercenary army's agenda contains everything one needs to know; they will be involved in special ops inside and outside the UAE; "urban combat"; the "securing of nuclear and radioactive materials"; "humanitarian missions" (?); the defense of oil pipelines and sleek glass towers from "terrorist attacks"; and most significant of all, "crowd-control operations", where the crowd "is not armed with firearms but does pose a risk using improvised weapons [clubs and stones]".

There it is, spelled out; internal repression all across the Persian Gulf, as against the sprawling labor camps housing tens of thousands of South Asian workers; or in case citizens of the UAE get the Bahrain pro-democracy fever. The excuse for all these ops could not be less original: the Iranian bogeyman, or "aggression".

Prince had always wanted Blackwater to be a mercenary army deployable anywhere in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. He even wanted the US Central Intelligence Agency to use it for global special ops - before the CIA decided to laser on drones as a more cost-effective method. Now Prince has a wealthy Sheikh - a Pentagon fan who's in favor of bombing Iran - to bankroll his ''vision''.

The first battalion boasts 580 mercenaries. Zayed's men have promised that if they prove themselves in a "real-world mission", the Emirate will pay Prince for a whole brigade of several thousand men, to the tune of billions of dollars. Prince could then move to his dream of a desert mercenary training complex modeled after Blackwater's compound in Moyock, North Carolina.

So expect another "House of Saud does Bahrain" scenario. Like the mercenary army beating to death Pakistanis, Nepalis, Bangladeshis and Filipinos who want better working conditions in the UAE.

Or expect covert special ops in Egypt and Tunisia to ensure their next governments align themselves with the US and the EU. Or expect boots on the ground in Libya to "provide humanitarian aid to civilians" (oops, that was two months ago; even Obama now says it's all about regime change).

Still, all those Libyan "oil facilities" must be in the safe hands of US and EU multinationals (and not Russian, Indian and Chinese). Still, Gaddafi's inner circle must be "neutralized". And still Libya must be kept subdued, according to the age-old imperial tenets of divide and rule.

So when the goin' gets tough, who you're gonna call? Definitely Xe Services' "innovative solutions", brought to you by Sheikh Zayed. No wonder the GCC club is the talk of the (counter-revolutionary) town.

The Enemy's Name

Behind the Arab Revolt Is a Word We Dare Not Speak

By John Pilger

Shortly after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, I interviewed Ray McGovern, one of an elite group of CIA officers who prepared the President’s daily intelligence brief. McGovern was at the apex of the "national security" monolith that is American power and had retired with presidential plaudits. On the eve of the invasion, he and 45 other senior officers of the CIA and other intelligence agencies wrote to President George W. Bush that the "drumbeat for war" was based not on intelligence, but lies.

"It was 95 per cent charade," McGovern told me.

"How did they get away with it?"

"The press allowed the crazies to get away with it."

"Who are the crazies?"

"The people running the administrations have a set of beliefs a lot like those expressed in Mein Kampf … these are the same people who were referred to in the circles in which I moved, at the top, as ‘the crazies’."

I said, "Norman Mailer has written that he believes America has entered a pre-fascist state. What’s your view of that?"

"Well … I hope he’s right, because there are others saying we are already in a fascist mode."

On 22 January, Ray McGovern emailed me to express his disgust at the Obama administration’s barbaric treatment of the alleged whistleblower Bradley Manning and its pursuit of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. "Way back when George and Tony decided it might be fun to attack Iraq," he wrote, "I said something to the effect that fascism had already begun here. I have to admit I did not think it would get this bad this quickly."

On 16 February, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech at George Washington University in which she condemned governments that arrested protesters and crushed free expression. She lauded the liberating power of the Internet while failing to mention that her government was planning to close down those parts of the Internet that encouraged dissent and truth-telling. It was a speech of spectacular hypocrisy, and Ray McGovern was in the audience. Outraged, he rose from his chair and silently turned his back on Clinton. He was immediately seized by police and a security goon and beaten to the floor, dragged out and thrown into jail, bleeding. He has sent me photographs of his injuries. He is 71. During the assault, which was clearly visible to Clinton, she did not pause in her remarks.

Fascism is a difficult word, because it comes with an iconography that touches the Nazi nerve and is abused as propaganda against America’s official enemies and to promote the West’s foreign adventures with a moral vocabulary written in the struggle against Hitler. And yet fascism and imperialism are twins. In the aftermath of world war two, those in the imperial states who had made respectable the racial and cultural superiority of "western civilization," found that Hitler and fascism had claimed the same, employing strikingly similar methods. Thereafter, the very notion of American imperialism was swept from the textbooks and popular culture of an imperial nation forged on the genocidal conquest of its native people. And a war on social justice and democracy became "US foreign policy."

As the Washington historian William Blum has documented, since 1945, the US has destroyed or subverted more than 50 governments, many of them democracies, and used mass murderers like Suharto, Mobutu and Pinochet to dominate by proxy. In the Middle East, every dictatorship and pseudo-monarchy has been sustained by America. In "Operation Cyclone," the CIA and MI6 secretly fostered and bankrolled Islamic extremism. The object was to smash or deter nationalism and democracy. The victims of this western state terrorism have been mostly Muslims. The courageous people gunned down recently in Bahrain and Libya, the latter a "priority UK market," according to Britain’s official arms "procurers," join those children blown to bits in Gaza by the latest American F-16 aircraft.

The revolt in the Arab world is not merely against a resident dictator but a worldwide economic tyranny designed by the US Treasury and imposed by the US Agency for International Development, the IMF and World Bank, which have ensured that rich countries like Egypt are reduced to vast sweatshops, with half the population earning less than $2 a day. The people’s triumph in Cairo was the first blow against what Benito Mussolini called corporatism, a word that appears in his definition of fascism.

How did such extremism take hold in the liberal West? "It is necessary to destroy hope, idealism, solidarity, and concern for the poor and oppressed," observed Noam Chomsky a generation ago, "[and] to replace these dangerous feelings with self-centered egoism, a pervasive cynicism that holds that [an order of] inequities and oppression is the best that can be achieved. In fact, a great international propaganda campaign is under way to convince people – particularly young people – that this not only is what they should feel but that it’s what they do feel."

