Friday, January 12, 2007

Bush Speech Reaction

I took the time to read through Bush's speech now that I've calmed down a little after hearing most of it last night.

I have to conclude that most of this is magical fairy dust to get you to watch the left hand while the right hand does something else. The key here is not the 20K increase in troops, but the Billions of dollars that needs to be spent on re-constructing Iraq that is tied to this effort. The Billions of dollars is another non-competitive bonanza for contractors like KBR, and companies like GE. Check out this US Government web page. Take a careful look at the last picture on the bottom - a whole trade event centered around on spending lots of money. And we, the citizens of the US will pay for all of it.

ordo ab chao

Looking up the webpage for next year's trade show I found the following table:

Iraq reconstruction needs until 2007

o Local administration & civil society $300 million
o Health, education & employment $7 billion
o Infrastructure $11 billion
o Electricity $13 billion
o Agriculture and water resources $3 billion
o Security and police $5 billion
o Oil $8 billion
o Culture $1.5 billion

I wonder if this is in addition to the $100 billion dollar emergency spending bill that Bush will require in February.

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