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An Amerikan Article

New York

Power Center for US Financial

and Political Corruption

by moneychanges on October 7, 2011

Instead of boots on the ground in Libya, the American people actually need their military to deploy to Wall Street and the New York Federal Reserve. In an ideal political world the military would have already been ordered to seize control of numerous banking corporations and arrest and detain numerous individuals in the New York financial and political establishment. They could be justified in doing so by the same the practices and standards set for the war on terror which included detention centers and military tribunals. What is happening in New York constitutes high crimes and misdemeanors, sedition, treason, bribery, theft, racketeering, and corruption in ways that threaten the national security of the United States.

Protecting the interests of Wall Street and private banking interests is the core principal of the New York political establishment. New York Judges, district attorney’s, police, Mayors, state officials, and regulators at every level of the state government are either protective of, complicit with, or feign blindness to the criminal nature of their state’s ruling class.

The targeting of former IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn for a questionable prosecution in New York ought to be examined in light of who controls the State of New York politically. The existence of top down political control over New York’s politicians ,government officials, and law enforcement agencies renders the banking elites of New York immune from real investigation or prosecution for wrong doing of any kind. The New York Banking establishment has similarly corrupted the political and legal machinery in Washington DC so that federal regulatory agencies charged with oversight of their activities have their hands tied.

The capability of having such complete control over a state is a significant factor in why so many large banks choose to have their headquarters in New York when there are so many other states to choose from. Such control over the state bureaucracy and media may also implicate New York Banking Interests in complicity in the September 11th terrorist attacks. Only New York officials were in the unique position to conduct a cover ups, block investigations, and derail lawsuits related to the September 11th terrorist attacks at the state level.

At the federal level the Bush administration was filled with Neoconservatives from the New York establishment who could lend a hand in the 911 cover up. According to a New York Times magazine article the Neoconservative movement was born in New York.

“The roots of neoconservatism lie in a remarkable group of largely Jewish intellectuals who attended City College of New York (C.C.N.Y.) in the mid- to late 1930′s and early 1940′s”


Aside from deserving praise for their courage of conviction, the Occupy Wall Street protesters deserve credit for having correctly identified that the primary influence of corruption of the US Government is based in New York not Washington DC. The time has come for Tea Party supporters and like minded conservatives to consider they have been misled in choosing Washington DC as their prime target and to change their focus to the New York Federal Reserve and its member banks.

The US Government’s political and economic problems almost entirely stem from it being a puppet of large banking and financial interests headquartered in New York which are typified by Goldman Sachs. The New York establishment lead the efforts to make the Federal Government adopt ruinous policies of unnecessary wars, economic globalization, free trade, and financial deregulation. The end result of these policies has been the bankruptcy of the financial sector, a huge government debt, the destruction of the US industrial and manufacturing base, and the outsourcing and relocation of most of America’s high tech industry to Asia. To add injury to insult, the New York Financial interests used their power and influence over the New York Federal Reserve to force Americans into bearing the burden of their liabilities which are upwards of 16 trillion dollars.

Conservative mass media are downplaying the Occupy Wall Street protests as being liberal led and aimed at helping President Obama. Some like Alex Jones are calling for occupation protests to be conducted in Washington DC aimed the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve. If the protests stop or if their energy diverted to occupy Washington DC the end result would serve the New York establishment who is presently petrified that they will be the sole focus of nationwide protest. If the focus stays on New York and is expanded to include the New York FED it would be a shot heard around the world, creating a significant political opening in the United States and internationally for real reform of the monetary and banking system.

However if Washington DC is in chaos and under occupation by Egyptian style pro-democracy protesters, and/or tea party populists, then the advantage will be lost to the New York Banking establishment. They will be able to escape unscathed and continue business as usual with an even greater ability to do so. Unlike a government or national corporation, these banks operate internationally and are a powerful force both inside and outside of governments all around the globe. A strong and effective government is the only entity which poses a threat to them. That is why they will likely support and lead efforts to put the United States through an Egyptian style revolution. Such would likely be done with the same New York based leadership that provided support for the Arab revolts.

At present Egypt is politically weak and fractured in the aftermath of its revolution. For that reason the country is at the mercy of the powerful banking interests and foreign intelligence agencies who are attempting to manipulate its political parties and the control the evolution of the new government to their advantage. The ability of international banking interests to have their policies prevail now in Egypt is greater then before the revolution and that may have been the intention by design. Since the beginning of the Arab Revolts there was no real accounting or concern by Arabs for why there was so much support for them from western entities like Google, Facebook, George Soros, and the US State Department under former New York Senator Hillary Clinton. The reality has been that only particular Arab Revolts were supported by the West, and the regimes which had close economic and political ties with the West were protected by them to the best of their ability. After select Arab governments that were out of favor with Western powers were toppled there was no effective governance in those countries. Now these politically weakened countries are subject to increased influence by outsiders who are able to use vast sums of money and other tools of manipulation to steer the formation of policy and outcomes in ways such as aid packages and loans.