Like the European revolutions of 1848 and the uprising against Stalinism in 1989, the Arab revolt has rejected fear. An insurrection of suppressed ideas, hope and solidarity has begun. In the United States, where 45 per cent of young African-Americans have no jobs and the top hedge fund managers are paid, on average, a billion dollars a year, mass protests against cuts in services and jobs have spread to heartland states like Wisconsin. In Britain, the fastest-growing modern protest movement, UK Uncut, is about to take direct action against tax-avoiders and rapacious banks. Something has changed that cannot be unchanged. The enemy has a name now.

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Reservation Welcome

The United States is one big reservation, and we are all in it. So says Russell Means, legendary actor, political activist and leader for the American Indian Movement. Means led the 1972 seizure of the Bureau of Indian Affairs headquarters in Washington, D.C., and in 1973 led a standoff at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, a response to the massacre of at least 150 Lakotah men, women, and children by the U.S. Seventh Cavalry at a camp near Wounded Knee Creek.

American Indian Russell Means gives an eye-opening 90 minute interview in which he explains how Native Americans and Americans in general are all imprisoned within one huge reservation. Means is a leader for the Republic of Lakotah, a movement that has declared its independence from the United States and refused to recognize the authority of presidents or governments, withdrawing from treaties it made with the federal government and defining its borders which cover thousands of square miles in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana.

Means explains how American Indians have been enslaved within de facto prisoner of war camps as a result of the federal government's restriction of their food supply and the application of colonial tactics, a process that has now also been inflicted on the United States as a whole which has turned into, "one huge Indian reservation," according to Means.

Means warns that Americans have lost the ability of critical though, and with each successive generation become more irresponsible and as a consequence less free, disregarding a near-perfect document, the US Constitution, which was essentially copied from the constitution of the Irequois Nation. Means chronicles the loss of freedom from the 1840's onwards, which marked the birth of the corporation, to Lincoln's declaration of martial law, to the latter part of the 19th century and into the 20th when Congress "started giving banks the right to rule," and private banking interests began printing the money.

The West Bank

Is Occupied Territory
And Israel Has No Right To Annex ANY PART OF THAT!

Income Inequality

And Ignorance Thereof

Haha! You live in a ghetto, and think it's a middle class ghetto. Has all critical thinking stopped in the US ? So if you lived in a tent, would it be a middle class tent? Are the homeless middle class too? It's a tagedy, but I can't help laughing.


BDS explained - DID YOU KNOW? updated 12May11 from Sonja Karkar on Vimeo.

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Part One

Part Two

Part Three


Website http://www.cpusa.org/.

Join http://www.cpusa.org/join-us

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Class Dismissed

How TV frames the working class


The first two photos are Iraqi female students in 1963-1964; the third photo is Iraqi
female students in 2006. In other words the Iraqi women before and after "liberation"

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Mask of Zion II

Operation Phantasmagoria II: Gaza and Al-Quds, Linked In Blood

by Jonathan Azaziah

Beneath the "mask of Zion,"
there is nothing but darkness,
evil and crimes against

Prelude: In Part I, the hasbara behind the March 11th murders on the illegal Zionist settlement of Itamar was thoroughly debunked, absolving Palestinians of all wrongdoing and presenting evidence for Israeli orchestration of the slaying of the Fogel family as well as displaying in detail that Zionism benefitted greatly from the crime. Operation Phantasmagoria now moves to the holy city of al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the besieged ghetto-prison of Gaza, in a convergence of false flags, white phosphorus and innocent blood...

Shadow War Phase II: Bombing In Al-Quds

On March 23rd, a “bomb” rocked a crowded bus stop in Zionist-occupied al-Quds, killing a 60-year old woman and wounding over 30 others; the first of its kind in over 6 years. Though no Palestinian Resistance group claimed responsibility for the attack, the delusional, antagonistic and deeply misleading Zionist media immediately blamed Palestinians. Hundreds of (ultra-racist) ultra-Orthodox Zionist extremists marched on ethnically cleansed land in al-Quds and chanted, “death to the Arabs!” and demanded “retribution,” though, again, there was no evidence that “Arabs” had anything to do with what had taken place (1).

This fundamentally racist and deep-rooted flaw within Israeli society provided picture-perfect groundwork for Tel Aviv to initiate an assault in subsequence. Talmudically-derived Zionist bloodlust: the buoy that has kept Israel afloat, functioning as a “state” for 63 years. Following this pattern of bloodlust to the letter, mass murdering war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu went on the record to state that the Zionist entity would respond “aggressively, responsibly and wisely to preserve the quiet and security that has prevailed here over the past two years,” and also, “we are very determined to strike at the terrorist elements and deny them the means of attacking our citizens (2).”

Israel is one of the most militarized and security-laden “states” on planet earth, with cameras located even in confiscated religious sites in occupied al-Quds (3). With that said, its expertly-trained and intel-obsessed police in Jerusalem didn’t have a single “terror” alert in the city or any other nearby city for that matter on the day in question (4). Not only did this bomb go off at the very entrance of occupied al-Quds, one of the holy city’s busiest sections, it went off near several government ministries (5), which are perpetually swarming with agents and operatives of Mossad, Shin Bet, IOF and Aman. As was the case with the Itamar killings, it is not only of the loftiest implausibility that Palestinians planted this bomb in al-Quds; it is impossible and quite firm in its blatant impossibility. The Jerusalem bus stop bombing was a Mossad false flag (6), engineered as a key progression in the “Phantasmagoria” project.

Zionist security officials fleetingly attempted to convince the world that the device that shook al-Quds was homemade and weighed a minuscule four pounds (7), but it was nothing of the sort and their pathetic hasbara-ridden narrative crumbled rather quickly. Firstly, the device was remote-controlled (8), solidifying beyond a shadow of a doubt that the device was produced by Israeli intelligence; it is the bonafide signature of Zionism. Mossad and Aman have used remote-controlled explosive devices, most notably IEDs and car bombs, to utterly devastate Iraq and transform it into what it is now: an occupied wasteland. It has become an occupied wasteland largely due to the car bomb warfare inflicted upon it by the Zionist entity (9).

Secondly, as confirmed by Israeli police and multiple eyewitnesses, the explosive device was delivered in a suitcase (10), another signature that leads straight to Zionism. Israeli intelligence assets have used the suitcase bomb in London during the Hindawi Affair, in Kenya during the operation at the Kikambala Hotel, in multiple operations led by long-hidden Zionist agent Abu Nidal, in peak-level paramilitary ventures and assassinations across the Middle East, in the infamous Lockerbie bombing which has been repeatedly invoked by the Zionist media throughout its coverage on the criminal war now being waged against Libya (11), in Houston during a failed false flag operation at an oil refinery and in the 1993 Bombay terror attacks that have been exposed as a Mossad-RAW operation (12). The suitcase bomb is the very representation of Mossad’s motto, “by way of deception, thou shalt wage war.” It is efficient in its bloodshed, easily deliverable, easily concealed and it is undetectable to those unfamiliar with Mossad’s methods.

