Friday, March 09, 2007

Who Are We?

Here are the results of our first 12 Forum polls. We began running them in mid August 2006. Each was open for voting for a few weeks. Voters had one chance on each. Current results could not be viewed before first voting. There was neither noting nor recording who voted which way.

We boast connections from most of the world. The team is well dispersed throughout it. They are cognizant of situations and causes and biased in attitude toward our purpose. The polls were open, however, not only to the Forum team but also to anyone connecting.

About 40% of Forum connections originate in the US, a nation whose computer users in general are hardly noted for geo-political savvy. Many of those make first contact through search engines queries on content phrases rather than specifically seeking us out for our slant.

Still, even with those, choosing to cast a poll vote indicates interest in its content whether or not it might coincide with views of the team. With those factors in mind, and taken together, the polls present a good representation of where the Forum's collective "head" is at.

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