Monday, December 19, 2005

NSA Spying on US Citizens. Why?

A handful of judges on the FISA court have authorized many requests to spy in the name of National Security. They meet in secret, with no published orders, opinions, or public record. Those spied on May never know of the intrusion. Only very few requests to this court have ever been turned down.

Why do Bush and his cronies need resort to executive orders to bypass the FISA court? Is it because they are spying on someone the court would turn down the request for?

Activists? Perhaps they are spying on people that are not tied into terrorism - just people trying to put an end to this war. For example is this why they spy on a bunch of Quakers?

Journalists? Journalists often have contacts with various shady characters so that they can get the insides to a story. These requests may get turned down due to first amendment reasons. Is this why so many of them seem to get offed?

Lawmakers? The request may have nothing to do with terrorism at all. It may just have to do with figuring out the opposition's policies and strategy. Mabe we have another watergate on our hands.


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