The stage had been set. Making good on his promise to “respond aggressively,” Benjamin Netanyahu sent his warplanes, fully paid for by the United States, the Zionist entity’s favorite lapdog, into the besieged Gaza Strip just hours after Mossad’s remote-controlled suitcase bomb detonated in occupied al-Quds. Multiple airstrikes were launched (13), once again bringing terror to 800,000 starving Palestinian children that call Gaza their home. Meanwhile, the Zionist security authorities in Jerusalem claim that they are “hunting down” the perpetrators of the “terror” attack (14). Well. It is certain that they will be “hunting” forever, since they will never look in the offices of the Israeli prime minister, or the offices of the directors of Shin Bet, Aman and Mossad.

Besieged Gaza: The March Massacre

Mossad’s false flag in occupied al-Quds was designed to once again generate international sympathy for the Zionist entity which is incessantly (and despicably) barking in its media organizations to portray itself as a victim, and to give credence to any future attack it may launch in illegally besieged Gaza. Multiple world leaders, or, more appropriately titled, stooges of the Israeli apartheid state, condemned the attack, but it was darling of the Zionist Lobby Hillary Clinton that spoke in the most thunderous manner, “Terrorism and the targeting of civilians are never justified. And Israel, like all nations, of course, has to respond when this occurs. The United States is committed to Israel’s security and we strongly condemn this violence and extend our deepest sympathies to all those affected (15).” As usual, Tel Aviv’s terrorism against innocent Palestinians is conveniently left out of the equation.

The usurping entity would like the public to believe that its recent attacks on illegally besieged Gaza began on March 23rd, when the suitcase bomb detonated in occupied al-Quds. This however, like all other scenarios regarding Palestine that are presented in the Zionist-owned mainstream media, is a fallacy; an atrocious fallacy.

The aggression against Gaza, which has been routine since the genocide of Operation Cast Lead, actually began 21 days prior on March 2nd when the Israeli Navy engaged in one of its favorite hobbies, shooting at Palestinian fishing boats. This criminality was followed by IOF tanks and bulldozers invading the southern Strip to demolish farmlands and fire live ammunition on Palestinian families (16). Two days later, Tel Aviv sent its warplanes into the Strip in the early morning hours and targeted a car in An-Nusseirat Refugee Camp, spreading terror amongst men, women and children, but once again no injuries or deaths were reported (17).

Two more days passed, and Israel’s terror began anew as Zionist F-16s assaulted the Strip, conducting multiple airstrikes in several Gaza City neighborhoods and Central Gaza. Homes, warehouses, schools and mosques were damaged in the assault, but no Palestinians were hurt or murdered (18). The new attacks came in response to Hamas’ protest of the Zionist entity closing al-Muntar (Karni) Crossing, the main commercial crossing between Gaza and what is now known as “Israel.” The closing of al-Muntar adds another layer to the already inhumane and crippling siege afflicting the people of the Strip (19). Zionism was upset that its additional collective punishment was resisted and not submissively accepted.

The following day, the laundry list of Israeli war crimes against the besieged Strip literally got a little longer as the Zionist entity announced its near completion of the first phase of the illegal electric fence it is building on the Egypt-Gaza border (20). The newest barbed wire monstrosity tightens Israel’s iron grip even more on the suffering Palestinian population of Gaza, and is, by itself, a war crime and a crime against humanity. Tensions were rising exponentially in the Strip as Palestinian truckers started staging mass demonstrations on March 9th against the closure of al-Muntar Crossing and demanding its immediate opening. They were also demanding a response from the Hamas government to the latest Israeli attack on whatever was left of their livelihood (21).

On March 10th, it was revealed that the Zionist regime had abducted 42-year old Dirar Abu Sisi, a Palestinian father of six from besieged Gaza, while he was in the Ukraine inquiring about citizenship in late February (22). Shin Bet, notorious for torturing and fabricating evidence against those who resist Israel’s militarism, tyranny and occupation, has filed an indictment against Abu Sisi, labeling him the “rocket godfather” of Hamas (23).

This, as expected, is a gross lie of monumental proportions and a malicious slander against the 42-year old husband and father, who isn’t a member of Hamas in any way, shape or form. And, also as expected, it is now known that Dirar Abu Sisi has been mercilessly tortured by Shin Bet and he remains imprisoned, in solitary confinement, consistently (and pointlessly) interrogated by agents of Shin Bet and Mossad (24). The real reason behind Abu Sisi’s kidnaping, imprisonment and torture is his job. He’s the senior official at Gaza’s lone power plant and has brilliantly uncovered a way to engineer a switch in the fuel sources of the plant in defiance of the criminal Zionist siege (25). Abu Sisi’s wife Veronica stated clearly that Mossad kidnaped her husband to sabotage his plans and to cripple the plant, therefore crippling the Palestinian people (26). Not even abroad are Palestinians safe from the deadly reach of Zionist intelligence.

March 16th was a day drenched in blood. The Zionist entity began its aggression early in the morning by air, assassinating two fighters from al-Qassam Brigades, 25-year old Ghassan Fathi Abu Omar and 23-year old Adnan Yousef Eshtewy and wounding two others (27). The aggression continued throughout the afternoon with incessant firing from gunboats on Gaza’s fisherman, as several fishing boats were hit and one Palestinian was wounded (28). Palestinians in eastern Gaza City couldn’t even sleep as the bombardment continued in the evening with IOF tanks shelling a cemetery (29).

An uneasy calm prevailed in the Strip for 3 days, minus the everyday buzzing of Zionist drones, and the aggression came to life again as the illegitimate Israeli state heavily bombed and shelled Gaza on Saturday, March 19th. 5 Palestinians were wounded, including a 3-year old child, when Israeli tank shells struck eastern Gaza City. Missiles from Zionist warplanes struck homes, mosques and tank shells blasted Gaza International Airport. Finally, the Resistance fired homemade shells, that cannot be aimed, that more often than not land in empty desert lands or abandoned areas, and often do not explode, into ethnically cleansed Palestine in retaliation against Israel’s terror raining down upon Gaza’s citizens (30). No Israelis were hurt or killed, and no “residence” incurred any damage.

