Friday, June 03, 2011

Fire In The Booth

Glenn Beck is trying to create a media storm with the UK single "Freedom for Palestine"

Beck Condemns the UK band Coldplay For Promoting "Evil" "Propaganda" Trying To "Destroy Israel" When they endorsed this song on their facebook page to their fans.

The video has been treated with mixed messages by the fans of One World group. Although the sites which are promoting this song have welcomed Glenn Beck's "hilarious" comments as added promotion to the song, the cause and highlighting events towards Gaza in the coming weeks for the Freedom Flotilla ship II.

The UK Single may not make it onto the BBC airplay, but are heavily promoting this song on the World Wide Web via Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. Reports are that Facebook removed one of their links as it was reported as "abusive".

It will also be the needle with which to poke the BBC if, it DOES make the No 1 slot. As the BBC have long held the stance that they must remain "impartial". Their impartiality has also been highlighted with the rappers, where they have been allowed to swear on the radio on a rap show with the 'killing it' title "Fire in the booth." They are allowed to swear on a dedicated rappers 'license,' but have been heavily edited when they included "Gaza Strip" in their lyrics. Some respected rappers have even been moved to a 3am slot when they thought that it was a 'prime time' show.

The single "Freedom for Palestine" by One World is a collaboration of artists, but more notably Maxi Jazz, Aka Faithless. He decided to to do something, when he saw for himself in Gaza, how 'difficult' it was to move as a free citizen. He was asked to go to Israel and Gaza as a much admired DJ/rapper and respected artist. So he saw for himself that something had to be done. He is not known as an activist artist. So his decision to make a single was very exiting to all those that have been singing and rapping about this issue for years.

This song can be downloaded on Itunes and HMV sites. This is their site, but they have social sites too

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