Friday, January 19, 2007

Left-Wing Aggregator

Dear fellow comrades

I have been, for the past month or so, been getting to know the Lebanese Community on the blogosphere. There are over 400 blogs in Lebanon, and couple of on-line bloggers decided to do an aggregator that covers all the blogs from Lebanon. During the day, I usually click on their links and read those aggregator pages as if reading a daily newspaper (despite the right-wing presence) which becomes an alternate source for the newspaper.

The reason I am writing this is why we don't establish a left-wing aggregator (I know it sounds a mission impossible) for all the left-wing blogs and everyone would get to know everyone. Moreover, our aggregator would be similar to the Alternate Media, while comrades from over the world would know each other.

The two samples I will put are Liliane's Aggregator and Rampurple's aggregator.

Probably we can do it per country & Alphabet (or per continent and Alphabet) but what do you think?

Waiting to hear your ideas

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