Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Deja Vu

- All Over Again

Iran has decided to conduct all international financial transactions in euros rather than dollars according to an article in Al Jazeera. Iraq's attempt to do the same was what brought on the hushed urgency of US invasion.

Terrorism was conveniently (manufactured and?) forwarded as primary excuse. It certainly wasn't the back up flim flam of what the US calls "democracy" among Iraqis. Societies of the US itself as well as allies Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan give lie to that. (no mention of Israel waving its hand and loudly whispering in the not so hidden background.)

The US would like to maintain the status quo of oil, and everything else for that matter, being bought and sold in dollars. With such scheme, it stays by definition the richest of all. It only has to print more of them to remain so. That resulting inflation dogs almost all its people is of little consequence to those who suck up the bucks.

Other nations must have dollars then to buy things. And from where must they acquire them? Why, from the US course by borrowing. The International Monetary Fund and World Bank it controls are only too glad to cooperate. Got a credit card? Same thing. Interest payments keep the borrowers broke and subservient if they want even more loans they are guaranteed to need.

If goods including oil, for which the US hungers, were bought and sold in euros, the US would have to have a way to collect them. That would have to be in the old fashioned manner of selling things in the currency sought. Problem is the US has little of anything anyone else wants. (except maybe military hardware to accompany its decreasingly heeded chant of "Lets you and him fight".)

Hussein was warned not to pursue the money change route but did not cave in. Bombs and invading troops carried the message of mistake. Is Ahmadinejad blind to what is apparent to everyone except Americans, or is he issuing a deja vue dare the US would like to repeat but afraid to conjure?

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