Thursday, January 25, 2007

Our Humanity

- What Happened To It?

I found this earlier today. It left me such a disgusting after-taste, which I'm sure you'll all feel after finishing the read. Except for the initial shock, horror and total disgust, it brought to mind one (rhetoric) question: do we have the right to call ourselves human?

We accept such happenings everyday, nay, we encourage them via our open markets daylight robbery, wars, mayhem, you name it. We deplore and cry the Muslim women veiling, yet encourage their Iraqi daughters to sell their bodies for 50 Syrian pounds. Yes, this is the price of an Iraqi 15 years old in the local Gulf States infested brothels. That's 1 US Dollar, by the way. Cheap, yes, compared to a 6 years Cambodgian put to serve some mid-aged European or Arab freak.

But then again, money is way better invested into war. A Cambodgian child is sold into prostitution for 10$ to 100$. How many can be saved with 1.2 Trillion dollars?

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