Thursday, March 12, 2009

USAish verus English

Is USAish the same as English?
It has been long thought that the people of the USA speak the English language, as it understood by the rest of the world. In this I disagree.
I will agree that English words are used in the USA; however words alone do not a language make. The meaning of the words is the language: the message the words deliver, this is the language.
For those who do not understand USAish, I will list a few examples of words and give the meaning.
1. “Peace” in English= the absence of war or violence. In USAish= no one is fighting or causing violence or harm to me. example; The USA is at peace with Mexico, Cuba, Central America, and the African countries.
2. “Love” in English can be used in first person, second person, or third person; in USAish it is only used in third person tense. So actually when one says, “I love you” in USAish, they are actually saying ‘I don’t hate you because you are of benefit to me.
3. The word “War” in English is translated into USAish as “Police action”
Even words like ‘politically correct” has a subtle difference in USAish. Just by a USAer saying he is speaking politically correct, implies superiority over the subject or person he is speaking of, as in” I Will not use the N word because I am to good to do that” They would never consider, that having to think not to say something is the same as saying it.
These are just a few examples, There are many more. Time and space prevents a complete list: However it is enough to draw attention to the difference between the two languages. If one would closely listen then he/she can spot many more.

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