Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No More Zionism

The Arab Spring
Will lead to the Disappearance of Despotism
and Zionism from the Middle East

September 13th, 2011
Salim Nazzal

While the Middle East changing towards the values of democracy and human rights, nothing indicates that Israel is moving towards change. Those people won’t change because the whole Zionist culture is based on war said an Arab writer. This might be the explanation of the inability of the Israeli right wing to see the changes in the region, which makes the opposition leader tsivi livni warns that this road leads Israel to self destruction. Indeed while the question of human rights has become the central issue in the Arab spring, the policy of theft and land grab continues to be the main characteristic of the Israeli policy. And there is no single indication which shows that Israel is ready to change this course.

The late episode of the killing of 6 Egyptian soldiers by Israel and the rejection of Israel to apologies is yet another evidence that Israel is unable to know that Arabs are changing .Israel apparently see that this apology reflects weakness of the state of Israel which suffered lately a heavy loss after the expulsion of its ambassador from Turkey as a respond to the Marmara massacre where 9 Turks were killed by Israeli soldiers. And instead of trying to deal diplomatically with it. Israel declares that it will arm the PKK which is the outlaw Kurdish movement in turkey in a defiant step which most Middle East observers think it will worsen even more the Turkish Israeli relation.

In the view of several Egyptian observers the Egyptian popular march towards the Israeli embassy in Cairo was expected from the Egyptian people who felt humiliated and insulted by Israel. “Israel needs to know it is Egypt the Revolution which it deals with now and not Egypt Mubarak” said Wahid abd al majid from al ahram research centre.

It is worthy to remember that the state of Israel was planted by the European colonized powers in the Palestine in a period when most Arab countries were occupied and ruled by dictatorships after the independence. This might explain why Israel succeed end to defeat Arab countries which consolidate the myth in Israel that the small state of Israel defeat all Arabs and that one Jew worthy than one million Arabs etc of the Zionist propaganda of that time. But it is obvious that this myth also belongs to the past which is about to end.

The Egyptian popular march to the Israeli embassy provides solid evidence that Israel will have serious problems with the Arabs masses in the future. And the time of buying an Arab president and making a “peace treaty” with, belongs also to the same past which Israeli belongs to.

On light of these developments two major phenomenons are fading in the Middle East, the first is Arab despotic regimes, the second is Zionism. Both phenomenon are based on theft, oppression and power abuse. And thusly both phenomenon are interdependent and the fall of one will necessarily lead to the fall of the other. This does not mean that this will happen tomorrow but the courses of these historical events indicate beyond doubt towards the disappearance of these two phenomenon.
Salim Nazzal is a Palestinian-Norwegian historian in the Middle East, who has written extensively on social and political issues in the region. His writing has been published in various publications and translated into more than 13 languages.

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