Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Privacy Invasion


Littlebitofsonshine sent a very interesting article to the Furtherleft Chat today about privacy and the government. It seems the Pentagon is developing a method to squeeze out every bit of information they can from our computers and how we use them. One thing for sure, if they put this program into effect our computers will become tools for the progress of oppression and control.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another Theft

South Central Farm
A much valued and needed piece of farming land has been taken from the Mexican people in the Los Angeles California area, South Central Farms. It was given to them by the mayor over a dozen years ago, and many of those who communally farm it are dependant on its food for finances and health. It has been taken to build condominiums for the rich and privileged. This is another example of how their government has set up America so the rich can take advantage of the poor. But with the new awareness of Mexican Power that has been displayed so well recently not much more of this will be accepted.

Below is a post from one of the victims of this battle.

Tue Jun 20, 2006

They have been taking our land since 1492. They took even more in 1848, and now they take yet another piece. The historical continuity of this should not be shocking. Our land is constantly being gentrified. Gentrification means the taking of La Gente's land and using it for the benefit of the rich and powerful like was done in the Chavez Ravine to build Dodger Stadium or in East LA to build freeways. We will continue to see this here in Los Angeles with the renovation of Downtown displacing working class renters to build luxury lofts. One rich white man took the land of over 350 families who worked the land at the South Central Farm. That is true institutional power. One rich white man had the power of the state behind him, which meant that the full force of the police, sheriff and if necessary the National Guard, while 350 families have only themselves.I am often told of the wonderful gains Raza have made since the civil rights movement. "Look," I am told, "There is even a Latino Mayor." However, what difference does that make? It does not matter who we vote into office. It does not matter how many Raza are placed in political office. The results are the same. One rich white man can take the land of over 350 families, while a Hispanic Mayor sits on the sidelines and watches. Let us stop wasting our energy on such foolish endeavors as voting for democrats or electing sell-out Hispanics into office. This has never yielded results and we can see losing the farm as a prime example. Instead, we must organize! We must build our "people power" to combat institutional power. We must join community organizations and build strong alliances with other working class and oppressed communities. We must learn form our past victories, such as, Chicano Park and from successful organizations like the Crusade for Justice in Denver. The struggle for land will continue. And we shall continue to struggle for the land.
-Jose Lara

Monday, June 19, 2006

Let Them Learn


Two million illiterate people learn
to read and write with Cuban method

Cuba has been teaching millions world wide to read with a program called Yes I Can Do It. UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, does not want to recognize this fact and acts as if it does not exist. Perhaps because it is not the program Laura Bush promotes, which is not as effective.

In 2000 there were 130 million children excluded from school systems and 880 million illiterates. All methods should be recognized and encouraged with a problem this size.

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Change Of Course?

By Patrick Seale, Special to Gulf News

This past week, the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq passed the 2,500 mark. At least ten times more have been so severely maimed, in mind or body, as to be unable ever to fight again.

The American financial sacrifice has been on the same large scale. Following the latest appropriation by Congress of $66bn, the cost to the American taxpayer of President George W. Bush's "global war on terror"' has reached the very considerable sum of $450bn.

What will future historians say of this wanton squandering of resources?

They are likely to conclude that America lost its mind after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. In a fever of angry, vengeful nationalism emotions exploited and manipulated by a cabal of pro-Israeli officials the US embarked on a world-wide campaign against "Islamic terrorists", which was profoundly misconceived.

The war against Iraq, in particular, was waged on false, even fraudulent, premises, which had more to do with enhancing Israel's security environment than with protecting the United States against further attacks.
The same "neocon" officials, publicists and lobbyists who pressed for war against Iraq, are now clamouring for the use of force to end Iran's nuclear programme.

Indeed, far from containing or defeating the "terrorist threat", America's aggressive policies are greatly enhancing it.

Is it utopian to speculate how American resources could have been better spent? With a good deal less than $450bn, the US could have paid Israel to remove its colonists from the West Bank and settled and compensated the Palestinian refugees, thereby resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has bedevilled the region for a century.

It could have eliminated poverty and disease in a great part of Africa. And it could have rebuilt Iraq, freed from the scourge of occupation troops.

Iraq has indeed suffered a great deal more from the war than the United States. Its human losses are estimated to be in the tens of thousands, some would say well over 100,000, while the material and societal damage has been enormous.

Iraq as a major Arab country, as a functioning unitary state, as an ancient civilisation has been smashed, probably beyond repair.

The blood-letting in Iraq is all the more deplorable and disquieting because there is no end in sight.

Last December, Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that the US would this year start reducing its troops in Iraq.

But this policy now appears to have been reversed, largely because the US feels obliged to give maximum support to the new Iraqi government of Nuri Al Maliki.

On a surprise visit to Baghdad last week, President Bush repeated his pledge that the US would stay in Iraq, until that country was secure and whatever the sacrifice. An attempt by Democrats in Congress to get the administration to fix a date for withdrawal has been defeated.

On Friday, the House of Representatives voted 256 to 153 in favour of a resolution promising to "complete the mission" in Iraq, prevail in the global fight against terrorism, and oppose any "arbitrary date for withdrawal" of American troops.

The agony for both the US and Iraq is, therefore, likely to continue at least until Bush leaves the White House in over two years' time.


The shockwaves of this American-made catastrophe will undoubtedly be felt throughout the region for decades to come.

Among the many casualties are the gravely weakened geopolitical position of the Arabs versus both Israel and Iran, the severe damage to relations between Sunnis and Shiites, and the devastating blow to the image of the United States in the Arab and Muslim world, which has now become a focus of anger and hate as never before.

