Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scientific Racism

There is no biological basis for existence of human races anymore than there is to so classify differences between spotted and chestnut horses. Its non biological basis developed and was promoted as moral justification for slavery, genocide, colonialism, and imperialism in order to square with otherwise contrary social, political, and religious beliefs.

It has and still serves rulers well as an effective divide and conquer strategy. People who fight each other do not fight those that keep them fighting. Racism is taught well and has to be for rulers to benefit. It is the grease that allows their wheels of commerce to turn.

Consider racism a part of your make up no matter your locale, beliefs held, or physical characteristics. Denying it does not hide it. It shows. It always does. The best we can do is to devote our lives to fighting it.

The problem is you can't fight racism effectively until recognizing it in yourself, realizing your part in it, and accepting responsibility for that. Only when knowing who you are, can you deal effectively with what others are and do.

The Science of Race from D. Eric Harmon on Vimeo.

This video leaves some questions begging. What social political, and economic constructs does racism support? What are we going to do about those?

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