Monday, October 10, 2011


A Psychological Profile of the Petty Minds That Defend Capitalism

by Maria Fernandez

Contrary to popular belief, capitalism’s staunchest defenders are not billionaires. Capitalism’s strongest believers are often a notch or two above the poverty lines. They are traitors from the middle class who harbor hopes of one day becoming filthy rich.

Billionaires know themselves, they know that they are guilty, rotten, human beings. Billionaire recognizing their inherent complicity in the destruction of human lives. This is why the billionaire Warren Buffet recently wrote a letter asking the congress to stop ‘coddling billionaires’.

Billionaires know themselves very well, and they recognize their patterns of deceit instinctively. This is why they have a hard time defending the system vocally. It is the minions, the middle class dogs, who go about telling the world how great capitalism is. It is weak individuals who want to have a bigger house and a fancier car that are always telling us what an amazing, creative, system capitalism is.

At times you get conservatives, who are actually impoverished, defending capitalism, because they secretly aspire to impossible gains and imaginary riches. They are brainwashed human things, who treat thieving billionaires like benevolent fathers.

The defenders of capitalism are idiotic people who are under the spell of capitalism even as it drives the whole world into an escapable cycle of debt and poverty. They are the workers who suck up to the boss. They are the feeble minded creatures who think that worshipping the boss will make you a boss.

The reality of the matter is that these fools defend a system that actually exploits them. They are the modern day uncle toms, house slaves at best. They defend a system that indebts their children. They defend a way of life which destroys their very minds and souls.

Ignore these fools, these pit bull slaves of their capitalist masters. Really, do not waste time on these vocal defenders of capitalism, for they are not the enemy. They are a distraction. They are just mislead morons who think that saying prosperity enough times will make it come to fruition.

Focus on the billionaires, attack the doctrines of the billionaires and the ruling elites, do not attack their vocal domesticated animals.

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