Sunday, December 18, 2005

Identity Theft of America
An identity is questioned only when it is menaced,
as when the mighty begin to fall,
or when the wretched begin to rise:
James Baldwin
Here is an article for Americans. It's intent appears to simply point out to those Americans who have not come to the realization that their country is not what it use to be, nor ever will be. This is a hard message to get across to the American mind in that they are locked into their image of being heroes and good guys and winners. I always hope if this message is repeated enough in easy to grasp terms, it may start seeping into the American reality and help the cause to stop the Americanization of our world.
"Today, the nation we once knew is all but unrecognizable. Our identity is non existent and lost in the fog of an endless war and a badly weakened Constitution. It is buried under insatiable corporate greed and deluded dreams of empire. It is muddled by the self-righteous protestations of religious fanatics who never understood the meaning of democracy in the first place. And the damage may not be reversible."

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