Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Notes Wed 28 Dec 11

Notes and links below are taken from postings in the Further Left Chat Room and associated Facebook and Twitter pages. They will be updated throughout the day as available. Later additions are added toward the bottom.

RT Occupy activists nationwide link up through regular mass conference calls

Press TV Israeli airstrikes kill one in Gaza

RT America - Obama agrees to help Yemen’s murderous president

RT - Destination - Islamic Emirates: Syria insurgents spark religious war

RT - Mainstream Media: Dumbing it Down

Press TV - Canada is secretly transporting large amounts of highly enriched weapons-grade uranium to the United States,...

RT YouTube video - Gaza Massacre: War over, reparations battle rages on

RT America -Patriotic pandering to become president [VIDEO]

White supremacism lives: Judge rules that Mexican American studies program in Tucson violates Arizona law

Israeli launches multiple airstrikes in Gaza

CCTV - Occupy groups to send "Human Float" at New Year Rose Parade in California

Occupy Wall Street's official thank you video.

Ma'an News - Israel's army chief hails Gaza war as 'excellent'

Press TV - 8,000 US troops remain in Iraq

CCTV English - The West tries out old tricks in Russia

RT - ‘Russia and US are in for a very hard year’

RT - Escobar: Syrian rag-tag bands & tanks to face investigation

Press TV - Qatar builds Wahhabi army against Syria

YouTube - War by Deception 2011 The shadow government and shadow economy video

YouTube video - War by Deception Extra

RT- USA in decline while the war machine rages on [VIDEO]

RT - Iran threatens oil artery shut-off if sanctioned

Electronic Intifada - Israel navy attempts to capsize international monitoring boat off Gaza, injures captain

Ma'an News - Israel shells northern Gaza

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