Zionist missiles continued to be fired from F-16s and Zionist shells IOF tanks continued to scorch the Strip into Saturday evening, and around 9:30 pm local time in occupied Palestine, Israeli tanks pounded a civilian neighborhood in Johr al-Deek and murdered two Palestinian children. 14-year old Imad Farajullah and 16-year old Qasem Abu Eteiwi died on impact (31). But the Zionist entity’s March Massacre didn’t stop here.

On March 22nd, as a group of Palestinian children were playing soccer (32), the Israeli army tank blasted five artillery shells into the home of Fayiq al-Hilo, and slaughtered four innocent civilians, the youngest of which being 11-year old Muhammad al-Hilo. Ten Palestinians were wounded in the assault, many of them with wounds so serious they needed amputations to save their lives. 19 Palestinians were wounded for the day by multiple IAF airstrikes and non-stop IOF shelling, including 7 children and 2 women (33). Drones entered the frame and fired a plethora of missiles into Gaza City, wounding a fighter from al-Qassam Brigades and the IAF continued its brutal raids, assassinating four Qassam fighters and leaving another brave soul in an intensive care unit. Tuesday’s body count was 9 Palestinians, including 3 children (34). The Zionist entity never ceases to push its cowardice to new peaks; add soccer to Zionism’s list of “existential threats.”

The escalation continued two days later as Zionism targeted a fighter from the Salah ad-Din Brigades and narrowly missed, destroying several buildings in the process. Additional Zionist air raids wounded two more Palestinian civilians in the Beit Lahia district of northern Gaza. The Resistance responded by launching 3 homemade shells at the illegal Karmiya settlement (35). As the casualties continued to rise, and the bodies of Palestinian innocents continued to stack up, what does the “liberal” Zionist war criminal Tzipi Livni do? She calls for more shedding of innocent blood by suggesting that Israel should initiate a second round of Operation Cast Lead, the Israeli ethnic cleansing operation that wiped 1,440 Palestinians off of the map, including 431 children (36). This, more so than anything else, fully exemplifies how bloodthirsty Zionism is.

Before the chapter of the March Massacre came to a close however, Zionism destroyed al-Sattar Factory, which produces various sodas for the besieged Gaza citizenry (37), assassinated two fighters from al-Quds Brigades, Islamic Jihad’s armed wing, in Jabalia, just hours after all of the Resistance factions in Gaza stated (for the umpteenth time) that they will commit to a ceasefire if the Zionist entity stops its mass murder (38), and one day after the family of 11-year old wrestling fan Muhammad al-Hilo mourned their fallen child (39), barbaric Israeli air raids shook the Strip, assassinating another al-Quds fighter and critically wounded another as they made their way to morning prayers (40). Morning prayers have long been on the Zionist list of “existential threats,” as evidenced by the infamous martyring of Hamas founder and Resistance giant Sheikh Ahmed Yassin when IAF launched a missile at him as he was leaving a Gaza City Mosque in his wheelchair after Fajr (41). Ultimately, March saw 16 Palestinians, including children and the elderly, meet their demise at the hands of Israeli occupiers (42).

Besieged Gaza: April Atrocities

Still reeling from the brutality inflicted across the Strip in March, the Palestinians of besieged Gaza did not receive a break, did not receive any rest, did not receive any mercy from the Zionist entity in April. Gaza was pounded by the illegitimate Israeli state’s warplanes on April 2nd in a joint operation coordinated by the Zionist military and Shin Bet. Three Palestinians from al-Qassam Brigades were assassinated in the strikes, their bodies badly mutilated due to the sheer force of the blast (43). The 3-day uneasy calm was unhinged when Zionist occupiers gunned down an unarmed Palestinian man in the dreaded “buffer zone,” a strip of land imposed on the Palestinians of Gaza by Israel which the entity uses to shoot Palestinians at will. The Zionist buffer zone has rendered 30% of Gaza’s agricultural land useless (44).

The following day, only hours after hundreds of Palestinian children gathered on al-Saraya Street in the middle of Gaza City to plead with the “international community” for protection against Israel’s aggression (45), the Strip was hammered again. 4 Palestinians were wounded in multiple Zionist air raids, including 2 women, one of whom was pregnant. Homes were destroyed and a plastics factory that provides work to many Palestinians was damaged in the assault (46).

The calls of Gaza’s children fell on dear ears however, as the international community of cowards and hypocrites watched Tel Aviv bomb on. Not even 24 hours after the “heroic” Israeli army targeted a pregnant woman, F-16s ripped through the southern Strip, spreading terror through residential areas and leaving one Palestinian wounded (47). More than a month of murder and mayhem, and the Palestinians of besieged Gaza still had not been hit by Israel’s worst; still had not been hit by Israel’s most brutal; Israel’s most animalistic. What was about to follow would be the most drastic Zionist escalation in Gaza since Operation Cast Lead.

As April 7th swallowed April 6th, dawn passed and the morning rolled forward, the Resistance of Gaza, led by Hamas, responded to the Zionist entity’s assassinations of its fighters and brutalization of its citizenry with multiple mortar shells against an illegal Israeli settlement. The Resistance reported that two illegal Israeli settlers were wounded when one of its shells had struck a bus on a road that is frequented by Zionist occupation forces (48).

Israel’s media however, notoriously known for manufacturing malevolent hasbara and outright lies to justify illegal Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people and those who stand with them (49), stated that a 16-year old boy was critically wounded and hospitalized by the Hamas response, additionally adding that the boy was “hysterical” and that the target hit was a school bus, not just a commuter bus. Israeli Defense Minister (and war criminal) Ehud Barak thunderously called for Tel Aviv to carry out a “swift retaliation.”

What is most odd about this particular piece of hasbara is that the Zionist papers reported that the bus was “nearly empty,” and what is even more odd, is that it didn’t quote anyone in the military to substantiate this information like it normally does, instead choosing to ambiguously cite “Israeli sources (50).” Is there any evidence that a 16-year old boy was “critically wounded” by fire from the Gaza Resistance? No, and even if the story has some truth to it, the supremacist (and overall, ridiculous) undertone invalidates its seriousness. The reason for manufacturing this morsel of hasbara? To drop more bombs on the Strip.

