Monday, May 30, 2011

Suffering is Nothing

A Metropolitan Police inquiry has found that. "Officers were justified by pulling a student fees protester Jody McIntyre, from his wheelchair and inadvertently hitting him with a baton."

The incident occurred during the large scale demonstrations against the Governments Policy in December 2010. The police action had claimed that the "action had been lawful." Jody McIntrye was interrogated quite roughly by the BBC newsreader (some found). But he had the advantage of being on live TV, to make some very rational and valid points.

When he was asked what was his reaction to the judgement? He calmly stated "I think that my suffering at the hands of the police IS NOTHING compared to the suffering of the Palestinian people at the hands of the "Apartheid State of Israel. It is NOTHING compared to the suffering of Sean Rigg who died in Brixton police station.."

Jody McIntyre suffers with cerebral palsy. The right wing press have a disdain for him as he is an activist, but they "hit hard" when they said he uses his illness as a cover, "because he climbed 9 stories of a building." (What they don't mention is that he was aided).

The fact is that he is admired as a great speaker and has a presence of mind to quell the most indecent questions put before him. He is part of an an group of young eloquent speakers and rappers, that have a big fan following in the UK and wider. That may be the very reason why he was targeted by the police as a "risk"

Is it an irony that the police said that they pulled him out of his own wheelchair, as they "assessed" that he may be at a danger from OTHER activists? His own brother is shown very clearly pushing him, and unable to to rally to his defence as he was pulled from his wheelchair by four policemen and dragged across a deserted main road.

This video is very blurry, and is just to remind us of the horror of what the police are capable of. There are other video's that you can clearly see Jody's brother in distress as his disabled brother is hit and beaten for the second .. Yes, the second time that day!

But as Jody McIntyre so eloquently says "It is NOTHING compared to the suffering of the Palestinian people!"

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