Monday, December 19, 2011

Notes Mon 19 Dec 11

Notes and links below were taken from those posted in the Further Left Chat Room, and associated Facebook and Twitter pages and will be updated throughout the day as available. They are ordered downward by time appearing.

N Korean leader Kim Jong Il dies at 69 North Korean leader Kim Jong-il dies – North Korean state television

New Yorkers carol against Israeli settlements at Leviev diamond store & FashionInstitute : Indybay

DPRK top leader passes away from mental, physical strain

Sense & censor ability: Congress defers SOPA vote

Israel bans Gaza's Christian Palestinians aged 16-46 from visting Bethlehem for Xmas -& calls it a "goodwill gesture"

Syria to sign Arab peace initiative

Iran, Syria ink free trade agreement to confront Western pressures

Syrian envoy confirms Arab League observer deal to be signed Monday

Pro-Syrian rally faces media blackout

NATO: Afghan night raids will persist

US to sustain tension between Koreas because of China’

Sweden attempts to extradite Assange without charge. UK Supreme Court says theissue is of "great public importance"

I favorited a YouTube video from rt_com

Blind eye onEgypt as Syria stays in sight'Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has lashed out at authoritarian regional countries for demanding free elections in other countries, likening the effort to a “joke.”

Obama, Congress ratify social spending cuts

Someone ought to let mainstream news producers know that the nearly 4,500 USPage 1 of 2soldiers killed in the Iraq war were not the only victims.

I favorited a @YouTube video from @rt_com

YouTube video from Rt_com Sense & Censor Ability: Free speech preachers see RT [VIDEO]

Kim Jong Il dead: Grief and mass hysteria in North Korea

Europe covers up for CIA torture flights

Taliban claim downing US chopper

Russia to quit START if no change in US stance

The Hindu: Chomsky, 70 others oppose Assange extradition

Bradley Manning pre-trial day 4, noon: Ellsberg comes to court, Choi has rank ripped off, ACLU files tomorrow

Saab Automobile files for bankruptcy

Video/Transcript: Democracy Now interviews reporter covering days 1-3 of Manning Pre-Trial

A senior Israeli official has called on the US to impose sanctions on Iran's oil sector in a meeting with a number...

Israel has never been so ugly'

Last year, the N.Y.P.D. recorded more than 600,000 stops; 84 percent of those stopped were blacks orLatinos."

Obama tells Venezuela to cut #Iran ties

Manning prosecution asked for, got 20 witnesses. Manning asked for 48 witness. Court granted only 2.

New York City: Over 50 protesters arrested during attempt to establish new occupation site

Russia slams US Global Online Freedom Act as 'Cold War scheme

International activists plan to fly en masse to Tel Aviv in April as part of the Welcome to Palestine 2012 initiative

YouTube video from rt_com

Kim Jong Il dead: Video of grief and mass hysteriYouTube video

Occupy AmericaYouTube video

YouTube video Gilad Atzmon: Don't call me an Israeli!

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