Monday, May 28, 2007

Sneaking It In

Dictator Bush
Bush opens the way to become dictator. Also alarming is the fact that this nation-changing information was not made readily available to all the public, as one should think it would concern them too. Or perhaps this uninformed public has near accepted this as fate already and do not need to know. The changing faces of America, in all its forms of what they purposefully mislable democracy. The Supreme Ruler, and their Commander and Chief.

No need to even bother themselves if he is right or wrong, they will just follow, so faithful, Bush and his God. It is so easy, for those with vision, to see the trap as it was constructed, and as it was set, then sprung.

America does not realize it, but it is already over, just the remants of what could have been or use to be, and an overpowerful handful of thugs at the top who have sacrificed their country and their people for world power and greed.

Here is a link to a very interesting article about how Bush and Co. have arranged their laws so that he can be a dictator. All he needs now is to cause 9/11 Number Two.

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