Friday, May 05, 2006

A Cup Of Coffee

A Cup Of Coffee is the name of a novel written by Further Left Chat Room participant yabasta, who also posts here in the Further Left Forum as zatikia. It is the story of a couple who expatriate to rural Mexico from the United States in the late 1980's. It is autobiographically drawn from the author's experiences and was written as it happened. The book's jackets state:

This story is about a women and her husband who want to find permanency in the country that they have chosen to live.

It is Mexico in the late eighties. The story tells of the life and adventures of Sky and America Summersun along with their family of dogs and friends in a small village on the Pacific Coast.

"A real tumble-down house sways with winds and rocks with the pounding of the surf. No two measurements the same and everything on it has a story behind it. Each small addition a major accomplishment in itself."

"The dolphins are here often, but it is always a thing to marvel at. The tunas adding their bright flash as they break free of the water for a moment are a gift to the senses from nature."

Full of descriptions of the area and the people, the author paints a vivid picture of her life and surroundings. The Spanish and English languages mix comfortably with each other in this tale. It is simple and honest.

Yabasta has offered us a full pdf format version for screen reading. It may be downloaded from the Prose and Poetry section of the Further Left Library, which is linked here in the left column.

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