Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Go To Syria


This pertains to the article of same title published here on 30 May 2011. It was submitted by Forum member neitzschebabie, who found it on the same date reporting of Yossi Gurvitz. He described himself there as an Israeli writer who was but no longer is an Orthodox Jew and member of Israel's military.

Mr. Gurvitz tells how Isreali leftists are often asked by right wingers why they do not move to Syria. He offers a short article that contradicts the rightist position. We posted the text of his article with some modification appropriate to our Forum.

We received an email from Gurvits the next day stating:

"My name is Yossi Gurvitz. One of your members has taken a post of mine, changed it, and posted it on your forum in a way which is way beyond what is considered to be fair use, Furthermore, he did not link to the original post. Kindly limit the post to 30 words, with a link, or remove it."

The text copied from Yossi Gurvitz' post has been removed as requested. The YouTube video showing Israeli police beating peace demonstrators remains. It was publically posted to YouTube and embeded from its saving in the furtherleft YouTube channel. Gurvits' original article is at http://972mag.com/author/yossig/.

We leave Mr. Gurvitz, if he should check back, a statement regarding our view of information ownership. It is quoted here from the front page of our Further Left Library, to whit: "Library, Forum, and Chat system is independent of other media. Content is copylefted to use as you choose."

That rests on operating belief that creation belongs to the world for benefit of all rather than owned to somehow enhance creator or 'owner' status among others. It illustrates favoring we over me as the essential defining concept of "left".

The following video subtitle is verbatim from Gurvitz' work. Note it contains just 13 stolen words.

A message to those there wishing the leftist Israelis would move to Syria

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