Ehud Barak’s orders of “swift retaliation” were carried out mercilessly by the IOF war machine in a sustained campaign of bombardment. Over the course of 24 hours, from April 8th at noon to April 9th at noon, 14 Palestinians were slaughtered and dozens of others, mostly women, children and elderly, were badly wounded by Zionist tank shells and air strikes that rocked the Gaza Strip to its very core (51). Paramedics and ambulances were deliberately targeted by IOF (52), a Zionist shell wrecked a water tank in eastern Gaza City, forcing municipality officials to shut down the water pumps to prevent residents from drinking contamination (53), and the Zionist entity once again unleashed internationally banned chemical weapons on Gaza (54), including the dreaded white phosphorus (55).

The usurping regime’s brutality continued despite the Resistance unequivocally calling for a ceasefire, again (56), and by the time the killing was over, 19 Palestinians had been martyred, including women, elderly and children, and more than 60 were wounded (57). IOF’s assault was as tragic as it was barbarous. 21-year old Nidal Qdeih, who was murdered alongside her 45-year old mother Najah when a Zionist missile struck their home in al-Faraheen, was preparing for her wedding the following week (58). This is Zionism’s foundational essence: destruction of lives, destruction of families, destruction of love, compassion and humanity; spreading fear wherever it finds an opening.

The Zionist entity would launch mock air raids over the Strip just a few days after the massacre (59), to humiliate Hamas and the other Resistance factions and to remind Gaza’s population that another stream of devastation could happen at any moment. The everyday violations of Gaza’s dignity would succeed the mock raids, with Israeli forces firing on fishermen, shooting at homes and destroying agricultural land (60), solidifying that Palestinian life in the largest open air prison on earth had returned from “in hell” to the status quo of besieged.

Conclusion: The Crippling of Hamas

On April 27th, 2011, an event took place that took all analysts from the side of the oppressed and the side of the oppressor, solidarity activists and average observers by surprise; gargantuan surprise. Hamas, the Islamic Resistance of Gaza, had agreed to a “reconciliation” deal with the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority (PA), a collaborationist entity thoroughly dominated by Fatah. The basis of this deal was a new “unity” government (61). Right as the shock began to wear off and the abyssal skepticism of the deal even coming to fruition started to set in, another gargantuan surprise emerged: the Resistance and the collaborators actually signed the deal (62). Though many questions about this deal were immediately asked, there was only one question that had any meaning, any significance: would this new “unity” government collaborate with Tel Aviv as the PA has for years and years now (63)?

Israeli occupation forces issued an answer to the question soon enough, with a senior official calling the unity deal “fiction.” The official would also state that, “the security officers I have spoken to over the past week have said that it changes nothing for them. It is business as usual for the Palestinian Authority's security forces (64).” Saeb Erekat, the PA’s chief “negotiator” for the peace process sham, confirmed the Israeli official’s observations, commenting in no uncertain terms, “Security coordination with the Israelis and defining the meaning of security coordination, in accordance with the agreements, they will continue (65).” The Zionist entity is officially at war with Hamas, and vice versa, so how can Hamas partake in the everyday affairs of a government that, by aforementioned PA and IOF admission, it is at war with?

A future piece in this series will deal with this issue as well as the fraudulence of the “reconciliation” deal in rigorous detail. At the moment though, another question, in relation to this piece, is much more pressing and relevant. What would cause Hamas, a Resistance organization by design, definition and action, to bow down to the dominion of the entity it refused to ever recognize and sign a deal with its armed wing of collaborators and traitors? The PA has blocked Israeli releases of Palestinian prisoners, formed backstage committees to block real unity at every angle, murdered Palestinian innocents and boasted about it to its American paymasters and accepted billions of dollars from the Zionist-occupied regimes in the US and EU (66), how can Hamas “unify” with these thugs?

It is the opinion of this writer that Hamas did not do so on its own free volition, but that it did so after being broken down by the Zionist entity. It is the only explanation for such a lapse in dignity and principle from an organization that swept the 2006 elections in the besieged Gaza Strip because their commitment to resisting Israeli occupation was genuine (67). Led by Zionist war criminal Elliot Abrams, the Bush administration attempted to stage a coup d'etat by funding what was essentially a Palestinian mercenary faction led by PA official Muhammad Dahlan. The plan was to wipe out the Islamic Resistance once and for all and re-install Fatah as the controlling faction in the Strip. However, the plan failed miserably, and with Hamas’ survival, it gained greater respect in the eyes of the people, despite the bloody 5-day civil war that ensued (68).

But with the ever-tightening all-out siege imposed on the 1.5 million residents of Gaza bearing down on its proverbial neck, Hamas seemed to weaken a little more everyday, despite public showings of strength and solidarity. Israel’s genocidal Operation Cast Lead was the penultimate shot before the knockout, and every one of the 1,440 Palestinians murdered undoubtedly haunted the Hamas leadership on a daily basis. Their sacrifices, the 431 children in particular, undoubtedly continue to do so. Hence why Resistance leader Khaled Mish'al attempted to “legitimize” Hamas’ ambitions and positions in the eyes of the pathetic “international community” after Cast Lead (69).

Simultaneously, it continued with its Resistance, but despite its best efforts to repel Zionism’s aggression, Hamas has been unable to end its people’s suffering, unable to end the siege, unable to defeat the occupation. And with the PA pushing towards a September date for the UN to recognize a Palestinian state (70), which is really nothing more than a carved-up Zionist-controlled Palestinian bantustan, it is seemingly clear that Tel Aviv gambled by trying to back Hamas into a corner and the gamble paid off.

The nonstop and murderous Israeli aggression against Gaza that began in early March and didn’t end until mid-April was the knockout blow. The Zionist regime used its false flag attack in occupied al-Quds to link the two Palestinian ghettos in blood and prepare them for the international legitimacy of Israel’s apartheid and occupation in September. This is the essence of Operation Phantasmagoria; putting a “mask of Zion” on oppression, dispossession, humiliation and murder to make it look like hope and progress. Like all Resistance movements, Hamas must make a decision that will not only determine its own fate, but the fate of the people it is resisting for. It must choose between resisting until liberation or succumbing to the pressure of the oppressor and submitting to subjugation. Unfortunately, this “unity” deal seems to have led Hamas down the road of the latter. For occupied Palestine’s sake, let’s hope, that what seems, is wrong.

~ End Of Part II ~


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Monday, May 23, 2011

Terror War A Fraud

Not Meant To Be Won But Continuous

Osama bin Laden was just a figure head. He was just a person. Well known to the bush family.. and an actor. There is No terror from outside.. The terrorist is the government within.

