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The Invaders

Zionist Invaders Celebrate

Other Invaders of Palestine

By Salim Nazzal

16 February, 2012

I have the honour to be invited by the Palestinian writer Hanan Bakir for a literature evening. Literature was the first subject I studied and the first subject I taught for pre university level before I shifted to study history. Ever since I developed a love and appreciation to literature which I still believe it is the field which we learn much from about individuals and societies.

Hanan was two months old when the Zionist Jewish polish Russian joint terrorists attacked her town Akka forcing the city population to leave mostly to Lebanon within the Zionist plan to make Palestine a state for oversees Jews. After more than fifty years Hanan went back to see her home which was occupied by an oversees Jewish family. In an impressive way of description she told us that evening how she managed to know by heart her home which left it as a two months baby. There was a row of old akkan houses, she said with great passion.( I told my companion, an old Palestinian lady who she knew my home to let me guess which of them is my family home. I crossed the road several times and then I pointed to a particular house and told the woman that this is my house).the woman was shocked, Hanan pointed exactly to her home.

Her first book (Ashwak akka) tells some of her devotion to her town. Yet the heart-breaking thing that evening was the story of Hanan when she went back to Palestine after all these years. Her book under writing is telling the story of this visit to her town. In one episode Hanan read to us an imaginary dialogue between her and Napoleon Bonaparte who the Zionist invaders made a sculpture to him in akka the town which he failed to occupy due to the heavy Palestinian resistance in 1801.

The battle around Akka was the first Waterloo for Napoleon. Palestinian villagers in the triangle of Jenin, Nablus and Tulkarm and the steadfastness of Akka succeeded in defeating the French invader long before he was defeated at the doors of Moscow by the Russian resistance.

In the imaginary dialogue which I quote part of between her and Napoleon: he told her that he is back to Akka, she answered firmly aim from Akka and aim back to my town but you are not from Akka ,you are invader. He said you are in Akka as a visitor but I stay permanent her. She said, I will be back to stay forever and you will leave!

The natural question is why polish Russian invaders to Palestine has to put Napoleon sculpture in the city which resisted him? And is there any country on this earth which made a sculpture to its invaders? And why Zionist Jews had to celebrate the French invader who slaughtered in Gaza and Jaffa 3000 unharmed Palestinian Ottoman prisoners with the excuse that he had no food for them. The answer is simple; it is part of the Zionist falsification of history. Napoleon invaded Palestine, and he was resisted by Palestinians and by placing his statue Zionists think that they negate the history of Palestine and by negating Palestine they justify their occupation!

Of course Zionists can do what they like as they have the power to impose facts on the ground, but it is extremely doubtful whether this would make them any better than other invaders of Palestine.

Before posting the article I read that a Palestinian young man from Akka put a Palestinian flag in the statue of Napoleon. The young man confessed his (crime) and was arrested by The Israeli authorities.

Dr. Salim Nazzal, a Palestinian-Norwegian historian on the Middle East, He has written extensively on social and political issues in the region.

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