Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Notes Tue 20 Dec 11

Notes and links below were taken from those posted in the Further Left Chat Room, and associated Facebook and Twitter pages and will be updated throughout the day as available. They are ordered downward by time appearing.

YouTube video from rt_america http://youtu.be/AnNAMxOY6Gk? as Kim Jong Il dies: son takes over

YouTube video from rt_america http://youtu.be/eMcX3ObgZq8?a Occupy Wall Street: Three months in

YouTube video from rt_america http://youtu.be/6ACVaitPEzg?a Mish Shedlock "Markets don't Malfunction, Bureaucrats do

YouTube video from rt_america http://youtu.be/-8dTXlkbbqk?a Arab Spring ignites the world in protests

YouTube video from rt_america http://youtu.be/8Yp4CCSvQdY?a Arab Spring: Taking a look back

PressTV: US bases in Afghanistan serve spy ops http://dlvr.it/11HntC

Electronic Intifada: In April, international activists plan to fly en masse to Tel Aviv as part of the Welcome to Palestine 2012 initiative http://ow.ly/84nfR

CCTV English - Israel secretly upgraded submarine: media http://tinyurl.com/8y4qwej

The Case Against Alleged WikiLeaks Supplier Bradley Manning Takes a Strange Turn http://www.wikileaks-forum.com

YouTube video http://youtu.be/enccAuRM8Yo?a Cops get caught planting dope on suspect after being pulled over

The great war over Assange (video) John Pilger http://vimeo.com/33834233 more: http://justice4assange.com/

Mathaba: NATO cheerleaders silent about the brutal treatment and murder of migrant workers and black Libyans http://bit.ly/qLvLqD

CCTV English - World: Russia's accession to WTO to facilitate Russia-China trade http://tinyurl.com/88k4t3w

Press TV: The United States has called for peace negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan (Ed: Will the dummies believe anything? US regime has lost its mind, Taliban not our enemy because we never said they are our enemy, we just like killing them), saying that Washington... http://fb.me/ImgQGwqq

RT_com: EU fails to raise 200-billion-euro fund as small nations suffer http://on.rt.com/2nvouq

CCTV English - World: Over 5 bln people without social security: UN, ILO http://tinyurl.com/6sfz8uv

Press TV: China backs new N Korea leader http://dlvr.it/11K14H

Feds claim they "may have legal authority" to censor Twitter account of Somali militant group http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/20/world/africa/us-considers-combating-shabab-militants-twitter-use.html?scp=2&sq=twitter&st=cse

Global Revolution: http://www.portlandoccupier.org/2011/12/15/occupy-portland-outsmarts-police-creating-blueprint-for-other-occupations/ occupyportland experience learned, occupydenver on the move. Don't stay put, loop, loop, Evolving tactics!

Nearly a Third of Americans Are Arrested by 23, Study Says - http://NYTimes.com

RT: Kim Jong-Il: Leader, son of Leader http://on.rt.com/w2oyni

Electronic Intifada: Israeli announces building of 1,028 settlement units as it releases last of 1,027 Palestinian prisoners as part of swap http://ow.ly/84JrI

Press TV: US demands release of CIA spy by Iran http://dlvr.it/11L0fF

Global Revolution: Russia news network covers Direct Democracy Occupy movement http://www.ntv.ru/video/novosti/271463

Wikileaks: Manning pre-trial day 4: in depth witnesses reports http://www.bradleymanning.org/updates/day-four-of-the-bradley-manning-trial-in-depth-notes-from-a-courtroom-viewer-in-bradley-mannings-article-32-hearing

OccupyWallStNYC: A Sign #OccupyWallStreet Is Having Political Impact... http://bit.ly/rBAuxP

Press TV: The United States has demanded that Iran release "without delay" a CIA spy who was recently detained in the... http://fb.me/1isAYoRGA

Seumas Milne: The 'Arab spring' and the west: seven lessons from history' - my piece for the Guardian, with Pathe News archive film http://bit.ly/t8FayX

CounterPsyOps: AFRICOM mission is to provide security for the US robber barons - Cynthia McKinney interviewed by James Corbett - Vi… http://wp.me/p1SHKl-Tq

RT: 'Iran cannot be scared out of having nukes' - ex-IAEA chief http://on.rt.com/id27db

Press TV: Kabila sworn in as DR Congo president http://dlvr.it/11Mf6Q

RT - TheAlyonaShow with DanielEllsberg talking about Manning hearing http://goo.gl/3KOPW

WikiLeaks: Sweden refuses to release CIA rendition flight records (unlike USA,Denmark,Finland,Norway,Ireland) http://www.reprieve.org.uk/press/2011_12_19_rendition_on_the_record/

RT: Syrian Split - Rebels want foreign boots on ground, observers out http://on.rt.com/gbwqlw

Ma'an News Agency: 182 states back Palestine right to self-determination http://bit.ly/sL9R4y

YouTube video http://youtu.be/Xx1i_Fzrd3o?a Occupy Psychopaths 1 (OWS vs. the Pathology of the 1%)

RT America Alyona kicks ass! TheAlyonaShow lands on Forbes list of 30-under-30 http://on.rt.com/h1py8p

MaanNewsAgency: Erekat - Israel searching for new partner http://bit.ly/uU5luR

RT America: CIA won’t disclose involvement in Occupy crackdowns http://on.rt.com/tp66j6

YouTube video http://youtu.be/sQx63-JduXU?a Lt Dan Choi Thrown Out Of Bradley Manning Courtroom In Hand

YouTube video http://youtu.be/rfdn31VfboY?a Uncensored Magazine Friends Of Israel ~ Enemies Inside The Gates

YouTube video from rt america http://youtu.be/jIB88qleY50?a Whistleblowers being demonized in the US?

YouTube video from rt_america http://youtu.be/ST5o8H-tObY?a Drone glitch a huge blow to US military

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