Friday, October 07, 2011

Michael Rivero

Next False Flag: Israel trying to Shut Down American Revolution

I have been following the Occupy Wall Street and some of its look-a-likes in other US cities through internet news and our Occupy Wall Street Forum post. There have been changes, not only of location spread but also character cast evolving from begining wannabe young white know-it-alls knowing little to that of image enhancing visiting celebrities, union groups, older people, darker skin shade, and even appearance of political activism experience. Of all the placards read and slogans heard there are two words not yet noted, "Israel" and "Palestine". However, that may be changing also. Michael Rivero, an internet broadcaster, uploaded the following introductory text and 15 minute video to YouTube on 4 October 2011.

"I'll tell you who stands to lose the most if occupy America works, and that is ISRAEL. Israel is scared out of their minds if this succeeds, for two reasons: If Israel does not succeed in derailing occupy WallST / occupy America they are going to lose all those billions of dollars that come from the US govt to buy them weapons to shower them all over Palestinian children, they are going to lose all the weapons they get sent to them for free by the US government, they are going to lose all those loan gaurentees, and most importantly Israel will lose the VETO of the US at the UN security council, without which they could not have gotten away with their war crimes for the last 1/4 of a century... that is who is REALLY trying to derail this right now, this nation is a slave to Israel by virtue of the government being a slave to Israel. If the American people throw out the US federal government, Israel has lost their biggest herd of slave animals and walking wallets, and I think that's the reason Alex Jones is out there bashing the Occupy WallST people."

The entire two hour broadcast can be watched here

Rivero's other YouTube videos are at

Many more are on his channel at

Anyone who catches this, might take the time to keep an eye on, where similar related material including that of Rivero's are featured.

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