Sunday, December 25, 2011

Notes Mon 26 Dec 11

Notes and links below are taken from postings in the Further Left Chat Room and associated Facebook and Twitter pages. They will be updated throughout the day as available. Later additions are added toward the bottom.

WikiLeaks - Congressman calls for banning Twitter accounts he doesn't like. Another idea from Senator 'kill Wikileaks' Lieberman

CCTV - Over 100,000 anti-gov't demonstrators protest in Yemen

RT - ‘With the collapse of the USSR Russia lost more than during the Second World War’

Press TV - Bahraini regime attacks protesters

RT - From bald eagle to red dragon - Pakistan changes ally

How a farmer defeated Monsanto in spread of genetically modified organisms

Ma'an News - Ashrawi: Withdrawing recognition of Israel could be an option

Press TV - 'US, Israel inciting terrorism in Syria'

Updated as information develops

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