Friday, December 23, 2005


The word "heart" has been frequently mentioned in this Forum, indicating beliefs it tags an important concept. Some might find the term puzzling.

In a way, it is like the use of "soul" in some black communities. Most white people simply don't get it, nor are they expected to. Similarity is also noted in frequency of "corazón" in lyrics of Mexican music, which may put gringos to thinking there is a national obsession with cardiology. Many times when referring to the "movement", I've been asked, usually in an implied attack mode "What do you mean by that?". The only honest answer to one not a part if it is "You wouldn't understand".

It is fruitless trying to explain the meaning of heart to minds cemented in a heartless society. But there may be a few neighbors among them who are unusually perceptive and have feelings of such disgust with their binding status that they are ready to reach out and seek change to what they are. It is those and only those for which a suitable explanation of the meaning of "heart" might lend guidance.

I am not sure it can be perfectly put in words for it is not a thing of intellect. It would be a difficult if not impossible task for myself. The best attempt I've seen was written by yabasta. She posted it on her La Zatikia blog and it is linked here. Her words are worth reading. Rather, it would be better that they were studied and absorbed by all capable of doing so.

The best I can say to those who cannot is that they are in the wrong place.

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