What is most important to the New York Establishment is that all these Arab countries stay inside the collapsing dollar denominated Western Financial system a little while longer until they can figure out how they are going to deal with Chinese resistance to their agenda and to a lesser degree resistance from other BRIC countries like Russia. While many see the western financial system collapsing globally the International Bankers in New York and London can only see that they are as close as ever to achieving their dream of one world financial system which is under their control. All of the war, deaths, and chaos which they have helped unleash in the Arab and North African region this year is just a small example of how far they are willing to go to achieve their agenda.

The international network of western power which coordinated to support the Arab Spring still exists and may well be activated to control and steer the direction of the Occupy Wall Street protest movement which is fast becoming a national protest. That network includes finance, television and print media, internet social media, corporations, the US State Department, and numerous activist front organizations like According to a New York Times article the organization is highlighted for its instrumental role in sowing the seeds for the Arab Spring, supporting the revolts as they were in progress, and for being headquartered in New York. The make up of its staff, its inclusion of US government officials as speakers in its conferences, and its big corporate sponsorship all strike of a duplicitous and vast pro-Western and pro-Israel agenda to topple and remake Arab and Middle eastern governments as they see fit.


George Soros is based in New York and has a hedge fund called the Quantum Fund which has been linked to the powerful Rothschild family banking interests. Few will dispute that billionaire speculator George Soros has become the effective owner of the Democratic Party. It is well known that Mr. Soros has used his fortune acquired as international speculator to become a champion of liberal causes through his New York Based Open Society Foundation.

However it is not known how much of the billions he donates to the Open Society Foundation is his own money rather then being money channeled on behalf of other interests like the Rothschild financial empire. Due to how much impact the Soros money is having on toppling governments and determining policy of governments all over the globe shouldn’t more Americans and democratic party members be concerned with his high degree financial support and influence over the Democratic Party and other liberal advocacy groups?

Ironically Soros has has at least one major thing in common with the Tea Party leadership. Neither will come out in favor of directly taking on the corrupt Wall Street/Federal Reserve Banking establishment which are headquartered in New York. Is it a coincidence that Mr. Soros chooses New York as his home base and the headquarters for his Open Society Foundation? Or could it be that he is just following tradition because New York still remains the location of what President Andrew Jackson’s fought against and identified as a “den of vipers and thieves”

Far from being a simple philanthropist George Soros is playing a significant role in the financial domination of the entire world by Western Financial institutions. Like George Soros, many other billionaires in the world today have borrowed their starting capital from a financial oligarchy to which they remain loyal and in the service of throughout their lives. In the United States, that financial oligarchy’s main branch has always been in New York.

The Rothschild Banking family fortune backs the New York Establishment and was accumulated over centuries by usury, war profiteering, creating corporate monopolies, and subverting nations to go to war with one another on behalf of their interests. Some famous American names which were financed by Rothschild Money are JP Morgan and Rockefeller. As New York continues to be the base of operations for this subversion of the United States it is truly the best place to mount an offensive like Occupy Wall Street to restore liberty. And similarly the best place for anti-Federal Reserve protesters to have the most effective impact is a few blocks away from the New York Stock Exchange at the New York Federal Reserve.

With few exceptions, the largest banks in the US are all headquartered in New York. This is a major factor in why the New York FED is extraordinary powerful in relation to the other 11 Federal Reserve District Banks. The New York FED is also where the vast majority of bank bailouts from 2007 to 2009 were conducted rather than the Federal Reserve Headquarters in Washington DC. In actuality, shutting down the New York Fed would have a greater financial and political impact then shutting down every one of the other 11 district offices. New York Banks represent the greatest of all financial liabilities to the taxpayer due to risk associated with their activities. Conservatively these liabilities have already run into the tens of trillions of dollars from FED bailouts. If potential losses from derivatives and credit default swaps are factored in those numbers may approach the hundreds of trillions. The New York FED plays the indispensable role in transferring the liability from these private New York banks to the American people.


The United Nations is Headquartered in New York, and in the last decade New York based Goldman Sachs has come to be publicly recognized as having the most pervasive and detrimental influence on Washington DC of any New York Bank. However there is a lesser publicized entity that is perhaps more influential then Goldman Sachs on US policy. New York Based Kissinger Associates and Henry Kissinger himself may be playing a greater role than Goldman Sachs behind the scenes by setting US government policy and having a strong influence over government officials. The path to powerful positions for many notable diplomats and politicians continues to cross paths with Henry Kissinger. That would include former New York Senator Hillary Clinton who is now Secretary of State and has maintained an unprecedented relationship with Henry Kissinger. Secretary Clinton has established a track record of advocating policies which are virtually indistinguishable from those advocated by Dr. Kissinger . Additionally there is former New York Federal Reserve Chairman Timothy Giethner who is now the current US treasury Secretary. Mr. Giethner actually began his career working for Kissinger Associates.


