Monday, June 12, 2006

Corn & Crossing


America is shamefully and criminally hypocritical. The so called government feeds its people on fear of terrorism and then equates workers crossing the border as a personal threat to safety. They are willing to pass useless laws and build hostile fences to keep out the workers they demand but not do something as simple as changing the ruling on the corn market. These laws of NAFTA leave Mexico's people wide open to competition they cannot beat. The American corn here has made thousands and thousands of farmers loose money on their crop until they were to deep in debt and lost the property. This year it will do the same, wipe out more of them. Before the greed of America tipped this balance many made their livelihood from generations of corn farming. Loosing their land, home and a major food source they migrate north where they have been lured by the availability of a job across the border. How can a country such as America that claims to want to help be purposefully part of causing the problem in such an obvious way. Mexico has asked them to back off these laws, but they refuse. They want to make money from all angles and still create their cheap illegal labor. That’s the most profitable, and to America, that is what counts most.

An article from El Universal describing the details of it.

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