Monday, April 09, 2007

Carlos Fuentealba

Saludos compañeros.

As you might imagine, teachers in Argentina are not well paid. And their situation is worse in provinces far away from the capital. Last week there was a protest in Neuquen, a province in the south, about 950 km away from Buenos Aires, which is ruled by the MPN (movimiento popular neuquino), a fascist rightwing party. During that protest, 41 yr old chemistry teacher Carlos Fuentealba was killed by the police. They shot him with a tear gas can at short distance.

Today, Monday, teachers all over the country are on strike. Also bank workers, trains, buses, university professors, hospitals. His students paid homage to him. They carried banners saying "las tizas no se manchan de sangre" (chalks must not be stained with blood).

We will keep fighting.

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