Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Notes Wed 21 Dec 11

Notes and links below were taken from those posted in the Further Left Chat Room, and associated Facebook and Twitter pages and will be updated throughout the day as available. Later additions are toward the bottom.

YouTube video Glenn Greenwald: Obama Had Indefinite Detention Inserted In Law

YouTube video Recipe for a Revolution

CCTV English U.S. man convicted of supporting al-Qaeda

Guardian World "Iraq is finished... There is no democracy here, there is chaos. Corruption is rampant and so is sectarianism."

Press TV NATO not stopping nightly afghan raids

RT Shoot the arsonists: UK cops to use live rounds during riots?

RT America - Bradley #Manning the last American #whistleblower? [VIDEO] #WikiLeaks

RT - US renews calls for Syrian President Assad to leave power, says his regime does not deserve to rule - White House statement

RT - UN extends 1,000-strong peacekeeping force along Israeli-Syrian border til June 30, says events in region could impact its operations

RT - Accuser of Manning a felon, drug addict. Closing statements to begin tomorrow

RT America - Americans will be transferred to foreign prisons under NDAA target="_blank"

Press TV - US to relocate terrorist cell in#_Iraq

Press TV - The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) has officially launched the HispanTV Spanish-language channel...

Press TV - Chavez says: Obama, 'fake' president

RT America@ Hackers and activists find ways to save the Internet, despite #SOPA

Salon: The media consensus on Israel is collapsing -

Hard to believe: Putin's party won 99 percent in Chechnya - Firstpost

YouTube video John Pilger answers Obama's claim that US military is "fine"

RT America - The One Percent whines: 'no one loves us'

CounterPsyOps - Mossad Armed Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

YouTube video from rt_america US and NATO troops train on the Syrian border

YouTube video from rt_america Mexico the new war front for a war with Iran?

RT - America CIA won't disclose involvement in crackdowns on Occupy Wall Street. YouTube video -

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