Friday, December 08, 2006

Lame Duck Congress

This week, the lame duck Congress is building a new feeding trough for the mega-weathly and their favorite corporations. They rushing to pass a few bills -- mostly extending tax cuts, last minute tax credits for sales tax payments and breaks so that research and development is paid for by the tax payer instead of the corporations. Think of all of this as pork-barrel corporate welfare spending. It's a good thing Congressmen are not used to working too hard. They are not getting finished with all their business. Also, they're opening a new prison in Guantanamo Bay although many of the detainees are going to be moved to another secret location. Many of these people have been detained without due process for almost five years - their families don't know where they are at, they have not seen council, few have been charged with crimes... Why are we spending money on a new court building in Cuba when our laws don't apply there?? The US could have built the prison facility in the Florida swamps - near Krome Detention Center for example. That's pretty clear - so that you or I can't observe the secret court proceedings. US laws would fully apply on our soil. Perhaps people would hear that torture has been going on or that an innocent person is being shafted because the savage Bush needs his numbers. So why are we continuing on this path on one side saying we're the beacon of Democracy and on the other side these secret prisons, extraordinary renderings, torture... We live in a Fascist dictatorship and we're too snowed over to notice any different.

Is this really acceptable? No. We should demand a return to our values of personal freedoms and guarantee of civil rights.

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