Monday, April 10, 2006

Deja Vu - Again

Semour Hersh broke the story on Vietnam's Mai Lai massacre in which the US army spent a few hours killing every man, woman and child -- all unarmed civilians -- in the vicinity, about 500 all told, in which women were raped and babies were used as target practice. Hersh brought it all out in the open.

He didn't end the war any more than did those less stupid and more sensitive of the US by protesting in the streets. But along with them, he helped that population's less crazy acquiesce and finally accept victory of the Vietnamese over American invaders. For that he received a Pulitzer prize and several other awards.

Hersh did not rest on those laurels. He let the world know of the "The Samson Option" that Israel was secretly stockpiling nuclear weapons. Hersh made lie of US bombing Sudan's pharmaceutical factory under pretense it was used for terrorist activity. That was before he broke the story of Abu Ghaib prison torture.

It is hard to believe most US political writers and the wish-they-were's of foreign fawners are so dumb as to believe the tripe they parrot in defense of US actions and societal attitudes. So, if not stupid, then consider them whores for whatever gain. Semour Hersh is not one of them. He stands tall as defining what is taught as the job of a journalist.

The crazies of US war interests are now glorying in process of soon enlarging their nightmare. But, this time those too timid in self interest to oppose will not be able to claim surprise or mouth justifying official reasons for barbarity to come. That's because the investigative reporting of Semour Hersh has penetrated the smoke screen one more time.

That is in a New Yorker magazine article which reveals US intentions and planning to very soon initiate a seemingly unavoidable and probable nuclear bombing war over Iran. You know something of that nature is coming because you've seen the preview of the last being repeated, embelished with a new title.

Now however, you get the details yet only guessed. The New Yorker story is long and detailed. Hersh does little tossing of opinion but a lot of backing what he's discovered. It is worth reading if for no other reason than you may miss what is soon to unfold. You could run short this time around on the luck required to survive and protest your next war.

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