Sunday, December 04, 2011

Self Parody

Israel As A Spurned Facebook Friend
The Worst Propaganda Video Ever?

There was a Twitter comment someone should make a parady of the video below and then a response that it is already the best parody of itself. The video was found at Electronic Intifada and text taken from its 4 December 2011 accompanying article by Ali Abunimah.

A new Israel propaganda video uses a Facebook motif to present Israel as the eternal victim of unremitting violence and enmity while skipping over Israel’s record of ethnic cleansing, occupation, colonization, violence and official hatred against Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims.

The propaganda video released on YouTube depicts Israel sending Facebook “friend requests” and “gifts” of “milk and honey” to Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinians and getting nothing but bombs in return.

After all Israel’s “friend” requests are rejected, the video says “Let’s Talk” – echoing the official propaganda line that Israel is yearning for peace negotiations.

The video was released by the Hasbara Fellowships, a program of Aish HaTorah International, an extremist Zionist group that works to colonize eastern occupied Jerusalem and likens Jews to an “endangered species” of animal.

It’s difficult to tell who the video is aimed at. It may be applauded by those who already buy this shop-worn narrative of Israeli victimhood, but presenting Israel, a brutal apartheid settler-colony, as an earnest Facebook friend among a sea of aggressive Arabs won’t convince too many others.

The Hasbara Fellowships, according to the Aish HaTorah website, is a propaganda program developed at the behest of the Israeli foreign ministry.

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