Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blow-up, Reconstruct

& Blow-up Again

By Layla Anwar
Source: ArabWomanBlues

A couple of Amerikkkan readers-- well they are not really readers, they are just blog spies/agents, whose objective is to monitor Iraqi blogs and report back to the Boss -- asked me to write about the Askari mosque's "reconstruction" in Samarra.

Prior to the Amerikkkan occupation, this mosque was NEVER the target of any "sectarian" strife. There was NO sectarian strife in Iraq prior to the Nazis's landing.

Once the Amerikkkans landed, and divided Iraq along sectarian and ethnic lines, that mosque became the object of "terrorism" and was blown away in February 2006.

After that date, Iraq witnessed the bloodiest "sectarian violence" whose majority of victims were Sunnis.

From that day onward, the Iraqi Arab Sunni population dwindled down from 40% to 20%.
That same group is subjected to the most grotesque human rights violations -- detention with no trial, hideous torture by the Shia militias and the Amerikkkans, imprisonment in ghettoes, forced unemployment, deliberate impoverishement, staving off Sunni areas from any public services (health/water/electricity/garbage collection...) and pushing a majority of them into exile.

The female journalist from Al-Jazeerah, (Sunni/Iraqi - again I forgot her name - Abtar?), who covered this event, was found stripped naked and murdered - in a car. She, in fact, knew too much.

What she knew and they forbade her from airing, by taking her life away - was that those who blew up the Askari mosque were none other than American/Israeli operatives using local militias and of course blaming it on "Al-Qaeda."

Now, we're told they're reconstructing that mosque again. And I will not be suprised to find out that the reconstruction bid was offered to an American company. I suppose once done, the Amerikkkans, with their "Al-Qaeda" will blow it up again.

Then we will all brace ourselves for more "sectarian" violence, so the American/Israeli plan can be fully completed - the official partition of Iraq.

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