Friday, October 06, 2006

The Wall


Border Wall Plan

Considered Offensive, Shameful

" Mexico lobbied for six years for a comprehensive immigration reform that would allow millions to cross into the United States legally. Instead, it got a wall".

American mentality has lead to building a wall between them and Mexico to keep the workers out. They are getting the support of their public by relying on their terrorist scare. Migrant workers and terrorists are becoming one in the minds of many of their people. America thinks they can just fence themselves in and abuse the world and they will be safe. But all this does is push their reputation for evil and oppression into the forefront and sends that message. America has come so far from the country that use to be looked up to, now to a country that has to be protected from, even for its own citizens. A very dangerous place.

"We are supposed to be neighbors and friends, and instead of building bridges and doors, we´re building obstacles,"

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