Speaking of figure heads - Here comes one now

Obama Warns Not To Challenge
Fancyfull Official 9/11 Story

US President Barack Obama defends the official 9/11 story with "These are not opinions to be debated, these are facts to be dealt with." Seems that was heard before. Let's see - who said it?

Always ask yourself why someone wants you to believe what they tell you. John Dillinger, a famous honest bank robber, was asked why he robbed banks and replied "Because that's where the money is". Ring a bell?

Mask of Zion I

Operation Phantasmagoria I: Israel’s New Shadow War On Palestine

by Jonathan Azaziah

Prelude: This is the first of a 7-part series dealing with the recent oddities that have occurred throughout occupied Palestine and the Arab/Muslim world as a whole. These oddities are not rooted in randomness. They are carefully staged events that will have a catastrophic effect not only on Palestine itself, but the entire region. And so it begins...

As your everyday existence commences as it always does, you swear on all that you know that this existence is real. You swear that it feels real. Looks real. Tastes real. Smells real. You swear that everything that is embedded in your memory bank is rooted in fact and everything that unfolds around you on a political, financial and spiritual level is as exactly as you are told it is.

There is one simple discrepancy with what you have sworn upon; with your existence. It is not, in any sense of the word, classically or metaphorically, real. The appearance, the taste, the smell and the touch are all false. The facts are lies. And your reality is actually a well-structured fantasy centered around emotive occurrences based on reactionary paradigms, anomalous theories that leave gaping holes in the entirety of “oppressed versus oppressor” history and good, old-fashioned nonsensical tripe constantly bombarding your psyche through the Western cultural intelligence-killing apparatus known as mass media, specifically the television. Your existence is solely comprised of phantasmagoria.

A never-ending dream state, where imaginary images birthed from gross delusion flourish. The flourishing increases substantially as the delusions enter deeper realms of the perverse and the insane. The phantasmagoria that has engulfed you is the norm for a political climate where truths are burned, dissent is murdered and free-thinking is suppressed. And there is nothing more phantasmagoric than the global aura surrounding the usurping, supremacist, terrorist entity known as Israel, which claims to be the Middle East’s “only democracy,” a phrase that in and of itself is phantasmagoric.

To the majority of the world’s population, the Palestinian Nakba is a myth, as are all of the subsequent massacres that followed, the genocides in Lebanon (2006) and Gaza (2008-09) never happened, Zionist involvement in the destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya is a baseless, conspiratorial amalgam of gobbledegook, the occupations of Palestine, Lebanon and Syria are justified, Israel’s false flag operations are nothing but anti-Semitic delusions and any questioning of the historical events taking place before, during or after World War II, the “Holocaust” in particular, is a hate crime and the questioner should be subject to imprisonment. Welcome to the world that you swore was a reality.

Due to the very essence that Israel has shrouded the globe with, it has mastered every degree of phantasmagoria and its utterly devastating manipulative capabilities. It is now engaging in what can be considered a psychological warfare adventure of mammoth proportions, “Operation Phantasmagoria,” in response to the shift in global opinion as of recent after multiple blood-drenched crimes committed by the Zionist entity with a lack of remorse coupled with the utmost arrogance.

Phantasmagoria’s Beginnings

Ehud Barak himself, Israel’s former prime minister, current defense minister, war criminal, mass murderer and key asset to the false flag attack on 9/11 has admitted that the Zionist entity needs a “daring and assertive political initiative” to free it from international isolation. This proposal was announced at the “Forum of 7,” a high-level meeting within the Israeli government between senior ministers and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The meeting was held just two weeks after the murderous attack on the Freedom Flotilla that left 9 unarmed solidarity activists dead and over 50 others badly wounded. The initiative’s intent was to “prevent phenomena like the flotillas to the Gaza Strip and international investigations (1);” essentially, it is yet another “mask of Zion” that Israel will wear to hide its hideous face and criminal nature from the world.

What the Zionist Defense Minister means however, isn’t an end to Israel’s everyday affairs of international terrorism, country-to-country subversion and its obligatory oppression of the Palestinian people, but a change in approach. Reforms to the methodology that Zionism has operated with since the genocidal apartheid state of Israel was created in 1948 on the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians and the brutal colonization of Palestine. Better, more efficient ways of covering up its mayhem. Before continuing with this theme, some key facts need to be illuminated:

Iain John Hook: shot by an IOF sniper in occupied Jenin in November 2002; IOF denied an ambulance entry into Jenin to take Hook to the hospital and treat his wounds, and Hook later died from the gunshots (2). Rachel Corrie: crushed to death by an IOF bulldozer in illegally besieged Gaza in March 2003 for trying to prevent a Palestinian home from being demolished by the aforesaid bulldozer (3). Brian Avery: shot in the face by IOF in occupied Jenin in April 2003 and permanently disfigured for trying to escort Palestinian medical personnel across the street (4). Thomas Hurndall: shot in the head by IOF in besieged Gaza in April 2003, just days after Avery was disfigured, for peacefully protesting against IOF’s tank raids in the Strip; Hurndall died of brain damage 9 months later (5).

Iman Darwish al-Hams: shot 17 times by IOF, including several bullets fired into her as her body lay on the ground bleeding to death, in Rafah, southern Gaza in October 2004 for absolutely no reason; Iman was 13 years old (6). Lebanon, summer 2006: over 1,300 Lebanese men, women and children slaughtered by the Zionist entity with cluster bombs, white phosphorus and depleted uranium under the guise of combating “terrorism (7).” Occupied Gaza, December 2008-January 2009: at least 1,440 Palestinian civilians, including 431 children and 114 women, slaughtered by the Zionist entity with white phosphorus, depleted uranium and other internationally banned chemical weapons under the guise of combating “terrorism (8).”

Tristan Anderson: shot in the head by IOF with a high-velocity tear gas canister at a peaceful protest in Ni’lin in March 2009; he sustained heavy brain damage from the attack and remains in critical condition to this day (9). Bassem Abu Rahmah: murdered by IOF at a peaceful protest in Bil’in in April 2009 with a projectile known as “the rocket (10).” Jawaher Abu Rahmah: suffocated to death by Israeli tear gas after occupation soldiers fired upon another peaceful protest in occupied Bil’in in January 2010; Jawaher was the sister of Bassem (11).

