Saturday, March 24, 2012

Faces of Israel

Apartheid Is The Only Face

Of The State Of IsraelBy Dr Salim Nazzal

14 March, 2012

"Many faces of Israel" is the title chosen by the Zionist propaganda machine to counteract the solid fact that Israel is an apartheid state. The goal obviously is to wash down the ugly Zionist face. For that reason Israel formed a team of hundred propagandists which included two Arab woman apparently cultural collaborators to help in misleading the world that Israel is a democratic state!

But it is not difficult to predict that Israel is going to have a hard job in selling its expired product to the public opinion aware of the ugly nature of the apartheid Zionist state.

They will ask the Zionist propagandists if occupying another nation and depriving them of their right to be free has anything to do with democracy apart from the fact that it is a violation of the human rights as defined by the Un. They will also ask them about the thousands of Palestinian in Israeli jails because they demand the freedom for their nation.

Zionists will be asked if constructing roads on Palestinian land to oversees Jewish settlers while denying the natives of using it has to do with humanity let apart democracy.

They will ask them if stealing the water resources of native Palestinians and cutting their olive tree which is their source of living has anything to do with civility or humanity. They will also ask them if besieging the one and half million Palestinians in Gaza, depriving them from medicine, food and electricity, and bombing them continuously has to do with democracy, humanity or ethics.

Zionists will be asked if the daily campaigns of terror in the west bank has anything to do with human rights or morals. And surely will ask them whether arresting and beating and humiliating Palestinians in front of their children have anything to do with morality.

They will ask Zionists if there is any place on this earth in the size of the west bank which has 600 check points designed to humiliate Palestinians in order to destroy the Palestinian morale and dignity and resistance.

They will ask Zionists if treating Palestinian in the Zionist state as a second or third citizen has to do with democracy, equality or human rights.

They will ask them about all those Palestinian murdered by Zionist Jews who declared themselves the gods of the region and the only holders of truth on earth!

They will ask them about the mass destruction arms which the Zionist state has gathered through years and which countries on their list for bombing in the year 2012 or the 2018 or the year 2020?

And if Zionists exploit as usual the holocaust to justify their terror they will be surely told that the mentality which produced it is the same mentality which causes the Palestinian suffering. They will be reminded that oppressors share the same mindset regardless of faith, ethnicity, color or location.

All these questions will be asked and the trained Zionists propagandist will surely have big problem to answer. They will try to conceal the truth as usual but luckily they won’t convince anybody except the few brainwashed.

The remaining question is, what are, the many faces which Israel will introduce? Is it the face of the land grab, or the daily arrest, or the daily humiliation or the daily terror or the bombing? The answer to this question is related to the title which indicates that all these faces are only sides of the inhuman apartheid state of Israel which the Palestinian victims know it very well.

Dr. Salim Nazzal, a Palestinian-Norwegian historian on the Middle East, He has written extensively on social and political issues in the region.

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