Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Sonic Branding

I've been noticing that many companies have been using sonic brands with their commercials. For example, I'm sure you've heard of the sound branding when you turn on your computer, the Microsoft chime, or intel inside tone. Also, you can't miss the T-Mobile tone dah-dah-bing-dah. Well during a commercial yesterday, I heard a sound like a cell phone ringing during a McDonald's commercial. I was compelled to find it. I asked my kids where the cellphone ringing was and they told me it's part of the commercial. I asked them how long McDonald's has been doing that. They told me it's been that way for about a couple months now, where have you been? Indeed the cellphone ring tone is on the background of most of the McDonalds commercials in the morning.

This got me to look around as far as other places noises are used to get people to pay attention to the drone of the television. Once you pay attention, it's really obvious why people are hypnotized to the pro-war news on Fox. What kinds of sounds do you hear in the background of TV programs and commercials? How are they being used to direct the masses?

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