America's violations of basic human rights at foul places such as Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib, its disregard of international law, the blatant hypocrisy of Bush's campaign to spread "democracy", his abandonment of "collective internationalism" in favour of policies of pre-emption and world-wide domination all these have led to a collapse of confidence in the United States, not only in the Arab and Muslim world, but even among America's closest European allies.

Can the United States correct its aim? Can it change course? The answer is likely to be no, if only because the US has never been ready to examine candidly why it has become a target for terrorists.

In particular, its intimate relationship with Israel, the source of much of the problem, has rarely been the subject of objective analysis in the United States.

For more than half a century, the US has grossly favoured Israel over its neighbours, arousing bitter Arab resentment.

In the 1960s, the US turned a blind eye to Israel's nuclear weapons programme at Dimona. In the decades after the 1967 war, it allowed even financed Israel's illegal settlement of occupied Palestinian territories.

After the 1973 October war thanks to Henry Kissinger, America's secretary of state at the time America's annual subsidy to Israel rose from millions to billions.

In 1982, the US did not object to Israel's invasion of Lebanon and its siege of Beirut.

Indeed, it even sought to reward Israel by attempting to broker a separate Israel-Lebanon peace, which would have put Lebanon in Israel's sphere of influence. Nor did the US object to Israel's occupation of southern Lebanon for the next 18 years.

The US has protected Israel from international anger by vetoing scores of resolutions at the UN Security Council.

And, above all, it has allowed Israel to oppress the Palestinians and steal their land over the years, culminating in its current campaign to destroy the democratically-elected Hamas government.

These are among the roots of terror, for which the United States and its Israeli ally will continue to pay dearly, until these policies are reversed.

Patrick Seale is a commentator and author of several books on Middle East affairs.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Here’s an interesting perspective on the history of US-Mexican relations

Monday, June 12, 2006

Corn & Crossing


America is shamefully and criminally hypocritical. The so called government feeds its people on fear of terrorism and then equates workers crossing the border as a personal threat to safety. They are willing to pass useless laws and build hostile fences to keep out the workers they demand but not do something as simple as changing the ruling on the corn market. These laws of NAFTA leave Mexico's people wide open to competition they cannot beat. The American corn here has made thousands and thousands of farmers loose money on their crop until they were to deep in debt and lost the property. This year it will do the same, wipe out more of them. Before the greed of America tipped this balance many made their livelihood from generations of corn farming. Loosing their land, home and a major food source they migrate north where they have been lured by the availability of a job across the border. How can a country such as America that claims to want to help be purposefully part of causing the problem in such an obvious way. Mexico has asked them to back off these laws, but they refuse. They want to make money from all angles and still create their cheap illegal labor. That’s the most profitable, and to America, that is what counts most.

An article from El Universal describing the details of it.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Killer Communications

The War the World Forgot
Coltan, short for Columbite-tantalite, is essential for the power-storing parts of cell phones, nuclear reactors, Play Stations, and computer chips. This substance is mainly mined in the Congo. Most of us are not aware the price on the life of many a poor worker and his family that mines for this. It is tragic when modern needs destroy a country and its people to such an extent. To be part of this modern world we must be part of the blame of what it has caused. The words from this article should be read by all. It is not just the obvious tragedies like Iraq that should call our attention, but all of them.
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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Going Left


The worlds third richest man, Carlos Slim Helu from Mexico, is taking an interest in leftist politics here. It is less than a month to the elections and his influence plays a large part.

His idea, Slim said in a March interview with Reuters, is to push "the development of Latin America through the development of human capital and structural investment."

He said: "What we need is investment, education, growth and jobs. What makes opportunities more equal in the world of today, more than anything else are good nutrition, health and education."

"Wealth is like an orchard," Slim said in the Reuters interview. "You have to share the fruit, not the orchard. With the orchard, what you have to do is make it grow, reinvest it to make it bigger, or diversify into other areas."

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Yellow Stain



The Yellow Stain From Texas

Sung to the Yellow Rose Of Texas

With apologies to no one!

By The Bush Wackers

There's a Yellow Stain from Texas , in Washington DC, The leader of the free world representing you and me. He claims to stand for values. What values might those be? The only one he's shown so far is called hypocrisy.

He loves domestic spying, ignores the Bill of Rights The only group he represents is the religious right. He's defied the constitution, he's a scoundrel, plain to see. The Yellow Stain from Texas is no president to me.

He panders to big oil, serves the rich but not the poor He represents the end of all this country once stood for He says he's got compassion, then kills thousands in Iraq While oilmen and 'Born agains' just pat him on the back.

He stole the Oval Office, he's trampled on our rights, But just the same we're all to blame, if we don't set things right. He's tossed away due process, your right to privacy. The Yellow Stain from Texas is no president to me.

He points to "nine-eleven," and that is his excuse For torture, war and deficits. and prisoner abuse. He's a Yellow Stain from Texas, our nation's greatest shame. His lies killed more Iraqis, than Saddam Hussein.

Bill Clinton's Presidency sure had its share of flaws We all recall the problems that a little stain can cause So let's remove this BIG stain, serve justice while we can We'd best impeach him quickly, before he bombs Iran .

Oh the Yellow Stain from Texas is a stain upon us all Got to do some stain removing, or democracy will fall. He's the Yellow Stain from Texas , a traitor, plain to see. The Yellow Stain from Texas is no president to me.

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