Monday, September 25, 2006

Transition Plan

The following article by Carolina Cositore titled "A Transition Plan for the United States" appeared in the Opinion section of Prenza Latina.

A comment by Venezuelan writer Roberto Hernandez Montoya, in response to the US throwing millions of tax dollars into a plan to force its "transition to democracy in Cuba", to wit the US and the world would be better served by a transition to democracy in its own country "scratched behind my ears" as a friend would say, or really hit the nail on the head.

Since the United States under George W not only ignores international laws and agreements, but flouts its own Constitution, a transition to democracy there would be a very good idea indeed.

Of course since the US is a sovereign country, such a transition should not be forced from without, or engineered by a fifth column paid for by a third nation, but could be done by a nation of citizens fed up with the undemocratic way the country is being run.

Follows are a few suggestions for a draft transition plan:

First and foremost, the citizens of a free United States would have to get rid of the antiquated Electoral College that unfairly weighs votes by state and puts decisions in the hands of a few or, has happened, even one person.

Second, the two-party system has to go. Well, actually it is a one-party system with candidates usually from Yale"s Skull and Crossbones, but that"s beside the point. People in a free society need choices beginning at the neighborhood level. To do this would mean nominations from the ground up, not from a rich man´s primary system. Also limited but free and equal time campaigning on the issues is a must for a true democracy, and while we"re at it, let"s make elected officials answerable to their constituents, and give the latter power of recall.

Third, with elected officials accountable to the people, the United States might try improving its human rights record; the US is long overdue for an overhaul of its human rights to put it in spitting distance of other developed nations. Things like medical care for all, adequate food and nutrition for everyone, free child care, equally good free education, and a truly blind goddess of justice.

These suggestions are just for starters, I´m sure readers can come up with many, many more, such as control of runaway arms spending, energy conservation, and hands-on concern for the environment to name a few.

Now that I think of it, all of the above suggestions are presently practiced in Cuba.

So, there is an example out there. Implementation of such a plan for the US is in the hands of its still surviving self termed "innocents". May they figure out how to go about it before others further attempts at the task. The best we can do here on the Forum is remind them of the saw "... by any means necessary".

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