Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's not Immigrants

Immigrants Commit Fewer Crimes
SAN DIEGO -- Immigrants are far less likely to commit crime in
California than native-born residents, according to a report by the
Public Policy Institute of California.

The report released Monday analyzed California's adult prison
population and found that U.S.-born adult men are incarcerated in
state prisons at rates up to 3.3 times higher than foreign-born men.
Among men ages 18-40, the age group most likely to commit crime,
those born in the United States are 10 times more likely than
immigrants to be in county jail or state prison.

Noncitizen men from Mexico ages 18-40, a group disproportionately
likely to have entered the United States illegally, are more than 8
times less likely than U.S.-born men in the same age group to be in
a correctional setting, according to the report.

The findings are notable, according to the report, because
immigrants in California are more likely than the U.S.-born to be
young and male and to have low levels of education -- all
characteristics associated with higher rates of crime and

Yet the report shows that institutionalization rates of young male
immigrants with less than a high school diploma are extremely low,
particularly when compared with U.S.-born men with low levels of

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