Tuesday, March 10, 2009

There Was A Time

There was time when democracy existed.

There once was a land, a people who lived in peace with nature. Even in times of war, they seldom killed the enemy. Instead they would run close to the enemy and tap him on the shoulder, to indicate a win.

They had no rulers, only leaders that were freely chosen, and could just as easy be replaced. The leaders were very seldom held their position for life. It was a not a paid position ,but was preformed out of service to the tribe, for the good of all.

When a new leader was to be chosen it was the women who would chose four or five good men to recommend to the council to be chosen. No one could be chosen by the council that was not first chosen by the women. The reason for this is that they knew men were usually stronger and more dominate then women. A man might use this power to abuse or harm the women . By the women chosen the candidates for leaders and council, this help insure that all men treated the women fairly and equally.

The one a day a new people came to their land. These were strange people. They had rulers, they each farmed or hunted for themselves, thinking nothing of the others in their tribe or group.

They treated their women as if they were inferiors. They said their God told them this is the way it should be.

The people of the land showed these new people how to grow the crops of corn ,squash and beans. They taught them how to hunt the deer and were very surprised when these new people would hunt and kill the deer even in the summer, when there was ample food to be had. They welcomed the new ones and accepted them as friends.

These people of the land are no more. The new soon prayed to their God. He told them these people were not subduing the land the way His holy book said should be done. their God said they had manifest destiny, from him to take this land ,subdue it and remove these people of the land.

These new peoples carried out the orders from their God with much energy and vigor. Soon the people of the land were no more. Oh sure, some of them still are around, but as simple neglected outcasts

This once Golden land ,the last paradise on Earth has since become the wasteland of the world. The many deer are almost gone, the dirt has been all blow away, the pristine rivers are all polluted. The freedom and democracy that once was practiced here is nothing but forgotten history.

There is hope yet for this Land, for the world. Some say that one day the new people and the old people of the land will join together and reclaim the land and return it to it's past glory.

Where are these people, where do they live, what are their names. When will they act? Today, tomorrow? When it is too late for the land, for the people? Yes who are these people? Am I one of them. ARE YOU?

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