Emily Henochowicz: shot in the face by IOF with a tear gas canister at a peaceful protest in the Qalandiya refugee camp in May 2010; she lost her left eye (12). The aforementioned Freedom Flotilla: 9 unarmed peace activists brutally gunned down by Zionist commandoes descending on the humanitarian ship from the sky as they made their way to illegally besieged Gaza to deliver food, medical supplies, construction materials and children’s toys, on the same day Emily was shot; the activists were shot at close range, in the back and in one instance, upwards of 30 times (13).

There are two common denominators with all of the martyrs named: A) they were peaceful and unarmed internationals or civilians; and B) the Zionist entity’s face can be seen laughing and smiling at each and every murder; the Zionist fingerprints can be seen all over each crime scene, immersed in innocent blood. Not even the world’s leading mass murder organization, the Israeli intelligence agency known as Mossad, an outfit known for its secrecy could spare itself from engaging in the gleeful “Wild West” style murder spree that Israel was engaging in. Just 2 weeks after the disgraceful murder of Jawaher Abu Rahmah, Mossad blatantly carried out the illegal assassination of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai (14). Mabhouh was at the top of the Mossad’s hitlist (15).

The rivers of blood spilled by the usurping Zionist entity since the murder of UNRWA project manager Iain Hook in 2002, coupled with the major victories of the BDS movement in recent weeks over Zionist companies Ahava and Veolia (16), have exposed the hideousness of Zionism to the world like never before. It is for this reason, that Operation Phantasmagoria was initiated by the upper echelons of Zion’s leadership. And now, a return to the original point. Israel desires to continue spilling the blood of its enemies (those who long for peace, truth, equality and justice), but it wants to do so from the shadows, as it did prior to the newly adopted and arrogant openness. From the occupied West Bank, to occupied al-Quds, to besieged Gaza, to the very borders of the Arab World itself, a shadow war has begun.

Shadow War Phase I: The Itamar Killings

On March 11, 2011, the Israeli Fogel family was brutally murdered in the illegal Zionist settlement of Itamar. 3 of the 5 members of the family killed were children, ages 3 months, 3 years old and 11 years old. Almost immediately, the Zionist media sunk its teeth into the poisonous hasbara that the killings were a “Palestinian militant operation (17).”

As expected, there wasn’t a single drop of evidence to support such a despicable assertion, but nonetheless, the hasbara continued uninterrupted. Apart from the sheer lack of evidence, the idea that Palestinians entered Itamar and murdered children is ridiculous, laughable and frankly, a display of idiocy that supercedes all previously-set standards.

Itamar is built like a prison; heavily armored with 8-foot high electric fences and an additional two feet of razor wire on top, motion sensors that immediately detect any sort of movement which even gets near the settlement (that is isolated from Palestinian communities by hundreds of meters of “buffer land” that Palestinians can’t set foot on), a plethora of cameras from pillar to post, private Zionist security agents and of course, the quintessential Israeli military presence throughout. Not to mention, every settler in Itamar is armed to the teeth with occupation-provided weaponry (18). It is not only of the highest unlikelihood that Palestinians carried out this crime, it is impossible.

Despite all logic and sanity pointing to something more malevolent behind the killing of the Fogel family, Zionism has never functioned in the framework of the logical or the sane. Instead, Israeli occupation forces, Aman and Shin Bet conducted an “investigation” for more than a month before apprehending two Palestinian teenagers from the nearby West Bank village of Awarta for murdering the illegal settlers and declaring the case closed after the teenagers issued confessions. There are two elephantine problems with this hasbara-bathed narrative: Firstly, the Palestinian teenagers were tortured into delivering the confessions by Shin Bet (19).

This is by no means something of newness; it is by no means aberrant. Shin Bet tortures innocents across occupied Palestine regularly. Israel’s internal security service has electrocuted Palestinian children to extract false confessions (20). It places urine-soaked sacks over the heads of detainees while blasting loud music right next to their ears for hours and days on end (21). Shin Bet also uses feces-soaked sacks, threats of sexual violence and has gone as far as using rape itself to abuse the innocents that it has unlawfully taken into custody (22). Shin Bet has created its own system of torture, and it has given this system a name: ‘Shabeh,’ a combination of torturous methods that induce massively high levels of mental stress and continuous, excruciating physical pain. Shabeh is banned under international law (23). Not that the Zionist entity and its inhumane wings of murder and torture have ever cared for international law before.

Secondly, one of the Palestinian teenagers, 19-year old Hakim al-Awwad, couldn’t have carried out the killings on the illegal settlement of Itamar because on the night in question, he was at his home in the occupied West Bank village of Awarta still recovering from a testicular surgery he went through in November 2010. Hakim can barely walk and has to use the bathroom every hour (24). One would think after 63 years of illegitimacy and propaganda perpetually spewed to cover up that illegitimacy, Israel would find new ways to lie, but it is still as pathetic as ever. Hakim al-Awwad, and 6 other members of his family, have had their lives destroyed forever by this unconscionably vicious lie.

Awarta: The Death Of A Palestinian Village

The arrest of Hakim and Amjad al-Awwad have nothing to do with solving the Itamar killings and everything to do with the ongoing expansionist project known as ‘Greater Israel.’ The arrest of these two young men and the subsequent torture that they endured at the hands of Shin Bet is the story that the Zionist media would feed to the world as it bulldozed and ethnically cleansed its way to another conquest of Palestinian land. The target of this conquest: Awarta. From the very moment that the events at Itamar unfolded in the international media, war criminal and butcher of Gaza Benjamin Netanyahu made it very clear that the Zionist entity would build 400-500 new settlement units in the memory of the Fogel family (25).

Also from the moment that the events at Itamar unfolded, Awarta was placed under siege by IOF. Immediate after the killings, the brutal Israeli occupiers designated Awarta a closed military zone and established a harsh curfew over the Palestinian residents. Nobody was allowed out and no supplies were allowed in, like a miniature Gaza. Detentions became habitual and settlers were allowed free reign to wreak havoc on the people, destroying property and confiscating dozens of dunums of land (26). Homes were barbarically searched by IOF, day in and day out, and the detentions escalated to kidnapings in the middle of the night (27).