The real budgetary hemorrhaging of the US Government in recent years results from enormous defense spending to conduct wars which serve to protect the interests of large international banks and advance their agenda. For example President Obama’s expansion of military operations in Afghanistan serves to benefit New York banks in their currency battles with China. The ongoing NATO military aggression against Libya has been the most overt case to date of a war to maintain monopolistic interests of bankers over world reserve currency. Like Libya, the Iraq war was also consistent with objectives of international banking interests and allied with the interests of their most powerful partner the Isreali lobby. Some estimates for the overall costs of the Iraq war run as high as $3 trillion

The New York monied interests have a long sorted history of being pro-soviet and anti-capitalist going back as far as the early 1900′s when Wall Street Financiers backed the Communist Revolution in Russia. During the Great Depression, Wall Street would have destroyed America’s capitalistic system entirely had it not been for the bold leadership of a wealthy Texan named Jesse Jones who chaired the Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

In his powerful position as Chairman of the RFC Jones was given a blank check by congress to economically mobilize the nations defenses for World War II. In that capacity Jones became the Father of the Military Industry Complex as it has come to be known. During the late 1930′s and 40′s, Jones engaged in an intense battle with New York financial interests and their agents in the Roosevelt White House in the course of getting the American Economy back on its feet. Those battles by Jones to take control over the nations credit and have influence over US war industries set the foundation for the eventual shifting of US policy against Communism in the later 1940′s. Due to the hostilities between the New York Bankers and the Texas establishment represented by Jones, it was no accident that many of the largest defense companies which sprung up under the RFC during World War were headquartered in Texas and allied with Texas Oil interests. Of the many large World War II military industrial complex companies that were financed by Jesse Jones, few were based in New York and fewer, if any at all, were controlled by New York Banking interests.

However the Military Industrial Complex of today is not what it was then. The Presidency of George W. Bush and the false flag terrorism of 911 signifies the fusion of the US Military Industrial Complex with the pro-Isreal New York Banking Establishment. The political expression of this fusion of interests is nothing other than “Neoconservativism” and its related political organizations like PNAC. This unholy alliance may or may not be permanent, but no matter the intention of its leadership the alliance could likely fracture into mutual conflict like what happened in the 1940′s and 50′s where the two factions were at odds with each other. Such a circumstance would be desirable as it would change the balance of power in Washington DC and therefore the world as a whole. This would more greatly empower the 99% who are being represented by the Occupy wall street protests, and would go a long way toward ending the current needless US military involvement in the Muslim world.

One scenario which could bring about that change is a complete focus of public protest on the New York Establishment by continuing the current Occupy Wall Street actions. Another possibility for a non-violent solution which breaks the unholy Neoconservative alliance between Defense Interests and New York Banking Interests is to successfully implement a Truth and Reconciliation Commission which grants amnesty for all crimes involving national security including 911, Kennedy Assassination, Iran Contra, and of the Cold War era as a whole. This would require the truth be told on public record and admission to crimes in order to gain amnesty or a pardon for specific crimes. While no one could go to jail, it has the potential to bring out the truth and identify and remove from power all those who are either guilty or compromised in some way. A large number of individuals in the Banking Sector and US national security establishment are being threatened or blackmailed in order to make them continue participating in ongoing coverups and immense crimes against humanity and the state which are financial, political, and military in nature.

Wall Street and the New York Banking establishment are the genesis of this corruption in the United States and have always been the greatest enemy of American capitalism. Wall Street remains the antithesis of what defines real free market competition in world commerce and banking today. If economic history was truthful taught in universities then it would be more widely known that Jesse Jones and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation played the leading role in rescuing capitalism from Wall Street and New York Bankers during the Great Depression. It is for that reason that American conservatives should not have to think twice about declaring a revolutionary war on New York Banking interests for fear of undermining capitalism. Aside from undermining and exploiting markets that are not policed or regulated, what does today’s Wall Street have to do with the kind of capitalism associated with production, industry, manufacturing, small business, competition, opportunity, and private ownership?

Even free societies need laws and to empower police that will enforce them. Without laws and law enforcement a society will break down and the worst aspects of human nature will manifest themselves in ways that threaten the public good. The same is true of free markets. Aside from the financial cost to the public, the failure of Wall Street is most dangerous because of the threat to liberty it poses.

Wall Street and New York Banks have grown into a tyranny that works against private ownership, free markets, and entrepreneurship. Such an outcome could have been predicted if people would have presumed human nature to be the same in economic life as it is in personal life. For instance, imagine what would happen if state and local governments shut down police stations and jails. What if laws were revoked which punish murder, rape, theft, etc? Wouldn’t we expect an increase in crime and chaos to follow such a move? The predictable outcome would be that rather than the most noble, the most ruthless individuals would take advantage of the disorder and be most capable of organizing themselves to rule over the rest of society as a criminal elite. That is exactly what we are seeing from the New York Financial Establishment today.

Free Market ideology is not compatible with a constitutional republic that practices capitalism, rather it is a Trojan horse intended to destroy that very political system and replace it with a morally corrupt financial means of dictatorship. Conservatives and the tea party faithful should join the protest movement on Wall Street and buck their phony leadership by changing their target from Washington DC to New York.

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