Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shortest Coup

Kim Bartley and Donnacha O'briain were Irish independent filmmakers inside the Venezuela's presidential palace on April 11, 2002, when President Hugo Chávez was forcibly removed from office. They were also present 48 hours later when, remarkably, he returned to power amid cheering aides. Their 2006 Spanish language, English subtitled, film, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised was widely shown internationally and won many awards for outstanding documentary as it records what was probably history's shortest-lived coup d'état and humiliating failure of now admitted amerikan CIA attempts to configure who can have what government.

Hugo Chávez was and has been reelected president of Venezuela since 1998. He is a colorful, unpredictable folk hero, beloved by his nation's working class and a tough-as-nails quixotic opponent to the power structure that would see him deposed. The film is a unique document about political muscle and an extraordinary portrait of the man that may be Washington's biggest Latin American headache after what had been their old standby, Cuba. Those two have shown the way despite USA efforts. Credit them with leading the rest of the continent's rapid move toward Bolivarian revolution.

There is another film of same length and name appended by "Radiografia de una mentira (XRay of a lie)" that claims
"THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED is a propaganda film designed to distort the Venezuelan reality that occurred on april 11, 2002. What has now been widely called a coup against Hugo Chavez. Its authors used the good faith and patronage of recognized European TV Corporations as the BBC, RTE, ZDF, NPS/Cobo, Arte and YLE. "X Ray of a lie" shows the grave omissions, informative bias and direct lies of the film."
That film is linked by clicking here. It should not take much of a look to determine which of the two is disinformation and why the latter is not included on this Forum. Noting preponderance of skin color is a probably unintended clue that may relieve any confusion. If that does not do it for you, Wikipedia has a full description of the film(s) developments, receptions, and dispute over which is disinformation here.

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