Thursday, December 29, 2011

Notes Thu 29 Dec 11

Notes and links below are from postings in the Further Left Chat Room and associated Facebook and Twitter pages. Updates added to the top as information develops.

Further Left - Let CIA sorts do their own work by setting Facebook page for new 'Timeline' form coming to you soon, like it or not.

RT - Anonymous to publish #Stratfor emails

RT - 'Israel govt most fascist in history'

Hey America, WTF? Most admired list includes Obama, Trump, Gingrich, GWB and Clinton

RT - Dire Strait: US & Iran trigger happy?

CCTV - U.S. changes anti-terrorist strategy

RT - Gaza Vu: Israel warns of major attack

World Socialist - Obama's global Murder, Inc.

RT - End of Cold War: US hate dies with N.Korean leader?

CCTV English - Yearender: Xinhua's top 10 world news events in 2011

PressTV - Ahmadinejad to tour LatAm nations

CCTV English - US Fifth Fleet says won't allow Hormuz disruption

PressTV - Russia has censured the United States for its human rights violations and underlined the American hypocrisy in...

RT- Start a war to avoid a war? 'No assault on Iran acceptable'

Obama administration secretly preparing options for aiding the Syrian opposition

OZYISM - US buying Mercenaries through Qatar

RT- CIA sifts socialmedia sites [VIDEO]

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