Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why Not Feed Them?

12,000 dead... and it’s not news!
It is a chilling fact 12,000 children die of starvation everyday. This is an easy fact for many, and especially the rich, to live with as it is not brought to their attention daily, like America´s 9/11 day or their flooding problem. These more minor disasters make good news and can be used to sway people and use them. Random dead children are distasteful and not to be focused on, seems to be the view of the public. And the news gives the people what they want of course, it’s a business, like their government. So we hang on to what's popular and let go what is not. This article from Granma International, Havana Cuba, expresses very well the true impact that should be felt from such news as children starving.

And then you think of a country that wants to steal the place of world leader, United States of America, that spends its billions on war for its own profit. Whose business is starving children?
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