After a month of being under siege, it was clear that the Zionist entity’s intention was nothing less than the total destruction of Awarta (28). IOF increased its brutality by raiding farms, mosques, clinics, detaining the elderly, the oldest of which were 80-year old Palestinian women, and beating and arresting entire families (29). The youngest girl arrested was 14-year old Julia Mazen al-Awwad, who was kidnaped in the middle of the night, and the youngest Palestinian wounded was 6-year old Halaa al-Awwad, who was beaten and kicked by IOF soldiers after they raided her family’s home and kidnaped her older brothers (30). By the 33rd day of the siege, every resident of Awarta, a 4,000 acre village where 2,400 acres of it are lush, fertile and used for farming (hence why Zionism desires it so vehemently), had been illegally detained and IOF had taken their fingerprints, DNA samples or both. Women and children included (31).

As of this moment, multiple settlement outposts have been constructed in Awarta and the Zionist entity’s bulldozers have become a permanent fixture in the dismantled Palestinian village. As of this moment, 90% of ancient Awarta has been confiscated by Zionist extremists under the protection of Israeli “Defense” Forces (32). Right before the eyes of the hypocritical entity known as the “international community,” another Palestinian village has been decimated. As the 63rd anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba approaches, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine continues; the Nakba (Arabic for catastrophe) itself, continues. The only difference between 1948 and 2011 is the pretext that the Zionist entity invoked to carry out its genocidal policies against the indigenous people of Palestine.

Itamar: Who Did It?

These revelations, which demolish the Zionist propaganda cloud that has hovered over the Itamar incident since March 11th, most certainly exonerate the Palestinians of Awarta from any wrongdoing. With the exoneration of Awarta’s Palestinians intact, the question remains: who carried out the killings? There are only two possible explanations, and each explanation exists in the realm of strong possibility.

There has already been a suspect detained, and this suspect serves as possible culprit number one. Israeli occupation forces detained a Thai man who lived in the illegal Itamar settlement and worked for the Fogel family. Udi Fogel, the family patriarch, refused to pay the Thai worker his salary of 10,000 shekels, and according to IOF, the Thai man who was in desperate need of the monies owed to him carried out the killings in revenge (33).

The illegal Itamar settlement was founded in 1984 by the Amana Settlement Movement, a wing of the racist, radical and militant Zionist organization known as Gush Emunim (34). Gush Emunim was founded by Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook, the son of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, the founder of “Religious Zionism.” Abraham Kook was a known Kabbalist and Talmudist, and is considered to be one of the most influential rabbis of the 20th century. He passed on the xenophobic traditions of the Talmud and Kabbalah to his son, who used them to organize Zionist militias throughout the occupied West Bank under the name of Gush Emunim to defend “the land given to them by God.”

Because of the fundamentalism of Yehuda Kook, Talmudic teachings play a major role in what could be surmised to have taken place on the Itamar settlement. According to Talmudic Law, specifically in the books of Sanhedrin and Baba Kamma, it is explicit in its specification that, “Regarding a Jew stealing from goyim (non-Jews, cattle), the act is permitted,” and, “Jews may use lies to circumvent a gentile (35).” Stealing from non-Jews, according to the highest authorities of the rabbinate within occupied Palestine, is encouraged, especially when violence is employed with the act of robbing (36). Due to the extremist ideology in which Udi Fogel believed in, it is entirely plausible that he stole from this Thai man who worked for him, as he views this Thai man as nothing more than cattle, and in anger, the Thai man responded in anger with murder. Though this scenario is plausible, another still suspect remains: the Zionist entity’s forces.

Due to the access that IOF had to the settlement because of its heavy security presence inside and around the perimeter, as well as the benefits that the usurping Israeli regime has acquired since March 11th, mainly the ethnic cleansing and destruction of Awarta, which has supreme religious significance to the Talmudic fanatics which govern the occupation (37), the most likely suspect of all behind the Itamar killings is Israel. And for anyone who will reject this supposition as pure ‘anti-Semitic’ conspiratorial vitriol is ignoring the overwhelming historical evidence glaring at them in the face. Zionists have absolutely no problem with murdering innocent Jews to further their hegemonic agenda.

Israel’s Mossad sunk a ship called the ‘Egoz’ full of Moroccan Jewish children, murdering all on board and conducted a covert bombing campaign across the Jewish communities of Iraq during the early days of the Zionist entity’s bastardized creation, murdering hundreds, all for the sake of bringing the Arab Jews to occupied Palestine as slave labor (38). Zionist intelligence operatives and military units kidnaped Yemenite Jewish children and delivered them to the Ashkenazi elite within the ethnically cleansed areas of occupied Palestine so they could serve the wealthy Khazarians as servants. The Yemenite Jewish children who weren’t wanted by the elites were sold as commodities to Zionist adoption agencies in the United States, and those children who could not be sold for a Zionist profit were killed and buried in unmarked graves (39).

During the World War II era, the Zionists were frequent collaborators with the Nazis and signed the infamous Haavara Agreement to facilitate Ashkenazi immigration to historic Palestine (40). Unbeknownst to most supporters of the Zionist state and its multiple propaganda apparatuses, the Nazi regime was heavily funded by the devastatingly powerful Warburg family, the Zionist banking clan who had a large village in ethnically cleansed Palestine named after them (41). The Zionist leadership in New York and London ignored the calls of top European rabbinical official Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandl, who sought their help in rescuing Slovakian Jews from being deported to the Nazis’ work camps. Those Slovakian Jews would die of starvation (42). And most recently, Mossad, in collusion with Hindutvadi India’s RAW and the CIA, its most notorious allies, murdered a Zionist rabbi and his wife in Mumbai during its false flag operation on 26/11 (43).


The Zionist entity cares not for innocent life; it cares not even for those who blindly support its tyranny, its genocides, its ethnic cleansing, its occupation and its regional ambitions. It cares only for the expansion of its “chosen” empire and it will eliminate anyone or anything standing in its way and spill the blood of any individual or group that will benefit its dreams of conquest.

And while the international community spoke out against the murder of the Fogel children, not one word was uttered, or is ever uttered, by this community of hypocrites, warmongers, mass murderers, criminals, stooges and puppets about the Palestinian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Afghan, Somali, Pakistani, Libyan, Bahraini and Yemeni children that are murdered every single day by the Zionist entity and its bloodthirsty American, British, French and Saudi proxies. Since the year 2000 alone, 1,463 Palestinian children have been mercilessly slaughtered by the Zionist entity (44).

At the very core of the Itamar false flag however, there is something far more sinister than the murder of this family and even more sinister than the military crackdown and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Awarta. The Itamar false flag was the first phase of an intelligence operation that is remapping the entire Middle East. Arabs beware. Solidarity activists beware. Zionism’s Operation Phantasmagoria is in full effect.

~ End Of Part I ~


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