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International Conference against Foreign Military Bases

10 novembre 2005

The delegates from 22 countries, gathered in Havana City for the II International Conference against Foreign Military Bases, summoned by the Cuban Movement for Peace and People's Sovereignty, during November 7-10, 2005, aware of the dangers that today's world confronts,


- The growing wave of violence and social injustice that causes multiple sufferings to the great majority of the world population, which is manifested in aggression wars, economic exploitation, different expressions of terrorism and damages to the natural environment, that have unleashed natural disasters in the last times with a balance of hundreds of thousands victims that also suffer from official neglect.

- The system of foreign military bases, especially those from the US imperialism, most of the time imposed on the governments and always against the will of their people and to the detriment of national sovereignty and self-determination.

- The imperialist offensive tactics of re-accommodation or redistribution of their military bases in the world, in the so-called arch of world instability (Third World), comprising the main oil reserves and other strategic resources.

- The current versions of the imperialist strategy that can end up creating unnecessary new military bases, based on the different manifestations of their military presence through new-type enclaves such as the use of ports and airports, advanced operative sites and cooperative security facilities.

- The disastrous policy of trying to fight terrorism through war and terror.

After a thorough analysis, convinced that humanity has never been so threatened and attacked as it is now,


- The use of imperialist military presence aiming at controlling large water, oil and biodiversity reserves.

- The strategy of the US domination based on the militarization of outer space and the antimissile defense.

- The constant aggressions to the natural environment derived from the imperialist military presence, damaging the ecological balance.

- The disrespect of some USA soldiers to human rights in different ways, such as the outrage towards population, the violence that millions of women and children are subjected to, in particular sexual violations and other crimes that are not sanctioned in the countries that suffer them, because of the immunity that the US soldiers have.

- The damage that the US military presence causes to social life in different areas of the planet: infant and youth prostitution, displacements of communities, negative impacts on the family, the terror of civil population in the presence of troop movements, siren sounds and others.

- The fact that the US imperialism has made of Guantánamo military base in Cuba an international jail and a torture center; tortures they also practice in other secret and illegal detention centers.

- The activity of the US South Commando in Latin America.

- The presence of the US military belt along the Amazon frontier.

- The presence of US soldiers in Paraguay, showing the plans to control the largest water reserves in the world and to change the Triple Border into the third area of military occupation.

- Manta Base as a complementary project of the Colombia Plan that, together with Aruba and Curazao bases, are spearheads of the aggressive project against Bolivarian Venezuela.

- The illegal presence of Guantánamo Base in Cuba, violating the rights and sovereignty of the Cuban people.

- The growing and illegal militarization of Japan and the use of Okinawa military bases to control Asia and the Pacific; representing a real threat to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the People's Republic of China.

- The use of NATO as a police force of imperialism and in particular of the USA in their strategy to siege Russia and the People's Republic of China and to eliminate any possible uprising from the peoples of the member countries; under the disguise of safeguarding democracy, human rights, of fighting terrorism and of "humanitarian interventions".

- Every kind of aggressions carried out from USA military bases and NATO to Italy and in particular to the Sardinia Island, where the population's health, especially the children's health, is seriously damaged.

- The illegal occupation of Iraq.

- The constant violations of the rights of the Palestinian people.

- The growing military presence of USA in Africa with the objective, among others, of controlling mineral resources.

- The use of high financial budgets in the arms race that are diverged from the cooperation to sustainable development and to the fight against poverty.

Therefore, the participants in this Conference,


That, in the face of the changes in the world panorama and because of the new strategies of imperialist dominance to restrain the forces that fight for a better world in the whole planet, we reaffirm our decision to continue working systematically to stop and to eliminate the terror crusade that imperialism is carrying out under the pretext of fighting terrorism. In the presence of foreign military bases and the different forms of foreign military presence, we must strengthen the NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL BASES OF PEACE by increasing the efforts to achieve the unity of all the forces fighting for peace in the world. In order to fulfill this objective, we propose the implementation of an action plan that will take into account the following aspects:

- To mobilize all the forces fighting to make the possibility of a better world a reality so as to achieve the celebration of the World Day against Foreign Military Bases and Foreign Military Presence.

- To continue working in all the international forums we could attend, in order to denounce this criminal and genocide policy.

- To work in favor of the objective of strengthening the movement of world peace-fighters by enlarging and strengthening our links with related international organizations.

- To define strategies with a view to the Polycentric Forum of the WSF to be held in Caracas in 2006 and to launch their influence toward the polycentric forums in Africa and Asia, foreseen for January, 2006.

- To actively participate in the World Conference against Foreign Military Bases foreseen to take place in Ecuador on March, 2007.

- To work for the expansion of peace movements and for the elimination of foreign military presence, especially, NATO and United States Military Bases.

- To systematize the celebration of international events related to this issue.

- To maintain the banner of unity in a high position, so as to preserve sovereignty.

- To propitiate the formation of National Committees against foreign Military Bases in all the countries where the bases are located.

- To further the movement against Military Bases and foreign military presence in the Middle East with the participation of different forces, providing them a space in the international movements.

- To fight against the militarization projects of the outer space.

- To encourage the implementation of large social mobilizations against the imperialist strategy, similar to the ones that recently took place in Argentina and other countries of the region in protest against the Summit of the Americas and against the presence of the USA President.

- To continue the fight for the disarmament and for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

- To propitiate the dialogue among national organizations that fight for peace with the purpose of neutralizing border conflicts.

- To support the international campaign against the war in Iraq.

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