Friday, December 08, 2006

World Problems

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I would like to see what the priorities for world problems, including suggested solutions for each, held by the visitors to the Further Left Forum are. What must be done to make this forum unnecessary? Problems that come to mind off hand are: Imperialism, Oppression, Global Warming, Pollution, Population, Poverty, Hunger, Terrorism, Injustice … Listing your top three problems and solutions will be sufficient for this survey, but further elaboration is welcome and encouraged.

Since it was my curiosity that prompted this fill in your own blanks poll, I will go first, with no intention of influencing anyone else, as unavoidable as that seems to be.

Priority #1 - War must be abolished and any weapons of war and means of their manufature must be destroyed.

Priority #2 - Population growth must at least be stopped, if not reversed. Poverty, famine, and pollution are the direct result of a never ending attempt to produce more food to feed the unchecked, always starving increase in population. Growth economies rape and poison the earth in the production of more for endless profit. Since our food supply is artificially abundant we must educate and encourage the entire world population about contraception, despite religious arguments otherwise.

Priority #3 - Central governments rule over populations too large to be considered representative or feel responsible. Returning to tribal responsibilities with administration handled within the tribe and between tribes for interdependent dealings, with only a clan of “fair witness” environmental overseers coordinating larger projects. This should relieve a great portion of oppression due to nonrepresentation in ones own welfare.

Okay, have at it.

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