Saturday, March 24, 2012

Israel Destruction

The Question The Jewish Community

In Palestine Need To Answer?

By Dr Salim Nazzal 23 March, 2012

About 20 years ago I was arguing a Zionist at the university who literarily told me that Israel can wipe out the whole middle east (which means murdering about 300 million people).It was not the last time I heard such a terrific expression, these same words were said directly and indirectly about Israel capability to return the whole region to the stone age. The Israeli Professor Martin van Crevel said that Israel posses several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at all directions. The problem then goes beyond the talk of an insane man but rather reveals a suicidal thinking in the Zionist Jewish mindset, and this is the most serious problem towards achieving any reasonable compromise in Palestine.

Apparently this thinking does not fall by parachut, but rather by means of systematic education which turning ordinary Jews into potential killers. This culture is fed by the media, by direct and indirect education and socialization, and by the army which is the perfect melting pot academy for manufacturing and practicing the brutal culture.

An Israeli mother who opposes the occupation told that her son was taken with other soldiers to the holocaust museum as a (mental preparation) before attacking Gaza. The point of this step is obvious, to provide soldiers with more hate vitamins to murder innocent Palestinians as if those are who killed Jews under the Nazi times. In other words by means of substitution and projectionism Israel is committing crimes against a nation who want to live free in their home.

No wonder that this type of education is which producing soldiers, who have no respect for human life, and who enjoy beating, humiliating and torturing Palestinians as if this is the right thing to do!

To understand the reasons behind this mentality the Israeli professor Nurit peled Elhanan studied recently the violent phenomenon in the Israeli educational system and published her findings in a research under the title, Palestine in Israeli books, ideology and propaganda in education.

Nurit peled concludes that the Israeli text books encourage the hate culture among Israelis and that in her view which explains the brutality of the Israeli soldiers towards Palestinians. Nurit peled points out precisely to the political aim of this education:

Israel wants a de-Arabization of the whole area,” she said. (The Authorities have been tremendously successful in teaching this and they know that they won’t have good soldiers if they change the textbooks).

My interpretation to the Zionist brutality goes together with Edwards said theory about the west manufacturing the east which fits its imagination. Zionists have too created a fixed imaginable picture for Palestinians to demonise them to make their killing easy for the Jewish conscious.

In other words the Zionist settlers who hardly know Palestinians have created their (own Palestinians) to fit their fantasy and their imagination which does not belong at all to the reality.

But when Palestinians confront them with the fact that hating Jews never exist in the Palestinian Arab culture, brainwashed Israelis could not or perhaps would not believe that. And this is the fact which Palestinians have said all the times, they never hates Jews because they are Jews, but rather because they are occupants.
The Israeli historian Shlomo Sand has confirmed this fact in his lecture few weeks ago in Oslo in which he said that Jews were never looked at negatively in the Arab culture and that the concept of the Jewish ghetto never exists in the Arab and Islamic culture.

However if Sand spoke about the historical truth it is obvious that the ruling right wing class in the state of Israel still think that the peoples of the region can only understand the language of power which has become among the most repeated Zionist saying . But history demonstrates clearly that this sick thinking is the thinking of all aggressors throughout history which led to nothing except wars and miseries to human beings.

Therefore, the Jewish community in Palestine needs to confront themselves with this question, have they come to Palestine to flee the horror which they had in Europe as they said and to live in equality and peacefully with native Palestinians and the region, or have they come to Palestine to be the masters of Palestine and the region? This in my view is the key question of the whole conflict.

Dr. Salim Nazzal, a Palestinian-Norwegian historian on the Middle East, He has written extensively on social and political issues in the region.

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