Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What The Hell Is This Doing Here?

A better question is what is it doing where it otherwise appears. Don't just look at this grotesque graphic. Read it slowly. Absorb its impact.

What it is doing here is illustrating the depths to which paid whoredom will sink.

It is a Texas, USA road sign right ? Nope, it is in a school text book. Some private nut christian school ? Not christian at all but quite the contrary. It was in a public school text used nationwide. But that's illegal. The function of law is not to control those in power but protect from those who lack it. It was for young impressionable toddlers then. No, wrong again. It is directed to older teens. Well, the US has no business so blatently propagandizing their kids! It wasn't in a US book. What other country would so sell out its youth? One that wants favors, like money, military jets, protection, and a guaranteed escape route for deposed officials. Can't imagine one that would be so patronizingly ass kissing.

It is in a public school text book for 16 year old students of English language classes in America's mid east nuclear ally, the propped up military dictatorship of Pakistan!

Wow, that's bad! Not really. Teachers everywhere and officials they whore for may be stupid, but in general, students are not. One unintended result of schooling is development of instinctive built in bull shit detectors.

Think of all the almost adult Pakistani students who because of this obvious garbage now understand the real role of schools in society. Hell, that graphic will serve to move them to our side as a recruitment poster for revolution to come! We should praise those kids' Allah and thank the puppet dictator Musharraf's US paymasters for the stupidty of their money minded arrogance.

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