Monday, June 11, 2007

Evil Deeds

Heed The Warning Signs

I see America doing two things right now with Mexico that really should be looked at and made public so the truths of it can be sorted out and displayed as a whole that will enable the world to see it clearly.

America is not just severely abusing Mexico and its people, but they are setting them up for worse. This War on Drugs they have created is to just get the American public sympathy and fear behind their efforts, and to cover up for deeper reasons and actions. The NAFTA Invasion is meant to destabilize the country and take advantage of it. The War on Migrants serves many purposes, some obvious, and many others little known to the public.

One of the things I have been observing is the direction the drug war is taking. First America makes drugs illegal and creates an underground market to meet the needs of its people. Drug lords and drug territories are established and a lax system of controlling it legally is set up. So the profits come in, everyone on the take and getting their share, one way or another, off the illegality of it. Then next, tear this system apart by pretending America is protecting its citizens from themselves by cracking down on Mexico. The drug trade then splinters into many many want to be drug leaders, down to the local gangs and neighborhoods. This has caused chaos and untold harm to government and society here. The battle is on, the demand for drugs increase and the violence fighting for dominance in this war spreads like a plague. Mexico is blamed for this, America paints a picture to the world to show how it is our fault for not cooperating.

Now, to make matters even worse, the Americans are supplying these drug gangs with weapons, they pour across the border in huge supply. Weapons that compete with the military here. The Mexican military which America has demanded they fight their own people over this war. Soon America will have these gangs organized into small armies that will help them continue to undermine this country and its present government. They already have an iron grip on Mexico’s throat with their drug policies and how they use them to control even what type of world loans we can get here and what type of international help for progress can be had. America is doing nothing less than trying to destroy Mexico, any way it can.

And I have been watching the way this immigration farce has been going. They are setting it up like a money making business that specializes in oppression as its main working tool. No more the easy flow of workers crossing back and forth, picking up the work Americans feel they cannot do themselves. Being able to pay low wages is not enough profit now. There are many things that are wrong with the new immigration policies, but one that really deserves attention is Americas ability to now jail these workers and put them to work for free in these facilities. American jails are crowded with the innocent, and now they will have their share of people because they were seeking work that they got the message was available for them if they could get there.

Here are some quotes of what is planned when the Mexican workers are caught now.

Illegal entry – 6 months in prison
2nd illegal entry — 2 years in prison
3 misdemeanors plus illegal entry — 10 years in prison
Felony with 30 months in prison followed by illegal entry — 15 years in prison
Illegal reentry after deportation — 2 years in prison
Visa fraud — 15 years in prison

Making criminals of these people is wrong in everyway. America is a nation that does not care about people, but only how to use them. They have stirred up this whole stink in order to open up the situation for more abuse. Their decisions are not ones that take in the welfare of humans or the needs of others. Any policies or laws they are making are to spread the oppression even deeper.

Criminal nation, it needs a lesson that will forever stop it from the evil it does in the name of its progress.

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